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Do you like super heroes?
Justice League or Avengers level threats?
#ttrpg Actual Plays?
Supporting a great cause?
Tune in, 6 pm EST to Days of Tales on Tales from the Table Studios
For #MutantsAndMasterminds in support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
#superheroes #Marvel #DC

My #indieDev work is part of my work for #Aldercone, my art and #gameDev studio co-op!

We are (at least) 2/4 chronically ill, and 100% nonbinary and autistic, and have 1 token white person lol

We have some prototype #videoGames and a #TTRPG, and a released name generator available here ->

We also have some other things cooking like a highly intersectional movie podcast, short arty videos, music, and whatever else we think of!

Okay, folkes. Let's start a fun new thread.

What's your favourite #GirlArmour? Post below. I'll start.

#Fantasy #Gaming #ttrpg #armour #books
Off: Hey, I love your armour!
A very happy girl in a breastplate with a big sword across her back: Thanks! It has pockets!!
 (image by @bensteamroller)

So, since has decided to change the way servers are listed on their website — showing preference for large servers who do not have a manual review process to join —>

May I ask that you Boost this post so people can find us at ? :1up: :boost_ok:

We’re an all-inclusive #gaming community and our Local feed is amazing — absolutely the go-to place for all things #Games. Our Mods are top tier.

#VideoGames #TTRPG #Streamer #DnD #GameDev #Twitch #LGBTQ #LGBT

I have a feeling this will appeal to multiple people for multiple reasons.

[original source unknown]

#ttrpg #magic #coding
Four panel comic depicting a bearded wizard and his young apprentice standing by a magic circle with several arcane sigils.

First panel: The wizard says, "It's time to learn about magic circles." Apprentice says, "Ugh, why is it so complex?"

Second panel (close up of the circle): Apprentice points to a sigil and asks, "What does this symbol in the center do?" Wizard replies, "It's Levr's symbol, a crucial pattern to pull arcane power into reality."

Third panel (close up of another part of the circle): Apprentice asks, "Then what does this diamond do?" Wizard replies, "It's Kier's symbol, which isn't actually necessarily anymore... but the whole spell falls apart without it for some reason."

Fourth panel: Apprentice asks, "Then what does this--" Wizard responds, "I don't know. I just copied it from Arcane Overflow and it works."

La comunidad organizada de #JugandoSoloRPG te invita a participar en el I Certamen de Jugando Solo RPG ¡Consulta las bases y participa! ¡Hay premios y sorteos! #certamensolorpg2023 #soloRPG #ttrpg

Ni confirmo ni desmiento que ayer se me calentase un poco el hocico en Atlántica… Bueno, en realidad creo que sí lo puedo confirmar :flan_smile:
#clásicosdelmazmorreo #d20 #rol #osr #dcc #ttrpg #ogl
En primer plano una copia del manual básico de la segunda edición de Clásicos del Mazmorreo. Un dibujo esterotípico de fantasía clásica en el que se ve a una especie de pterodáctilo atacando a un caballero y a una guerrera con una cantidad ridículamente escasa de ropa. Detrás, cuatro módulos con aventuras de juego encabezados por Marineros del mar sin estrellas

Speaking of #Kult there is an amazing new (like, today new) fan site by Stefan Bäckstrand, that not only allows you to create characters online but also allows you to do an online #Tarot reading with the #KultTarot ! check it out!
#KultDL #KultRPG #Horror #TTRPG #PenAndPaper

Toca hacer cositas para la Jam de pescar gatos. #Ttrpg #RandomTables #Rol #Itch

Pixel art for the ttrpg Hellpiercers illustrating the tutorial of the game.
Hellpiercer is a tactical ttrpg of storming hell soon on Kickstarter.
#pixelart #ttrpg

In 1981 I got some money for my birthday (I didn’t often have money, we were a poor family). I went to the only wargames shop in my local town, & they had a game on display that cost exactly what I had. I bought it, thinking it was a board game. Took it home, opened it & exclaimed to my mum: “I’ve been ripped off - this game hasn’t got a board!” After my initial irritation, I read the red book in the box.

The rest, as they say, is history. #DnD #Basic, #Moldvay edition was my 1st #ttrpg 😊
DnD Basic and Expert, plus other stuff from 1981-83, from my games library

#traditionalink for a #Mouseguard character! I absolutely love everything Mouseguard. Oh, and how do you like the "traditional art timelapse" format? It's a bit cumbersome for me, but if you like it, I'm game... #illustration #game art #ttrpg #ink #process #mastoart

Los Mi-Go serán los protagonistas de la nueva campaña de Agencia Especial, continuación de la ambientación de La Serie. En este caso se titulará La Red Omega, y empezaremos a sacar capítulos muy pronto.
Sigue a los Agentes de la Red Omega con Agencia Especial.
#TTRPG #TTRPGLatam #Cthulhu #mythos #AgenciaEspecial

Tendria que darle un repaso a Arturo Perez Reverte, pero es que me mola lo sencillin que es XD

Se nota cuando empecé a tomarme más tiempo con los dibujos.

Los fictionautas basicamente es como si mezclas a un escritor con los Stands de Jojo. Pueden invocar exegesis de sus obras o de las de otros (se llaman fanfictionautas en ese caso).

Se juntan en Generaciones y normalmente están al servicio de la RAE, si no son independientes.

#illustration #mastoart #ttrpg

Doing another #introduction post because I changed instances so bear with me if you've already seen this!

Hello! I'm Holly. I'm a bookbinder that makes leather bound journals. I love all things #Fantasy, #Scifi, and #TTRPG, so my books all look like spellbooks and most of the are #DnD inspired.

I'd love to connect with other binders, TTRPG fans, and craftspeople!

#Bookbinding #Art #MastoArt #Craft #Witch
Brown leather journal with an astrolabe design.
Green leather journal with a round door on the cover that looks like a hobbit door.

El grande de @danyxdraw ha retocado el mapa de Spire para que no nos queme las retinas del blanco puro y para poder identificar rápidamente las vías de acceso.

Aquí unas capturas del mapa para la campaña en Foundry VTT. 😍

#ttrpg #Spirethecitymustfall #spirerpg

Selfie of me outside with a black jacket, pretty heavy makeup, tho nude shades and red lipstick

+3K downloads of the spanish edition of Cairn by @yochaigal!

!+3 mil descargas de la edición en español de Cairn! Puedes descargar la tuya aquí:

#ttrpg #rol #rpg #RPGLATAM #rolenespañol #CairnRPG #laesquinadelrol #juegosderol

An article from our archive for this evening - in Bosch, Breugel, Beelzebub and Baphomet, Jubal writes about the bizarre world of the demons of these C15/16 artists, what makes them interesting, and considers what we can take from them as inspiration for equally strange demonic settings in our own creative works, #GameDev, or #TTRPG settings!

Read on at:

And let us know what you think/boosts welcome 😀

#CreativeToots #WritingCommunity
The Prince of Hell, from Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. The Prince is a bird-headed blue creature wearing a cauldron on its head and eating a man who is pooping swallows. The background does not get any more normal and includes demonic trumpeters, a tree-handed creature in a reflective mask, a long beaked beast on scaktes, and various confused and tormented naked creatures.

Evolution of the CIty Noire (my tactical ttrpg):
First it was a more side scroller game style with a some references from strategy games like Fire Emblem.
Than I moved to isometric minis, adapting the style to the isometric view.
And finally adding more dynamic poses and itens/equipments, and changing the colour style to work more with hardshadows and a purple rim light to better highlight the characters.
#pixelart #ttrpg

Some of the Gods from my #GURPS campaign (images made by me).

For the whole story you can see my post on Diaspora here:

Or on the crypto network Hive here:

#ttrpg #maps #rpg #worldbuilding
A sinister creature rises from a calm lake surrounded by spruce trees. It has a serpent like body three eyes and tentacles. 11 statues of strange Gods, each with glowing eyes. Beneath them are a symbol and a name.

The names are:

Sasa Nanoff
Hestrea Goll
Whora Baba
A strange combination of a skeleton and a machine sits behind a glass window as if on display in a museum. Over it is a godly symbol, and at its sides are statues of lesser Gods. In a dark blue cave sits a horrible creature. Its head is a hole with three eyes its hands are strange tentacles. Before it lies a ghostly form with three glowing eyes.

I’m sorry I know this is linking to the bird site, but this is really important.
If you are an artist on DeviantArt then get your stuff off there and opt out of this now. RJ Palmer walks you through how to opt out of all this AI shite.
#DeviantArt #Artist #artistsonmastodon #GameDev #ttrpg
Sceenshot from bird site. 
Message reads: “DeviantArt has decided your artwork there is fair game to be used in their new AI generator by default. You have to go to an obscure form to opt-out and requires 10 days to be reviewed.”

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

A small collection of my favourite swords from the last few #swordtember's. Thinking of writing up some stat blocks for them and putting them out into the world for #dnd5e but will see if I have time. #ttrpg #DnD #MastoArt #artistsonmastodon #artist

Um hello all! I'm sure Mastodon will be a learning curve, but it's me, Gwendy from Twitter, here to stay in touch with my friends and share the cool #TTRPG #art I've been making 💖

For people who don't already know me, I'm a fantasy illustrator and a big fan of dramatic lighting, sparkles, and sharp teeth! I'm bad at social media but excited to be here!

#artshare #artist #illustrator #illustration #artistsonmastodon #fantasyart #uncagedgoddesses
Illustration of Waukeen, the goddess of coin and commerce. She stands proud against a night sky, illuminated from behind by a bright halo. Her head and eyes are covered with a crown and mask of gold filigree and coins, and she wears an ornate mantle of coins over her shoulders.
Art nouveau style illustration of Shar, the goddess of darkness, loss, and secrets. Her body is made of the starry night, and black lightning crackles in her hands as a purple halo frames her wild hair. Ravens swirl around her and her realm in the distance.

My purple sets are now listed on Ko-fi!

These "first dibs" will be listed here fora week at a slightly lower price than what I'll list them on Etsy for!

Any sets that don't sell within the week will be moved over to etsy!

While I still have a few other sets I'll be listing, these are all my (non mini-dice) purples! Resin-pouring season is officially OVER so I won't be making more until next summer!
#dnd #dnddice #dice #dungeonsanddragons #ttrpg #dicegoblin #ttrpg

Hi everyone, I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself! I'm an #illustrator and #author specializing in all things #cute #whimsical and at least a bit #peculiar. My #art usually features #animals and #plants but I'm looking to branch out into #CharacterDesign too. I'm into #ttrpg #books #videogames and anything #fantasy

The kickstarter for In Golden Flame is live! I’ve helped contribute some art to it so far, but the major goal for this is to be able to provide funding for even more art. If you’ve enjoyed what I’ve done for it so far (not to mention the wealth of art contributed from the rest of the team) please consider backing so we can make the full finished product with as much art as originally intended!

#lancerrpg #ttrpg #SciFi

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