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Bueno, pues por fin he terminado el capítulo 17 de la reescritura de #ElUltimoSacrificio que de verdad, me tenía ya frita. Pero creo que ha quedado bastante mejor. Además sigo añadiendo matices a un personaje en cuestión que le están aportando una profundidad que en su momento no supe darle y me encanta :gif_villager_dance:

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I finally have a bookstore on my author site, just in time for the revised edition of my translation of Utterance 125 of the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead to roll out. And maybe Spore will finally let me post a photo! #writing #books
Ad for bookstore with a screenshot of the store featuring photos of the paperback and hardcover of 42 Purifications, in a white box on a blue background with a black checkered line on the left side and banners.

When we write using pen and paper, we plan texts more carefully, remember the things we've noted down more accurately, and put less strain on our brains, compared to using a typewriter or computer. @TheConversationUS takes a look at some of the studies around this, and makes the case for continuing to teach handwriting in schools.

#Education #Handwriting #Writing

Happy to see our #devops class students are writing blogs regularly on their learnings.

Read them all here


Happy to build a #writing, knowledge sharing community.

Well, sod me from 8, had a poetry outburst. While watching ( listening) to TOTP 1995 , busy doing else. 😊


Pues creo que voy a ir parando por hoy la sesión de reescritura de #ElÚltimoSacrificio, tengo la cabeza ya que me va a explotar.
Voy por el capítulo 16 de 21, así que no voy mal (tampoco es que tenga que acabarlo en un límite de tiempo, más allá de "lo antes posible 😂 ), pero sí que quiero darme vidilla porque son CUATRO novelas :thisisfine:

#escritura #escribir #writing #booktodon #bookstodon

I live/work in Aotearoa New Zealand, roughly at 43.5° latitude South and 172.6° longitude East. In Ōtautahi Christchurch, if lat/long don't tell you much.

I'm fond of #statistics, often in a #forestry context. I enjoy literature, #photography and music (#jazz in particular). I have a soft spot for #ukulele of the tenor low-G variety.

I like #writing fiction, way more than journal articles.

Just moved here from


Double Bind

To secure the world’s sympathy
#Palestinians must be saintly
while, #Israel has undying universal trust
despite continuing to be monstrous.

Now, tell us the difference
between Palestinians & #Hamas
I sigh & say Palestinians are an innocent people
who want to live in #peace

Caught between a rock, called Israel,
and a hard place, that is Hamas.

#Palestine #politics #history #War #warcrimes #Gaza #genocide #news #writing #WritingCommunity #ceasefirenow

Hey there Mastodonians.

Last week I lost my #job for the 3rd time in 2023: once to a bankruptcy, once to a toxic CEO, and last week due to an re-org by a parent company that eliminated my position.

Background in #solar #sales #leadership and fiction writing (MFA in creative #writing). Can you pass this around and reply if you have any job leads? I have 0 runway left at this point.

Edit: USA northeast/remote work please!

Edit 2: Portfolio, AKA my author page:


He creado un Club de escritura y diseño narrativo en videojuegos, tanto para profesionales, como estudiantes, como amateurs.

Si os queréis pasar a charlar con otra gente o tan solo conseguir recursos y mirar, podéis pinchar en este link:

💫 💫

¡Se agradecen reposts!
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Today's theme @ #TheDailyHaiku 17/10/23

Look forward to your #haiku with/without images 

Join in too at 
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Today's theme @ #TheDailyHaiku 16/10/23

Look forward to your #haiku with/without images 

Join in too at 
#Writing #poetry #creativity #wellbeing #write #writingcommunity #senryu #amwriting #poem #writer #poetrycommunity #poetrylovers #art #photography #getcreative

Readers always get taken out of things, and call it unbelievable, when I use the actual technology of the time.

This photograph is from 1916. That's an electric scooter. We had electric cars and trucks then, too.
(Batteries sucked, so petrol won that tech war).

#writing #history

Lady Norman on her electric scooter, circa 1916.

¿Qué puedo decir sobre Alejandra Pizarnik que no se haya dicho ya? Muy poco

No soy un biógrafo. No he venido a hablar de historia

Este poema va sobre lo que Alejandra representa, para mi.

No existen las palabras suficientes para describir todo lo que ya significado su poesía para mi, pero hay que hacer intentos.

#surrealismo #PoemaDelDía #poesia #poema #argentina #poetry #writing #SurrealistWriting

When Marnie was there para mí representa un lugar seguro a donde volver. Es de esas películas que podría ver mil veces sin cansarme y sinceramente, es mi favorita de Ghibli sin lugar a dudas

No fue la más exitosa del estudio y seguramente no es la favorita de todos pero para mí, fue una experiencia mágica. Así que, hace un tiempo atrás escribí un poema, podría tomarse como un tributo a Marnie y todo lo que representa. Espero que a alguien le interese leerlo

#anime #ghibli #poesia #poema #PoemaDelDía #escritura #writing #poetry #surrealismo #fanfic

Pages: 3-4

I left it unfinished for far too long and I forgot what else I was supposed to do with the illustration, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

I can't wait to draw more spirit animals, I love how the bear turned out!

#art #mastoart #fediart #illustration #story #writing #fantasy #oc #creativetoots #digitalArt

Pages 3-4 of "The Snake Queen" original story. The page reads: 
"Just in time, a figure of a celestial bear appeared in the sleepy morning sky. The woman carefully placed the moonflower on the ground. It was rather large, approximately the size of a ripe pumpkin. Its delicate white petals contrasted nicely with her tan skin. “Maru, spirit of dawn!” the priestess exclaimed, “Please, accept this humble offering and grant me your celestial power!”. The bear looked at her and grunted in disgust. 
“You speak of gifts you are not worthy of. I sense dark intentions in your heart. Take your offering back and return to me when you’ve changed your ways.” Maru vanished between the clouds, leaving the woman puzzled. It didn't go according to her plan, but all is not lost yet, as there’s still hope for the remaining spirit beasts. Surely one of them will agree to her request. Hours had passed, but the priestess waited persistently. As the sun waltzed gracefully into the middle of the blue sky, it was the turn of Arrik − the smew of noon − to appear on the horizon."

🐍 The Snake Queen 👑
I'll upload new pages as replies to this thread to keep it organized.

TSQ follows a story of an unknown priestess who tries to make a pact with one of powerful sky spirit animals only to find out why nobody deals with the Dusk Serpent.

Pages: 1-2

#art #mastoart #fediart #illustration #story #writing #fantasy #oc #creativetoots

Pages 1-2 of "The Snake Queen" original story.
The page reads:
1) "There once was a priestess of the diurnal cycle whose heart was as dark as the night itself. She craved absolute celestial power to take over the sisterhood of the moon and the sun. Little did she know her name would forever be forgotten, blown away in the shimmering sands of time..."

2) "The priestess woke up with the rising sun.  That would be the day when her destiny is fulfilled. There was not much time left, the offering was already prepared. It was a moonflower − a rare plant that only grows in one specific cave during a full moon. Extremely valuable, she knew the spirit beasts would never reject a gift this rare. It was about time when Maru, the bear of dawn, awakens and appears in the sky. The priestess found herself on top of a mountain, where the breeze felt like a rough embrace of Mother Earth. "

Normalmente escribo un poema a la semana, o a veces uno al inicio y otro al fin, pero bueno, aquí hay otro. Es corto y es directo, capaz no es un poema en todo el sentido de la palabra. He aquí, mis razones para escribir:𝕽𝖆𝖟𝖔𝖓𝖊𝖘-𝖕𝖔𝖗-𝖑𝖆𝖘-𝖖𝖚𝖊-𝖊𝖘𝖈𝖗𝖎𝖇𝖔-09-23

#poesia #poema #PoemaDelDía #escritura #writing #poetry #surrealismo

Controversial Opinion: I don't use Hero's Journey.

I did in my first book but quickly decided it was far too restrictive and not actually that useful.

The fact it has infected almost all storytelling is quite troubling, IMO.

Turns out Campbell's monomyth idea is not even close to be being correct.

From the linked article:

"academic folklorists and scholars of ancient literature almost universally reject Campbell’s theories as nonsense"

#writing #writingCommunity

Introducing the Emacs Writing Studio. A complete introduction to Emacs for authors. #writing #emacs

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