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22 years ago today I took this shot of #Manarola in the #CinqueTerre in #Italy. It's special to me because it was the first photo I took where everything really seemed to click -- I liked it, other people liked it, and I think I've been chasing that feeling ever since. Thanks also to my friend who always encouraged me in those early days.

#Photography #Travel #TravelPhotography #ThrowbackThursday #TravelThursday

A colorful fishing village sitting atop sheer cliffs over the ocean, with sunlit clouds in the back.

Prayer beads at a stall in the Tibetan Refugee Colony at Majnuka Tila (New Aruna Colony), New Delhi.

Photo taken on 11 September 2023.

#India #Delhi #NewDelhi #Buddhism #Buddhist #Religion #Sacred #SacredObjects #Travel #StreetPhotography #TravelPhotography #Photography.

Three rows of prayer beads at a stall in the Tibetan Refugee Colony, Delhi. The beads are predominantly made of wood and are in brown, red, and beige colors.

No real reason other than I was searching for something else, spotted a post about the #Paracas people, remembered our visit to #Peru, and felt like sharing the #ParacasCandelabra we saw there in 2019. Similar to the #NazcaLines but older, this #geoglyph is 181 metres high, dates from around 200BCE, and can be seen from 20km away at sea.

#Candelabra #History #Ica #Nazca #Travel #TravelPhotography #Photography

A view from sea looking back to shore where the land rises quickly to form a shallow-jagged dirt hill that dominates the central third of the shot. The sea in the bottom third is generally calm. The sky is filled with thin cloud practically whiting out the view above. The notable aspect of the pale and mid brown landscape is the prominent shape marked on its surface. It resembles a candelabra with three spokes. The outer two further branch twice up their lengths into two more spokes, as the taller central spoke does once at its peak.

And almost done in Mexico, this is Cenote Suytun, the cycle along the highway to get here was not the most relaxing bike ride I have ever been on but it was worth it.

#photography #travelphotography #mexico

A hut with a mexican flag in front of a storm cloud A cave with large stalegtites and blue water
A cave with large stalegtites and blue water A light beaming through a small hole into a platform on top of water

Went to Chichen Itza and an iguana nicely posed for me in front of the temple.

Don't love crowded places but turns out if you get the local early bus you have the place mostly to yourself, it was pretty amazing to see.

3 new wonders of the world down, 5 to go.

#photography #travelphotography #mexico

The temple at Chichen Itza The temple at Chichen Itza with an iguana posing in front
The temple at Chichen Itza with palm trees in foreground The temple at Chichen Itza

Within Colombia’s mountainous Alto Magdalena river basin are the ancient remains of the San Augustín tribal chiefdoms, dating from 1-900 AD. 500 massive stone statues were buried at the entrances of tombs to stand as guardians for the dead.
#archeology #archeologist #artifacts #religion #ruins #tombs #ancient #tribal #precolombia #precolonial #NativeAmerican #Indigenous #Colombia #southamerican #TravelColombia #ColombiaTravel #TravelSouthAmerica #photography #travelphotography
San Augustín statue, thought to depict the staff god.’ San Augustín fanged burial statue.
San Augustín fanged burial statue. San Augustín exposed tombs

Had a great chat on #Flipboard with @janettespeyer and that inspired me to put together this storyboard about my #travels in Patagonia.

I'm going to declare this #StoryboardSaturday

Have you been to #Patagonia? Is it on your travel wishlist?

#Travel #TravelPhotography #SouthAmerica
Screenshot of a Flipboard Storyboard cover focused on Patagonia. There is a picture of a dirt road leading to snow capped mountains in the distance.

An evening in the Atacama desert.

We just got back from four weeks in South America! And here’s how the trip started: with a rainy stay in the driest place on Earth… These photos are from a sunset spent looking out over the Valle de la Luna, watching distant thundery downpours.

#photography #travelphotography #landscapephotography #atacama #chile
Sunset light rakes across complex desert rock formations in the foreground, with a foreboding rainy background, including a faint rainbow and distant lightning strike. Similar to the first view but in different light: less contrasty but far richer detail in the foreground rocks, the faint rainbow persists, and a different distant lightning strike this time!
Looking in the other direction, the sinking sun illuminates clouds over a rugged desert landscape. Distant desert lightning in the darkness…

The Rosario butterfly sanctuary in Michoacán Mexico. The monarch butterfly migration is an awesome phenomenon.

#TravelThursday #butterflies #mexico #travel #TravelPhotography #nature
Looking toward the sky background tree branches are heavy with millions of monarch butterflies and the sky is filled with flying butterflies A mid range shot of a tree trunk and branch 100% covered with a solid layer of monarch butterflies
A closeup of a branch laden with many beautiful monarchs

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