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#introduction Hey this is my first ever toot. I’m Zach, 25 years old VFX artist, video editor, motion graphics designer, and general #filmmaking passionate! Looking to connect with people here 😀 I’m a freelancer and worked on multiple projects and feature films. I’m looking for more projects to be a part of, make new connections and to talk about films and games. I’m also neurodivergent and bi. #film #films #video #introductions #vfx #videoediting #visualartist

Release time — I'm very pleased to announce my first lupe library, Rad Planet Vol 1!

With a total of 107 looping animations, this is a bright, colorful, and eclectic collection, priced at $20. The licensing terms allow you to use these lupes in any project w/ a budget under $250,000. For projects bigger than that, please contact me privately for terms.

#Blender3D #B3D #MotionGraphics #Mograph #MastoArt #Animation #abstract #DJ #VFX
A blue, Moon-like planetoid, lit brightly from above and behind. There are two vertical white bars near the edges of the frame. Orange text reads "Rad Planet Vol 1", and white text beneath it says, "Animated Lupes By Fidel Destro"

Reposting this image of all the alternatives to Adobe products, all of which I have eliminated from my company’s #VFX pipeline.

Premiere editors especially, you don’t need to keep paying Adobe’s protection racket subscription fee any longer!

Another one of my vfx sketches from few months ago. I really liked the colours.

Thinking of making something better with the same vibe :artblackcat:

#art #VFX #realtimevfx #gamedev #shader #gameart #unity3d

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