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A new video is up!!!
Leaving A Metro Station In Mexico City, Mexico #Mexico #mexicocity #travel

A new video is up!!!
How To Get A Metro Card And Get On The Mexico City, Mexico Metro #Mexico #mexicocity #travel

A new video is up!!!
Walking around a part of Mexico City, Mexico called Pantitlan #mexico #travel #Pantitlan #Pantitlán

The Rosario butterfly sanctuary in Michoacán Mexico. The monarch butterfly migration is an awesome phenomenon.

#TravelThursday #butterflies #mexico #travel #TravelPhotography #nature
Looking toward the sky background tree branches are heavy with millions of monarch butterflies and the sky is filled with flying butterflies A mid range shot of a tree trunk and branch 100% covered with a solid layer of monarch butterflies
A closeup of a branch laden with many beautiful monarchs

Das Convento de San Antonio de Padua in Izamal, Yucatán in Mexiko – ein knallgelber, skurriler Ort mit grausamer Vergangenheit. Aufgenommen am 2. Oktober 2016.

#izamal #yucatan #mexico #geschichte #travel #reise
Ein überdachter Gang im Convento de San Antonio de Padua in Izamal, Yucatán in Mexiko. Er ist gepflastert, linkerhand sind Bögen mit Blick in den großen Innenhof. An der Decke sind rotbraune Holzbalken. Eine der markant knallgelben Bogengänge des Convento de San Antonio de Padua in Izamal, Yucatán, Mexiko. Im Vordergrund verschwommen ein paar Mauerreste. Gestapelte, rote Gartensessel, die vor einer Nische mit einer Statue stehen. Die Statue zeigt eine anmutige Männerfigur, höchstwahrscheinlich ein Heiliger.
Drei etwas skurrile Skulpturen, die die Heiligen Drei Könige zeigen. Sie stehen in einer Wandnische. Rechts von ihnen wurde ein Ventilator an die Wand montiert. Der Innenhof des Convento de San Antonio de Padua in Izamal, Yucatán in Mexiko. Am Himmel zeigen sich dramatische Wolken und ein ebenso dramatisches Sonnenlicht, das diese durchbricht.

Today is the 27th anniversary of my wife and mine's first date. #OnThisDay in 2016, to commemorate the 20th anniversary, we were about to start a #cruise around #SouthAmerica and were starting with a day exploring fabulous #BuenosAires. We saw a tango show, walked the streets closed off to traffic because there was a protest against the government, visited the cathedral, ate the best steak ever, and wandered around colourful #LaBoca.

#Travel #Photography #TravelPhotography #Argentina #OTD
A colourful building on a street, on an overcast day that we can still tell is warm because of what the people in the street are wearing. We're looking from one side of the street, across the road that's devoid of traffic, to the other side where a two-storey shop is located. The building has been painted in horizontal stripes; blue, cream, blue in thick bands at the top; a red base, then a vibrant blue with bright yellow, thin bands on the bottom. There are shutters over the windows but the doorway - a huge, double-width, tall, similar to a barn entrance - is open, and there are people passing by and visible inside. Above the doorway is a shallow balcony and on it are three nearly life-size figures in a simplistic, colourful style. A man and woman, well-dressed, are on the right and in the centre respectively, while the left figure is a footballer in the Argentinian kit. There are a handful of people visible on the street, with most being tourists, but three sat on flimsy chairs under a parasol against a colourful wall to the right of the shop appear to be locals.

Here in #Somerset, we have some amazing place names! Here are just 3.

I wanna know...
What place names have you come across in books or real life recently?

#placenames #books #travel #westCountry #histodon
Map showing Monkton Heathfield, Creech St Michael and Thornfalcon

Japanese musician and #VideoGame designer Kenji Eno, who died OTD in 2013, gained a reputation as a maverick during the mid-1990s for creating unorthodox games like Real Sound #travel #Japan #history

Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, who died OTD in 1709, was the fifth shōgun of the Tokugawa dynasty of #Japan; he instituted animal protection laws, especially for dogs, his dog was named Takemaru #travel #history

the most popular tourist destination in North #Norway - where i grew up - must be the North Cape plateau.

North Cape is commonly claimed to be the northernmost point in #Europe, but it's not technically true, since that honour belongs to the Knivskjellodden peninsula some 1.4 km further north, but it's not as interesting or as easy to get to, so...

EDIT: some knowledge from a local... don't expect the weather to be good. there are many good things about Norway, but the weather isn't one of them, and this especially applies in the far north.


Seguimos en Japón. Una de mis excursiones favoritas desde Tokio es ir a Nikko (la pequeña Kioto). Está un poco lejos pero vale la pena! Salgo de madrugada para llegar a Nikko a primera hora y visitar el santuario. Por cierto, por allí andan los famosos 3 monos: 🙈🙉🙊

Luego, un bus al lago Chuzenji (en la foto) y la cascada Kegon. Es una hora más pero el cambio de paisaje es impresionante. Y, si hay suerte, puedes ver monos corriendo libres por la nieve 🐒

#flickr #fotografía #japón #japan #travel
Vista de la ribera de un río que desemboca en un pequeño puente y el lago Chuzenji. A ambos lados del río hay árboles y está todo nevado. Al fondo apenas se entrevén unas montañas poco visibles por la niebla.

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend, what are you all up to today? Having a good day, or a bad day? Want to share a fun fact? Lets Go! ❤️‍🔥

#Photography #Photographer #Travel
A girl (me!) standing in an huge disused art deco power plant

This week: Moving to Italy while being in a relationship?
#TravelItaly #Italy #Book #Travel #Travelwriting #travelblog #trip #expats #expatItaly
#blogging #bookstodon #traveling #tourism #explore #travelgram #trip #Authortube #Bookworm #share #adventure @bookstodon @gncif

Good morning everyone 👋🍀☕️❤️ wishing you all a fabulous Friday . A view of Brentor from a Dartmoor path near the Tavistock road . #photography #hiking #travel #landscape #landscapephotography #dartmoor #devon
A photo taken on Dartmoor 
 It’s a view of Brentor in the distance with rolling green fields and lines of trees everywhere . I’m on a path surrounded by yellow grasses taking the pic . The sky is calm with blue , white and purple colours on show

Esta creo que todavía no la había puesto por aquí. Hace unos años tuve un día libre en una escala en Tokio —gracias a un tifón que me obligó a retrasar un vuelo, por cierto— y, como ya conocía mucho de lo típico, me fui a buscar cosas más inusuales. Y encontré este cruce... 😳

De locos, ¿eh? Lo bueno es que la gran mayoría del tráfico va elevado y al nivel del suelo hay pocos coches. Algo es algo... 🤷🏻‍♂️

#photography #fotografía #tokyo #tokio #blancoynegro #monochrome #japan #japón #travel #viajes
Al nivel del suelo hay un cruce más o menos normal, pero en alto se pueden ver hasta 5 carreteras sobre sobre pilares que confluyen en un punto. La foto está en blanco y negro.

Y nos volvemos a la vieja Europa. Es una foto poco original, muy de "postal". Vemos la Ross fountain en primer plano, con el castillo de Edimburgo al fondo.

Respecto al procesado, me dediqué resaltar la fuente respecto al fondo, dándole más profundidad a la foto.

Por cierto, hace tiempo descubrí que la foto aparece en una de las guías de Lonely planet sobre la ciudad ☺️

Si la quieres ver con buena calidad:

#fotografía #viajes #photography #travel #travelpics #flickr
Vemos una fuente muy tradicional en un parque, redonda con muchos chorros de agua y rodeada de flores y árboles. Al fondo, arriba de una colina, se ve parte del castillo de Edimburgo.

Goodbye to Mexico for a while. Final view before a little nap on the plane. #Mexico #travel #photo
Mountains in Mexico from an airplane. Blue water, blue sky.


I always enjoy capturing pigeons on the underground. I like how they ignore other commuters and wait to board the train and hunt for scraps. Photo taken at High Street Kensington London Underground station.

#birds #mastoart #reflections #London #underground #streetphotography #photography #birdwatching #birdsotmastodon #travel #transport #railway #art #uk #streetphoto
Pigeon waits for train

Emperor Kōmyō of #Japan was born OTD in 1322, he was the second of the Emperors of the Northern Court, the first supported by the Ashikaga shogunate #travel #history

This lighthouse is SO UNIQUE! It's called Þrídrangar, which means "three rock pillars". It is located 4.5 miles (7.2 kilometres) off the southwest coast of Iceland, in the archipelago of Vestmannaeyjar, often described as the most isolated lighthouse in the world. The lighthouse was built there in 1939.

It's such a INCREDIBLE location for a lighthouse, perched on a rock in Iceland's wild surf. Originally constructed and accessible only by scaling the rock on which it is situated, it is now accessible by helicopter since the construction of a helipad.

#photography #photo #photos #landscape #lighthouse #engineering #amazing #travel #world #wonders
Amazing picture of the Þrídrangar lighthouse

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