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We're happy to announce:
📢 NOISYLEAKS! The Art of Exposing Secrets
An exhibition and series of activities to collectively expose and celebrate the historical influence of #WikiLeaks on journalistic practices.

Artists will come together at 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐣𝐞𝐤𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐮𝐦 𝟏𝟒𝟓, in a space and moment to share knowledge, practical skills and encourage freedom of information. 🧑‍🎨👩🏻‍🎨👨🏽‍🎨 With Ai Weiwei, Daniel Lismore, Davide Dormino, Daniel Richter, Sarah Lucas, and many more!

Global day of action to #FreeAssange. Let's do something, whatever little it might be, on that day to influence public opinion.


A decade of character assassination by old, corrupt media changed perspective on #Assange's contribution. Public lost gratitude, ignored his torture. Even attacked in the name of feminism- baseless FBI smear that dominated media.

Reminder from Aaron Swartz why #WikiLeaks matters. and why everyone should speak up now:
Archive 📼

Julian Assange appeals to London’s High Court to block his extradition to the United States as calls grow for the WikiLeaks founder to be finally freed.


L'homme qui défia TOUS les empires

Par : Le Canard Réfractaire

00:00 : Introduction
00:37 : Avant Wikileaks
02:44 : La naissance de Wikileaks
04:42 : L'oeuvre de Wikileaks
06:30 : La traque d'Assange
10:00 : Le procès du siècle
12:10 : Que faire ?


Zurecht verurteilt der Westen fehlende Medienfreiheit in Russland. Aber überzeugender wäre er, wenn Wikileaks-Gründer Julian Assange frei wäre.

Ein Londoner Gericht hat der Auslieferung von Julian Assange an die USA zugestimmt. Sollte die britische Innenministerin den Befehl dazu geben, bleibt dem Ex-Hacker nur noch eine Möglichkeit.
#JulianAssange #WikiLeaks #CIA #USA

Por interno me acaba de llegar la siguiente noticia

#WikiLeaks habria liberado todos los documentos en su poder para el escrutinio de todxs

Esto habria ocurrido esta semana

Al no confirmar esta noticia, no puedo afirmar que esto sea una accion reciente o ya estaba abierta la puerta desde siempre o desde hace ya tiempo

ALERTA! El Tribunal d'Apel·lació de Londres dona via lliure a l'extradició del periodista i fundador de
#Wikileaks Julian Assange als Estats Units. L’Executiu nord-americà demana que el periodista australià sigui jutjat per 18 delits relacionats amb la Llei d’espionatge i pirateria, càrrecs que es podrien suposar pel fundador de #WikiLeaks fins a 175 anys de condemna. #FreeAssange

USA must drop charges against Julian Assange

Sign the petition now and protect the right to freedom of expression.
Urge the US authorities to drop the charges against Julian #Assange that stem solely from his publishing activities with #Wikileaks.

I picked a random email from list - and found out that

"rules are for dirt people, not us elites".

So if they pass a law that you don't like, just ignore it - Hillary and Colin did, and they are still walking around free.

#colinPowell #HillaryClinton #Blackberry #privateEmailServer #Emails #Wikileaks #IgnoreSecurity #PDA #NoProblem

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