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The UK Government's Death Of Convention; Rule of Law

🇬🇧 #UK denkt darüber nach, Asylsuchende offshore einzusperren.
Offshore-Operationen verschwenden Steuergelder u. zerstören Menschenleben. #Australien gab 2016 über £200.000/Pers.+Jahr für Offshore-Operationen aus. @MichaelBochenek, @hrw…

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As UK officials toy with detaining asylum seekers offshore, @hrw's @MichaelBochenek writes about how offshore operations waste taxpayers’ money as well as human lives. Australia spent over £200,000 per person per year on offshore operations in 2016.…

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Pro-lockdown bots in the UK. Is this how the world works now?

It's funny how this incredible DELTA mutation has spread across the whole world despite all of the travel and other regulations still in place. Amazing! Like we didn't already know that viruses constantly circle the globe unaided by humans. They are everywhere inside and outside of our bodies. May as well face it. That's how the world works!

#FakeComments #UK #ForcingLockdown with fake polls

OpenUK's latest report: It's the foundation for established vendors even when their products are proprietary, and it is the toolbox enabling entrepreneurs and startups

The Moral Vacuum of English Politics is a Replica of Trump’s America


The Telegraph - Telegraph Online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph - Telegraph
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The Alan Parsons Project - Old and Wise

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Today is #Julian's 50th birthday. And he is still in that #torture prison in the #UK.

Julian was born on 3rd of July, 1971, the day Jim Morrison, lead singer of #TheDoors, died.

#freejulian #feejulianassange #wikileaks

Goodbye #AppleDaily 🍎 we wish you the best. 😢 And with you, goodbye to the little freedom of expression that remained in #HongKong 🇭🇰. We will always remember the bad decision the #UK 🇬🇧 made in returning you to the #CCP 🇨🇳 .

HRH Prince Philip Obituary


His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, who has died aged 99, was the longest serving royal consort in British history and did more than anyone besides the Queen to ensure the extraordinary success of her reign.

The first prince consort since Queen Victoria’s Albert (though the Duke of Edinburgh neither sought nor was granted that title), like his predecessor he overcame considerable difficulties and endured much criticism. Arguably, despite his prominence in public life for 70 years, he was the most misunderstood man of his generation.

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Have you been vaccinated?

Here in the UK, even though we do have a bumbling government and Brexit is a reality the vaccination program is going extremely well. It's great to see my vulnerable and older friends getting their jabs, and hopefully I'm not too far away in the queue. Sadly, it seems that the EU are not having the same success..

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