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#Bluesky tiene las funcionalidades de #Twitter del 2012 llevado por una panda de Cryptobros liberales. Para eso me quedo en Twitter.

Por eso me gusta más #Mastodon porque al menos es una oportunidad de hacerlo diferente y espero que mejor.

Meme de David Lynch con megáfono en un rodaje y el subtítulo “Okay, let’s try that again, but this time good”


Unity, Twitter, Chrome, Google, etc... when it happens, the psychology behind it is "you're too chicken to abandon us, because you know how much work that would be." And it is. It's definitely work. Almost a year ago, at the #blenderconference with so many global #b3d friends who knew each other through #twitter, we all felt anguish together when Musk bought it on October 27. Switching to Mastodon was work. But the best work. Righteous, cleansing work. Get open, forever.

Learn to program, girl, and a golden future awaits you, they had said. But no one had mentioned that she would be going into battle against the Fediverse for Twitter in 2022, after her boss, Emperor Elon, realized he couldn't buy it.

#Fediverse #Twitter

Ausschnitt aus präraffaelitischem Gemälde. Eine Figur mit langen Haaren in Ritterüstung kniet und blickt wehmütig zum Himmel. Hinzugefügter Text: Lerne programmieren, Mädchen, dann wartet eine 
 goldene Zukunft auf dich, hatten sie gesagt. 
 aber niemand hatte erwähnt, dass sie 2022 
 für Twitter in die Schlacht gegen das Fediverse 
 ziehen würde, nachdem ihr Chef, Imperator Elon,  
 begriffen hatte, dass er es nicht kaufen konnte.


Mastodon's latest release makes Twitter alternative easier to use

As changes at Elon #Musk’s X continue to push former Twitter users to seek alternatives, the open source, decentralized social network #Mastodon — a popular #Twitter/ #X rival — is releasing an update designed to make it easier for users to get started, use its network even when logged out, and more easily search for content across its platform.

#threads #BlueSky #facebook #instagram

Text Shot: The release, aka Mastodon 4.2, is available today to all Mastodon server operators to install. Mastodon, unlike Twitter/X, is a network of interconnected servers, each with their own admins and rules. Though that means the upgrade may not be universally rolled out at exactly the same time across every Mastodon instance, most admins are typically excited about new releases and install them quickly — particularly those who run larger servers., the largest of these, will immediately update to Mastodon 4.2 with this release.

Estadísticas de uso de #Bluesky después que Elmo dijo que iba a comenzar a cobrar por el uso de X (#Twitter)

Este artículo duele, pues detalla las muertes de los monos usados en #Neuralink del mismo idiota que compró #Twitter y más tarde lo renombró como una página porno.
Investigar esta tecnología es vital, pero no de la mano de Musk ni de nadie que le obedezca.

Twitter (o X) dejará de ser gratis según Elon Musk. Cree que es la mejor solución para acabar con los bots #twitter #x #noticias

Making people pay to tweet should be the nail in the coffin for #Twitter; but then again I thought turning it into a glorified Parler would've been that nail already. As they say, the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

#news "Elon Musk says Twitter, now X, will charge all users a 'small' monthly subscription fee"

#news "New Layoffs At Twitter"

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon

#Mastodon #Twittermigration #Tuesday
#Twitter #X #ElonMusk #Elon #Musk 🎱

Cuando la curva de NUEVOS USUARIES de #Mastodon coge peralte...

...sabes q Musk está haciendo de las suyas:

"Que X (antes #Twitter) sea DE PAGO PARA TODOS: #Musk anuncia un "pequeño pago mensual" para el 100% de los usuarios "
Dice q s la única forma de eliminar los BOTS.

14,064,753 accounts
+313 in the last hour
+9,447 in the last day
+31,922 in the last week
Four time-based charts

Upper blue area: Number of Mastodon users
Upper cyan area: Hourly increases of number of users
Lower orange area: Number of active instances
Lower yellow area: Thousand toots per hour

For current figures please read the text of this post

#Twitter se cae a pedazos. #Reddit se está desmoronando. #Facebook se vino abajo hace siglos. #Meta es una basura. #Instagram es una tontería. #Google ya ni siquiera puede buscar lo que quieras.

¿Sabes qué sitio web sigue funcionando milagrosamente?


Deberías donar para que siga así.

Slowly moving away from Big Tech.

Done 2 years ago

Migrated all laptops / desktops to #Fedora from #Windows

Done in the last year

#Vivaldi from #Chrome
#Mastodon from #Twitter
#Lemmy from #Reddit
#Keypass from LastPass
#NextCloud from GoogleDocs/Drive
#NextCloud from Dropbox
#RustDesk from #Teamviewer

#Protonmail from #Gmail (this one will take a while)

Still Stuck with


Have you made a switch or are you planning to?

Shoutout to all #Fediverse #instance #admins as they prepare their #servers for a surge in sign-ups from #X-#Twitter users after #ElonMusk paywalls the whole site! 😅:Fediverse:

#Meme #FediAdmin #MastoAdmin

Public-domain 15th-16th century sketch by Baldassare Tommaso Peruzzi of Atlas holding Earth, but the Earth is labelled "Influx of New Users" and Atlas is labelled "Fediverse Instance Admins". Source:

So, Elon Musk says he is going to start charging everyone for Twitter/X...

CNBC: Elon Musk says Twitter, now X, is moving to monthly subscription fees >>>

"Among other things, Musk said the social network is 'moving to having a small monthly payment for use of the X system...'"

Wonder how that's going to work out?

#Twitter #subsciption

Estoy borrando ya mi #archivo de #tuits (de publicaciones en la red que ahora se llama #X). Quince años de estar allá escribiendo gratis. La pasé bien en muchos momentos e inventé muchas #historias y objetos con #textos e imágenes. De nada de eso me arrepiento.
Pero pronto, gracias a E**n M**k y su avaricia, no quedará evidencia de ese tiempo en la #red. No esperaba sentirme así de mal, francamente.
#Twitter #personal #RedesSociales #EscrituraCreativa #MigracióndeTwitter #TwitterMigration
Ilustración. Una letra X parece caer de la muralla de un castillo medieval.

En serio??? 😱
Que mal...

#Twitter blocks users from sharing #Mastodon links - BBC News

"#DDoSecrets has powerful enemies and has found itself censored by some of the world’s biggest tech companies, including X (formerly #Twitter) and #Reddit. The governments of #Russia and #Indonesia are also censoring access to its website."

Content warning: Racism and Anti-Semitism

"#Twitter se volvió una ex (X) y de lo peor...
Alguien tóxic@, neci@, invasiv@ y conflictiv@ y terrible" - el ingeniero greñas

I finally uploaded my #twitter archive to a personal website, in this case using Github Pages!
I did it in a few minutes even though I have 0 knowledge of website creation (not counting the twitter archive download).

Thank you @osma for the pointers on this, and Darius Kazemi for making the archive conversion tool!

Wieso das neue #Twitter #BlauerHimmel/#BlueSky heißt ?
Ganz einfach, wenn dort jemand so etwas postet, kommt #weltweit kein einziger #Widerspruch.😃
Weiß auf blauem Grund geschrieben:
Ganz Bluesky hasst die AfD

Hallo #Fediverse! Kann man den Twitter-Account irgendwie mit sofortiger Wirksamkeit löschen oder kann man ihn immer nur deaktivieren, damit er nach einiger Zeit verschwindet?



🔴🇺🇸American saboteur! Elon Musk disrupted Ukrainian attack on temporarily occupied Crimea by turning off Starlink – CNN (more) #Ukraine #USA #Mastodon #Press #News #RussiaUkraineWar #9yrInvasionofUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive
#NoEUPrezForHungary #Musk #ElonMusk #X #Twitter #Starlink #Tesla #SpaceX

Improve your mental health by ditching social media sites run by billionaires with algorithms created to manipulate you into rage induced interaction, while they cheer that we are at each other's necks.

#Twitter #Meta #Facebook #ELitemorON


Now that I've been on Mastodon for almost a year, I did miss twitter at first.

But now, I really don't miss it at all. My timeline is a lovely blend of topics, from a wide variety of voices and parts of the world.

And I don't spend half my day angry and anxious. It is entirely possible to be aware of the bad things happening in the world, without living in a manic tidal pool of umbrage. #mastodon

Roman emperor in colloseum.

I've downloaded 4GB of my data from #Twitter / #X and deactivated my account which I began in 2008.

Two years ago Twitter was an essential source of information in all the areas I follow. I was able to interact with experts, journalists and politicians of all flavours. It was brilliant.

#Musk destroyed that and has lost $22Bn in the process which he's blaming those noting it's now filled with right-wing nutjobs and Nazis while he censors journalists, liberal voices and critics.


So far, so good. I'll see how long it takes to get my #Twitter archive.

"Whatever your thoughts about the social network [formerly known as Twitter], a backup is a good idea."

How to download an archive of your #X data #twittermigration #ElonMusk #MuskIsAnAntisemite #MuskIsAMisogynist #MuskIsARacist #MuskThinksYOURETheStupidOne #TimeToMoveOn #ApartheidClyde

I love how all the ads I get on X is either those phone games that are not showing the real game or crypto scams using Elon’s image.

#x #twitter

“Pointing out the rampant antisemitism on X (#Twitter) is not ‘controlling’ anyone or threatening X’s business,” says American Jewish Committee CEO Ted Deutch following the threat by Elon Musk to sue ADL for defamation.

Looks like someone on #Twitter predicted it back in November.

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

Elon Musk engaging with white nationalists and antisemites who want to ban the Anti-Defamation League from his platform formerly known as #Twitter.

Ist jetzt vielleicht der Kipppunkt erreicht, dass die großen linksliberalen Accounts endlich ihre Koffer packen und dieses Drecksloch verlassen?

A few brief thoughts on Musk:

1/ #Twitter was never worth $44B. That’s just what he paid.

2/ The platform lost value bc most companies don’t want to advertise alongside bigotry, racism, misogyny, antisemitism, transphobia & hate speech.

3/ Twitter is over. Long live the #fediverse.

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