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Headline from wabe article about bill passing

TW: Samobójstwo i transfobia

82% osób transpłciowych ma myśli samobójcze, a około 45% miało przynajmniej jedną próbę samobójczą.

Transfobia zabija, nie ma dla niej, ani dla innych form ksenofobii, żadnego usprawiedliwienia. #TransRights #TransWomenAreWomen #TransMenAreMen

The petition to remove #LGBT content from the uk curriculum now has 190,671 signatures, sigh. It only needed 100k to be considered for debate in parliament, too!

The counter petition is rapidly gaining ground, being newer. It now has 33,030 signatures, but it needs more!

Pls sign if uk, boost otherwise! 👇

Link to official petition to UK Gov & Parliament: Do not remove LGBT content from the Relationships Education curriculum

#LGBTQ #TransRights

A terrifying bill was just dropped in the late night hours in Oklahoma that would medically detransition all trans people up to age 26.

I called this would happen months ago - states are moving towards outright elimination.

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#trans #transrights #transgender #translegislation #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia

El Congreso ha aprobado hoy al fin la Ley Trans, que reconoce la autodeterminación de género en España.

Por los derechos trans, hoy y siempre 🏳️‍⚧️⚡

[Marcado como sensible por contacto visual]
Here's to Trans Rights, today and forever 🏳️‍⚧️⚡

[Marked as sensitive because eye contact]

#illustration #art #MastoArt #trans #TransRights #EyeContact
Illustrated portrait of a trans person, painted with the colors of the trans flag - blue, pink, white -. They're looking at us in the eye with a proud and defiant smile. They have light brown skin, a patch in one eye, long wavy blue and pink hair splattered with stars, and big white flowers in their hair. Above the head we can see the words "Not your business". The background is purple.
Retrato de una persona trans en los colores de la bandera trans (rosa, azul y blanco). La persona retratada nos mira de frente y directamente a los ojos con una sonrisa orgullosa y desafiante. Tiene piel de color marrón claro, un parche en un ojo, cabello rosa y azul largo y ondulado salpicado de estrellas, y flores blancas en el pelo. Sobre la cabeza podemos ver las palabras "Not your business" ("No es asunto tuyo"). El fondo es púrpura.

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