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This time of year you can expect to see more #coyotes. Typically, they are nocturnal, but it is not uncommon to see them during the day. Merely seeing one is NOT reason to call the police. However, there are certain behaviors that are cause for alarm.

* Coyote carrying a box marked ACME.

* Coyote dropping an anvil from a hot air balloon Coyote posting signs such as "Detour" or "Free Bird Seed."

* Coyote in possession of giant magnet.

* Coyote in possession of a catapult.

* Coyote detonating explosives or TNT.

* Coyote launching itself with a giant crossbow.

Please contact the police department or animal control if you witness any of the above behaviors.

(It's #HootinTootinTuesday again! Post some jokes or funny memes under this hashtag today, and bring lots of smiles to #Mastodon.)

#Humor #Humour #FunnyMeme #coyote #Jokestodon #CoyotesOfMastodon #BugsBunny #WileyCoyote #RoadRunner #WildlifePhotography #UrbanWildlife

Photo of a coyote carrying a dead bird. Caption reads: "The world as we know it is over. Wiley Coyote finally caught the Road Runner."

Great weather yesterday so I took the day off and we headed out for a morning hike.
Nice list of #birds "lifers" but some first of the season.

Indigo Buntings were out in force and in full throat.


Indigo Bunting perched on a branch with green leaves in the background. Beak is open singing, chest feathers puffed out. Deep blue colored bird with some black on the wings.

Tiburón Cornudo (Heterodontus francisci)

Endémico de la costa de california y hasta el golfo de California.

#shark #scuba #uwphotography #wildlifephotography #buceoluegoexisto #tiburon #buceo

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