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A bit of golden winter sugar icing. 🌳 ❄️

I made this image in Northaw Great Wood - a fairly large ancient woodland near home. It's an area I had previously written off after a couple of visits, but it is fast becoming a favourite destination.

After a fresh perspective, I've realised there are SO MANY opportunities to make interesting images there. There's arguably an entire series just on gnarly, mossy branches.

#woodland #trees #winter #forest #landscapephotography #nature #art #mastoart
A mature oak tree covered in hoar frost with the early morning light catching the delicate branch structures covered in ice.

More #BirdsOfMastodon with a pair of ring-neck pheasants poking around with a white-tailed deer for bird feed dropped from the feeders (birds are messy eaters). #Minnesota #Winter
A pair of ring-neck pheasants are digging up dropped bird feed in the snow alongside a white-tailed deer.
A pair of ring-neck pheasants and a white-tailed deer.

50-year change in winter (December through February) average temperature around the #Arctic, updated to 1973-74 to 2022-23 from ERA5 courtesy of ECMWF/Copernicus. Incredible warming Svalbard area due to loss of winter #seaice. Only significant area north of 60ºN showing even modest cooling is in eastern Siberia and parts of Russian Far East. #akwx #winter #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis
Graphic centered on the North Pole showing the total change in the average December through February temperature 1973-74 to 2022-23. Only large area north of 60ºN showing no warming or even cooling is in eastern Siberia and parts of the Russian Far East.

🌞 Artist: #JuanSpray in City: #SaintLeu #Amiens France 🇫🇷 - Title: "Soleil hivernal"- (Winter Sun /Winters on ne) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Winter #Artwork #GoodMorning ☕🥐
Streetartwall. On the corner of a gray street wall is sprayed / painted a small mural of a cartoon character. A small white figure with a blue cap sits on a cloud and fishes a sun (which looks like a flower)

A small branch with three different lichens I found this afternoon.

#lichen #LichenSubscribe #nature #snow #winter
Boreal Oakmoss (Evernia mesomorpha) lichen, Powdered Sunshine lichen (Vulpicida pinastri) and Hooded Tube lichen (Hypogymnia physodes) on a small branch.
There is some snow on all three lichens.

Sometimes the light hits a certain way


Seedheads of poppy, ragwort, teasel and burdock covered in frost this morning in #Bath #Somerset #UK. Out with my new macro lens again.
#Nature #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #WildlifePhotography #Weather #Frost #Winter #Plants #Botany #Flora
A poppy seedhead viewed from above covered in crystal-like frost Teasel seedhead covered in crystal-like frost
Ragwort seedheads covered in crystal-like frost Burdock Seedheads covered in crystal-like frost

A Raven. Sometimes he complains loudly. But the other day he quickly took up the peanuts that 'accidentally' fell out of my car window into the snow.

#birds #birdwatching #BirdPhotography #winter #snow
A Raven sits on a pole and complains loudly with its beak wide open.

A maiden wanders through the soft white winterscape of these darkest nights of the year, cold air and snowflakes caressing her serene face, in George Henry Boughton's "Young Beauty in Pink".

#art #traditionalart #painting #pastelpainting #beautifulgirl #beautifulwoman #snow #winter

Ever wondered where butterflies go in #winter? ❄️🦋

The Brimstone spends the winter months as a dormant adult, nestled among leaves of Ivy, Holly or Bramble before emerging in the spring.

Learn more 👉

📷: Eberhard Pfeuffer
A very frosty looking Brimstone butterfly hanging upside down from an equally frosty twig

Das ist so kalt da draußen, mir frieren fast die Eier ein. #winter #kalt #schnee
Ein Eierkarton im Schnee.

It was a long day of roasting for the upcoming week. I have to make sure my son’s have enough coffee to work with for orders over the next few days without me at the shop. The week of the Park opening for winter is always a balancing act between our family business and my seasonal guiding job. I will be training guides on the ground tomorrow so it means my first day back in Yellowstone for the winter season. #Winter #Yellowstone #Coffee #Foodie #Nature #FamilyBusiness
Closeup of coffee being discharged from a red coffee roaster into a stainless steel cooling bin where the roasted coffee is finished.
Coffee being discharged from a red coffee roaster into a stainless steel cooling bin where the roasted coffee is finished. In the foreground you can see the Destoning unit which removes small rocks that sometimes remain after green coffee processing at the farm.

"Encounter", another winter-themed artwork I made. I remember having so much fun working on this. ❤

#Anime #Winter #Snow #MastoArt #CreativeToots #DigitalPainting #DigitalArt #Illustration #Art
A digital painting of two children meeting a deer in a snowy landscape. Warm hues.

🎶Santa baibi

*pinshe rola la voa traer pegada todo el día

@fediverse #navidad #winter #christmas

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