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Items tagged with: woodworking

"Nah I'm not buying Ikea, I'm sure I can make something custom for much cheaper."

"...maybe I should buy a €300 table saw.." 💸💸 #diy #woodworking

My dumbass needing to saw straight boards with a handsaw

"We are the Borg, we will add your biological and technological destinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile." #woodworking

El #woodworking ya es una genialidad, se necesita mucha habilidad manual entre otras cosas y con esas transiciones se ve mucho mejor!
Excelente día!

Como me encantan éstas transiciones que hacen en algunos tiktoks de #woodworking

Si fuera así de fácil perdería el chiste y encanto del arte claro.
But is so #satisfying

I’m Bren. I like to hack #Smalltalk, #WildlifeFriendlyLandscaping, cloth, and wood. I’m interested in hacking #radio, mobile apps, #UserInterfaces, and #OperatingSystems. I read a lot of #books.

I live in Urbana, IL with two housemates, three #cats, three #snakes, some servers, some radio gear, and a few chronic #health problems. If you want to meet me in person, stop by sometime.

#introduction #sewing #woodworking

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