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No tainted blood, onegaishimasu

The Japanese ban the vaxxed from donating blood:

The Japanese #RedCross now #refuses to accept #blood #donations from people who have received the #Wuhan #coronavirus (COVID-19) #vaccine.

The website of the #Japan's Red Cross states that individuals who have been #vaccinated against #COVID-19 “are not allowed to #donate blood for the time being.”

The same page warns potential blood donors that they will not be able to give their blood for a certain time after they have received different #vaccinations.

Some deferrals prevent blood donations for 24 hours after vaccination, including after getting vaccinated for influenza, cholera and tetanus. Others prevent blood donations for two weeks after vaccination, such as after getting the hepatitis B vaccine.
But... but... but isn't it perfectly safe? No, no, it isn't.

This isn't that hard.

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