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Sol Duc Falls

Olympic National Park seems to be a magical place where greens are brighter, greener, richer, fuller, and just plain beautiful.
Throw that in with a fabulous hiking trail with small streams and rapids along the way and it magical.
This image shows the Sol Duc River with the rapids and waterfall. See the full image here: #AYearForArt #BillGallagherPhotography #OlympicNationalPark #SolDucFalls #SolDucRiver #PacificNorthwest #Waterfall #Nature #SpringIntoArt
Sol Duc Falls

This image was captured above the Sol Duc Falls from the ridge that crosses over the river.
The top left of the image shows the Sol Duc River as it tumbles over rapids as it approaches the fall. 
Center left of the image the falls start in 4 separate sections split at the top by moss covered rocks. The water collects at the bottom of the image and flows under the ridge where I am standing. 
In the canyon where the water collects there are a couple of downed trees at different angles. The trunks of these trees are moss covered as well and they have been stripped of all their branches. 
On both sides of the river and falls there is a lush green growth of moss, ferns, bushes and trees.

"No es el martillo el que deja perfectos los guijarros, sino el agua con su danza y su canción".

Subiendo por el entorno de la cascada La Caprichosa.

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Today we visited Eco Chontales in Pérez Zeledón. We did the horseback riding tour that ends near the waterfall, where you can bathe and order some lunch. The tour (and really the entire drive until you get there) includes breathtaking views of Costa Rica’s Fila Brunqueña (a mountain range bordering the southern Pacific coast).

I’m no photographer, so this is just straight, unedited from my iPhone 12 Pro.

#CostaRica #Waterfall #EcoChontales #PerezZeledon
A waterfall faling from a rocky ridge. A few people bathe at the base of the waterfall. A horse from the rider’s point of view. It’s looking forward so that you can see its ears and mane. A horse from the rider’s point of view. Its head is turned slightly to the left so that you can see some of its face. A view from a hill. The sky is blue and white clouds are visible. On the back some mountains, then a few trees and a meadow on the front.
A view from a hill. The sky is blue and white clouds are visible. On the back some mountains, then a few trees and a meadow on the front. A waterfall faling from a rocky ridge. A waterfall faling from a rocky ridge. A few people bathe at the base of the waterfall.

Behind the waterfall ❤️ Amazing Seljalandsfoss in Iceland. Yes, you can walk right behind this wonderful waterfall -- but be prepared to get wet! 🙂 And please be extra cautious in Winter, it will be slippery. Art Prints & more at #waterfall #waterfallwednesday #iceland #seljalandsfoss #art #mastoart #photography #landscape #nature #wallart #AYearForArt #ArtMatters
Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland, behind the waterfall

This #river is just a mile or so away from where I live & I go there during every season to #photograph it. Although it is not a huge #waterfall, it is one, nevertheless & so I am using it for #WaterfallWednesday 😀 ❤️ #Wednesday #water #photo #waterfalls #waterfall #water #hiking #green #photo #photos #photography #nature #naturephotography #landscape #landscapephotography
Small waterfall, taken with slow shutter speed to make the water creamy. Fall foliage so leaves are orange & some are just turning.

This photo of the Waitangi Waterfall is from the Omeru Reserve, north of #Auckland.

For this composition I've emphasised the framing effect of the native trees and ferns. Waterfalls are common in many NZ forests, which means the scenes have a lot of green hues in them.

From my waterfall online gallery

#waterfallwednesday #waterfall #NewZealand #landscapephotography #longexposure #naturephotography #nzphotos #sonyalpha
Waitangi Waterfall in the Omeru Reserve north of Auckland. This two step, curtain waterfall is surrounded by native forest.

It took an hour's journey in an off road super jeep in deep snow and over rough terrain to get down to these falls and then a significant hike down a very steep incline carrying heavy camera gear and tripod in knee and thigh deep snow... quite a feat while snowing heavily and battling very strong winds...
Standing at twenty metres tall, it plummets into a beautiful blue lagoon. Only 100-150 people get to see these falls annually in winter as it's off the tourist trail, so it was quite a privilege to photograph them and we had the place to ourselves... it was a magnificent sight to see...
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Long exposure of waterfall, Iceland in Winter

Before Winter arrives I thought I’ll share a few #Autumn shots I took this #October on my travel through the Northwest Coast of #Scotland.

It was such an inspiring journey. I hope to be able to make use of all the amazing input I got in some new paintings soon. ❤

#Photography #MastoArt #Fern #Forest #Waterfall
Photograph of Autumn ferns, partly illuminated by sunlight, turning from green to yellow and brown. Photograph of a Waterfall, framed with rocks and Autumn trees.
Photograph of a forest, thick with grass, moss and lichen. Photograph of an Autumn forest, with a dense vegetation of ferns and lichens. The ferns turned yellow and brown.

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