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"Station" an experimental social network based on Gemini

This is totally A W E S O M E ! ! ! 😁


What's Station?

Floating in the depths of gemspace, Station is an outpost where capsuleers can hang out and socialise.

How does it work?

• Join and set up your profile.

• Write new messages in your station log for your followers to read and reply to.

• Wander the Station and find other Station capsuleers to follow.

#gemini #geminauts #web #www #internet #freesoftware #socialnetwork

Bromite is a Chromium fork with ad blocking and enhanced privacy; take back your browser

#web #browser

#NoGAFAM #Web 3.0

¡Nueva web 3.0 de NoGAFAM!
He podido reflejar algunos de los cambios que gracias a vuestro feedback he visto que eran necesarios.
Ahora los mensajes son más claros y esperemos que ayude mejor a conocer alternativas a las personas 😃

¡Gracias a todos y todas por vuestras aportaciones!

PD: vuelve writefreely para ciertos posts de la web 😃

#google 's

« [..] #FLoC is supposed to replace cookies. In the trial, it will supplement them.

Google designed FLoC to help advertisers target ads once third-party cookies go away. During the trial, trackers will be able to collect FLoC IDs in addition to third-party cookies. [..]»

#web #cookies ?
#privacy ?

"Local CDN" This extension emulates Content Delivery Networks
(CDNs) by intercepting requests, finding the requested resource and redirecting it to a local equivalent.
The local redirection of CDNs have two main advantages over fetching from CDNs.
1. You will get large libraries instantly without connecting to CDNs which save you bandwidth
2. There will be no connection to the CDN and hence no tracking from this CDN.

#web #browser #privacy ?

Less is more ?

« Resources to work with static site generators and the #JAMstack, to build fast and secure modern websites. »

go #API #web


・ *゚
  ・ ゚*
°*. ゚。
<find your workflow/>
。。 ・
。 ・゚
#dev #ramblings

#drupal 9 site building Live (Jam) session con Pedro ...

#PHP #web #dev pa toos

a disfrutar | have fun

Como instalar y utilizar "WebApp" de Friendica en Firefox y Chrome (Multi-plataforma)

Como instalar y utilizar la WebApp de Friendica en Mozilla Firefox y Google Chrome (Multi-plataforma aunque muestre solo Android. En iOS es igual)

Traduzione terminini informatici

Ciao a tutti,

sto cercando un'indicazione, sto traducendo della documentazione di un progetto #opensource dall'inglese all'Italiano, ma molti termini informatici non hanno quasi più un corrispettivo in Italiano. Sono incerto se tradurre quelli che tuttavia hanno una traduzione e lasciare gli altri in Inglese, ma se c'è qualcuno che ha studiato recentemente informatica e ha una idea di come sono redatti i testi liceali o universitari mi farebbe molto comodo.

Trovo tanti spunti filosofici, tipo questo:

Ma non trovo niente di più pragmatico. Intanto vi ringrazio anticipatamente!

#italian #italiano #tradurre #translating #translate #informatica #informatic #web #freesoftware #documentation #documentazione #InformationTechnology

You and Me Learn All About HTTP with Safia Abdalla - DEV Community

«This talk covers the history, fundamentals, and applications of HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol).[..]»

#web #dev | #http ?
#web #dev #http

La skin de reisub (Servicio de redes sociales abiertas y software libre desde Argentina) está disponible para quien quiera trabajar sobre ella, solo debe enviarme mensaje por friendica-diaspora-hubzilla o por correo.

El resultado del trabajo (solo #HTML5 ):

@Fabián Bonetti
#mywork #skin #web #Argentina

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