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Go join if you are into #watches #casio #seiko #watchcollecting #timex and stuff like that

Its not only just about watches though, so if you want a smaller instance to join, hosted by a trustworthy person, check it out too!

And because of #followfriday go follow @cg



Because why not :blobcatderpy:

The final form of my #Casio AE-1200Wh. Solid stainless steel case, sapphire crystal and an amazing leather strap by Vario (seriously it's so comfortable). #Watches
Casio Ae 1200 with black stainless steel case, a Sapphire crystal, and a black leather strap.

Content warning: watch talk / photo inside

I am really enjoying this watch. I love the size, the amount of info on the screen, and the thinness of the strap. #casiocult #casio #W800 #watches

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