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Resisting US imperialism in Hawaii as a Native #indigenous #trans person, actual history of Hawaii playing music and sci-fi games!

#Urgent #MutualAid #Request #PleaseBoost :boost_requested:

We are an #LGBTQ family in the US who have just fled a red state. We are asking for donations to help with post-move costs and costs of living.

Our #fundraiser is currently at $7553 — we really need to hit $8553 by June 10th to stay on track. Any amount helps!

#Trans #Queer #Gay #Nonbinary #Disabled #TransCrowdfund #MutualAidRequest #Pride @mutualaid #Help #Boost #Fediverse #Crowdfund #Fedi

I was at a press launch yesterday night where another person in the EV world told me I should ignore the bad shit Elon Musk does because he’s done so much good for the world.

I’m paraphrasing. I don’t want to say who the person was because that shifts attention away from the issue, but said person also implied they don’t give a whatsit about what he says on Social Media.

Fuck That.

If you’re silent, you’re complicit.

#trans #LGBTQ

If you were wondering why Elon Musk's #trans daughter Vivian doesn't want to be related to him "in any way, shape, or form," his promotion of a vicious anti-trans propaganda film made by numbskulls on the first day of #Pride month probably doesn't help. #LGBTQ+

Content warning: trans crowdfund plz boost! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

No me cansaré de repetirlo, contra la ignorancia, realidad material:

A las mujeres trans se les ha permitido competir en deportes elegibles para los Juegos Olímpicos desde octubre de 2003 y no está copado de mujeres #trans con medallas de oro.

Ni siquiera Laurel Hubbard de Nueva Zelanda que compitió en la Final Femenina de +90kg de levantamiento de pesas y la que fue la cabeza de turco de los tránsfobos durante todo este tiempo. No podemos convertir la realidad en un debate de "opiniones".

Laurel Hubbard levantando pesas, imagen que hicieron viral los tránsfobos como demostración de injusticia en el deporte femenino.

Content warning: I'm naked with a kitty between my tiddies.

Idk what they expect, but we have nothing and we're both too sick to crowdfund, so I guess we’re getting evicted.

They’re expecting $500 in the next HOUR, and we have $0.

#Eviction #Urgent #MutualAid #Trans #Autistic #Shelter #Homeless #Disabled #LongCovid

The owner just came to our room and wants $500 by tonight??

Idk how the fuck were supposed to manage that, but we have to do our best to keep him off our ass or he’ll give us another eviction notice. 😭

#Eviction #EvictionRisk #Shelter #Housing #Crisis #Debt #Poverty #Cats #Trans #Autistic #Disabled

So, you think you might, maybe, possibly be trans, huh?

Yeah, that’s scary as hell, isn’t it?

Questioning your #gender is hard, scary, and is often really, really confusing. This week on #StainedGlassWoman, we're presenting a scientific, systematic process to help you find a real answer to that question--and I'll explain the science at every step.

So come on by and maybe find the answer you've been looking for.

#trans #transgender #mtf #ftm #nonbinary #science


Birth names aren't obligations: they're gifts. But just like other gifts, you aren't under ANY obligation to like or keep them.

When people give you a gift, naturally they hope you'll like it & want to keep it. But if it doesn't work for you any more, there's no obligation to keep it.

You're allowed to treat yourself to a gift that you picked out yourself :TransHeart: :NonBinaryHeart:

#trans #transgender #NonBinary #agender #genderqueer #genderfluid #queer #LGBTQ #neurodivergent

I don't know which baby #trans need to hear this, but if your cis partner/s or friends react with dismissive, snide, or mean comments to your finding joy in your transition process?

Leave em behind. You don't need that negativity, and they're not going to get better. There are people who will find delight at how happy you are to come into yourself, those are the people worth keeping around. #TransJoy

"can 1% of the population be a threat to women's rights?"
"depends on the context"
"the 1% holding most of the world's wealth being sexist men, yes
"the 1% of women who were assigned male at birth, no"
#trans #sexism
Clara and the doctor meme
"can 1% of the population be a threat to women's rights?"
"depends on the context"
"the 1% holding most of the world's wealth being sexist men, yes
"the 1% of women who were assigned male at birth, no"

There is no such thing as a "peaceful" anti- #trans rally.

Rallying against marginalized people is always an act of violence.

It's airplane time again! Time for another work trip which means time for my traditional airport selfie.

#trans #selfie #TransSelfieTrain #ErinsAirportSelfies
(CW eye contact)

Erin wearing a hoodie, backpack, and P100 mask. Her hair is a little frazzled, and nails poorly done (not pictured) because there wasn't enough time before this trip for everything. Oh well. That's life.

This is a prototype for a window sign and sticker.

I'm aware acts of performative allyship are fraught. But I and many others will attest that when we see signs like this in otherwise hostile places, it makes us feel a bit less alone.

I use active language as opposed to more tepid words like "support." what is needed right now are people who will take direct action. it's not enough to say "love is love," there are systemic issues that need addressing by name.

#MastoArt #Queer #Trans

Circular illustration of a white, blue, and pink giraffe (the trans flag colors). It pokes its neck out of a purple circle. The text around it says in all caps, "Stand up for Trans Rights" and "I'll stick my neck out for you!"
Illustration of a white, blue, and pink giraffe (the trans flag colors) poking its neck out of a purple vertical rectangle. neck out of a purple circle. To the left and top all caps text says "This home defends Trans Rights" and on the right and bottom it says "Healthcare Access - Freedom of Expression - Public Accomodation - Civil Rights Protections".

Next to the giraffe, in white text, it says "I'll stick my neck out for you."

Posting this amazing art ("pink in the night") by Eunnie, who has seemingly not yet joined the fediverse, so that you're not missing out :TransHeart:

I have added full alt text, which was sadly missing from the posts elsewhere.

You can follow her at:

#trans #transgender #TransFem #lesbian #sapphic #queer #LGBTQ #DigitalArt #Eunnie #PinkInTheNight
The top half of the image shows two young kids in the rain with raincoats. 1 (AFAB) is kissing a boo-boo on the knee of 2 (AMAB), who is crying. Text reads: "and I know I've kissed you before, but"
The bottom half of the image shows both a bit older in school together. 1 is leading 2 by the hand, looking back protectively at 2, who is looking rather perturbed while walking past a heteronormative poster on a notice board with a man, woman & child. Text continues: "I didn't do it right" The top third of the image shows both tired & surrounded by boxes, implying they're moving into a home together. Text continues: "Can I try again"

The middle third of the image shows both together at Disney World with Minnie Mouse ears, smiling & taking a selfie. Text continues: "And again".

The bottom third of the image shows them kissing in their kitchen. 2 is cooking & 1 is about surprise her with flowers held behind her back. Text continues: "And again".
The top third of the image shows both as young adults. They're studying together, lying on the floor, & looking lovingly at each other. Text continues: "Can I try again".

The middle third of the image shows that 2 is trans fem & has begun transitioning. They're both on the bed, making out passionately, with 1 on top of 2. Text continues: "Try again".

The bottom third of the image shows them kissing happily on their wedding day, both in bridal dresses. Text continues: "Try again". The top third of the image shows both in bed together. 2 is sleepily waking up & 1 is kissing her shoulder blade tenderly. Text continues: "And again".

The middle third of the image shows both much older, walking a dog companion in the snow. They've sat down in the snow & are kissing. Text continues: "And again".

The bottom third of the image shows them happily holding each other while walking by the beach, seemingly in the sunset of their lives together. Text continues: "And again".

We HAVE to give them a significant payment almost everyday this week if we’re EVER going to catch up, I’m so scared 😭 #Unhoused #Inn #CPTSD #Trans #LongCovid #ActuallyAutistic

My family will NOT be safe unless we can come up with $600 to pay torward our high balance here at the inn 😰

Can you help with $10?

We have less than 4 HOURS‼️😭

Pls boost or donate, I’m desperate to keep my fiancé and our many cats safe! 😰$octopuslaws8

Every $1 and boost helps, tysm!!! 💖

#MutualAid #Beg #Request #Donate #Emergency #Crowdfund #Eviction #EvictionRisk #Trans #Autistic #CPTSD #Nonbinary #Unhoused

I have a professional background and degree in LGBTQIA+ education, research, history, and activism/politics and am currently doing low cost remote LGBTQIA+ education on Fiverr.

I answer questions, help explain specific identities and LGBTQIA+ related topics, point people towards helpful resources, and do whatever else I can to help people better understand themselves/their own communities or become better allies.

For anyone interested the link to my page is:

If you are willing to boost this or share the link with anyone in your life I appreciate it more than I can say!

#lgbtqia #lgbtq #lgbt #queer #trans #transgender #nonbinary #enby #polysexual #pansexual #QueerStudies #GenderStudies #QueerHistory

‼️Falta diversidad en la ciencia para poder responder las preguntas científicas desde un posicionamiento diverso e inclusivo‼️ .

💬 Marta Román, investigadora del Instituto Hospital del Mar de Investigaciones Médicas.

#AcademicMastodon #ScienceMastodon #Science #Trans #diversity #scicomm #lgtb

Hi friends, could really use a hand to eat for the next day or three if anybody has a few spare dollars. Please & thank you ❤️

(I'm hopeful that I'll get my money back soon and I can stop bothering everyone again for a while)

#mutualaid #ms #trans #help

I know social media is full of fundraisers, but my wife and I were recently married, and we are trying to escape Ohio and start fresh somewhere safer. We are queer, trans, and disabled; we are badly in need of mutual aid to make this happen.

Anything you can spare will help. And even if you cannot donate, sharing/boosting helps. You never know who may see this and resonate with our story. Thank you. 🙏🏻💜 #MutualAid #Transgender #Trans

🏳️‍⚧️ Another payday has passed and the weekend is coming up! So before you spend all your monies on coffee or booze, could I kindly ask you to toss a few coins into my top surgery fundraiser? 😊 Or, you know, maybe share the link with disgustingly wealthy people, if you know any (the ones I know usually just ignore trans fundraisers so make of that what you will). 😉

#GoFundMe #TransHealthcare #trans #nonbinary #TopSurgery #LGBTQIA #AskingForHelp

#intro 🧵!

Greetings! I'm evil and my name is also Evel! Just yer usual fat brown #disabled & #autistic #2Spirit #Chicanx. Pronouns are ey/emselves or they/themselves.

Mostly up to #graphicDesign, #gameDev stuff, & my #DisabilityLifestyle (like being a #PwMe & #housebound)

Follow me for weird & intersectional & mispelled points of views, #vectorArt, doggos, & whatever! :sharesloved:

#Indigeneous #Indigedon #neurodivergent #actuallyAutistic #ADHD #Dyslexic #MEcfs #chronicPain #trans #dogs
grungy vector graphic with bright fuchsia outline drawing of a wolf saying "hello!", the words in grungy text saying "Today is a good day to learn to thrive, together", and a bright orange cockroach sitting on a trans pride + philly pride rainbow, all on a dark gray background. grungily bordered photo of my red Malamute looking at me and expecting scritches! They are leaning over their fence pup pen, sorta leaning into my hammock. You can also see a bit of my laptop on my desk which can swing over my hammock
grungy vector graphic with a bright orange wolf next to 3 lines of text, saying "yInlu'meH QaQ jajvam" or "Today is a good day to live!" in pIqaD, english latin letters, and transliterated klingon in latin letters

She took a bullet in the head for women's rights.

Transphobes are now smearing her.


Malala Yousafzai takes human rights to big screen with movie Joyland based on #transgender themes

In 2012, when she was 15, she was shot in the head by the Taliban while she was campaigning for girls' schooling in Pakistan.

"Everyone's story is important. Everyone's story deserves to be told by them. And a #trans person should be given the rights that everybody else is given.

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