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🚗 Volkswagen Beetle sigue vivo para los coleccionistas


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Yes, I have #dinosaur #toys and no, I'm not ashamed of it.

Bonus points if you get the #SciFi reference without cheating. It's an easy one!

Two very detailed plastic dinosaurs on a white shelf. One is a stegosaurus, walking on four legs and with plates along its back. The other is a T. rex, with it's mouth open and a menacing look. The stegosaurus is saying "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!", to which the T. rex replies "Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh! Now die!"

Good evening everyone. This little fellow was a recent custom make. I believe he is called a Bunn Barker and the customer said the photo was taken from a video game. It looks a bit like a character from Animal Crossing to me, but I can't say for sure as I couldn't find anything online. #crochet #toy #toys #crocheting #fibreart
A photo of a crochet toy standing on a wooden surface in front of a red wall. The toy has a large peach coloured head with two large peach bunny ears, between which is a large tuft of black hair. He has large grey eyes covered by big  black square spectacles. He doesn't have a mouth, arms or legs. His body is much smaller than his head and is glad in a black suit with a V of white shirt showing. He has a height pink bowtie.

Here is a recent #crochet #doll I made for my repeat customer Paul, who often gives me manga artwork to create these #toys from. I crochet the doll's body, limbs and head first then sew everything together apart from the head, which I work on separately and sew on last. Once the body is ready I make the clothing and shoes (if they are wearing shoes). Finally, I work on the head. I normally use felt for the eyes as it's easier (though much messier 🙂) to do them with the glue gun. You can see a collection of the dolls I have made at the link to my website below. #crocheting #fibreart #amigurumi

Photo of a crochet doll based on a manga comic. The doll is standing against a white wall on black counter top. He has brown longish hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a black top, black skinny jeans and a red and black checked shirt. He has red and black sneakers on with white toecaps. He is standing with his arms folded.

I feel like this has been my BEST #Batman pickup lately

Got the Batman Returns Playset with 13 figures off ebay and it was totally worth it.

I love the old Kenner Action Figures and these are some great figures.

#actionfigures #toys #collecting #hobby #collector #toycollecting

This was a great pickup for $80 total.

I love the look and feel of the old Kenner Figures, sure they don't have the articulation like modern figures do but this is what I'm used too with Action Figures.

Here's a pair of Pokémon Power Bouncers featuring Mew and Mewtwo, by Hasbro toys.

I believe I picked them up around 2000/2001 when they were being sold cheaply.

#pokemon #retrogaming #Toys #Nintendo #Hasbro #Mew #Mewtwo #90s

Did not expect to be buying show accurate versions of #Silverhawks but 2023 is continuing to be a weird year. #Toys #Cartoons #80scartoons

Surfs up my dudes! New #Android special edition mini collectible sets Summer Surfer & Sunset Surfer include board and wobble wave - out today! #vinyltoys #toys #surf #surfing
Android Summer Surfer and Sunset Surfer vinyl toy editions holding surfboards Android Summer Surfer and Sunset Surfer  vinyl toy set with Androids standing on surfboards on waves in front of a box
Android Sunset Surfer  vinyl toy set with Android on surfboard on a wave Android Summer Surfer vinyl toy set with Android on surfboard on a wave in front of a box

Told myself I'd sell this figure after a month (only had him a week so far) cos I can't afford to collect figures of this price/scale (though £80 including shipping feels bargain compared to other figures of similar size and of much lesser quality) but it's gonna be difficult cos he looks so damn cool and detailed and posable and transforms into truck mode nicely too I'll have to do it but yeah, I'll miss him. Best Ironhide figure ever made

#ironhide #transformers #bayverse #actionfigures #toys

Pic from SDCC of MotU cosplayers of various different continuities. Never seen a Motherboard cosplayer before. Very cool. And she's holding the new figure which is a foot tall (twelve inches).

Also... that He-Man cosplayer is actually properly muscular with veins and everything. The guy dressed as his alter-ego Prince Adam looks buff too but lil harder to show off the tone in that outfit.

Pic from :

#mastersoftheuniverse #motu
#toys #actionfigures updated!

#StarWars Review: R2-D2 (The Retro Collection.)

#Funko CEO to Take Leave of Absence.

Biker Scout Helmet at Entertainment Earth.

Review: Outer Space Men Cosmic Radiation Terra Firma Action Figure.

#Nintendo Switch downloads.

#toys #actionfigures

Masterverse New Eternia Buzz-Off

Great update of the bee guy I had 80s toy of when I was a kid. Love the new style face (original was kinda goofy). The pincers open (same mold used for Clawful's smaller hand) and the wings look good. I noticed the loincloth part in this new wave (including Vykron) are thinner and more flexible. He-Man figure could do with that so he can be seated in Battle Cat's saddle easier.

#masterverse #neweternia #buzzoff #mastersoftheuniverse #actionfigures #toys #motu

Mattel just released a stop motion recreation of that scene from the finale of Revelation to show off the Motherboard figure. And they state she's over 12 inches tall (regular Masterverse are a lil over 7 inches tall) with a 24 inch wide wingspan. 😮

#masterverse #actionfigures #mastersoftheuniverse #mastersoftheuniverserevelation #motu #toys #heman

The SDCC exclusive Masterverse figure has been revealed to be Motherboard! So I need it. But gonna be a lil tricky to get. Hopefully they put it on Mattel Creations and I manage to get one (though I missed out on the two previous years exclusives)

So I need!

Credit to Ted Biaselli:

#masterverse #actionfigures #mastersoftheuniverse #mastersoftheuniverserevelation #motu #toys #heman

Quick pic of 'Black Apple' Ironhide. I've bought it to own for a month before I sell it on (what I've always done with MPM-style figures cos I can't afford to collect them). It does look very cool though. No battery was included for his eyes so will have to buy one.

#transformers #ironhide #masterpiecemovie #bayverse #actionfigures #toys updated.

Review: Super7 Planet of the Apes Dr. Zaius ReAction Figure - I love it, it's great. If you have old Kenner figures (or appreciate really old 3 3/4-inch stuff) this should be on your list of things to get. Also go watch the movie, it's really good.

New/Lost GBA Shantae Game in development from Limited Run Games/WayForward.

New Glow in the Dark Twilight Zone at Entertainment Earth. You're welcome.

#retrogaming #actionfigures #toys

Star Wars Figure of the Day: Day 3,022: Wicket (The Black Series)

#starwars #hasbro #toys #actionfigures #eeeeeeewoks

Hasbro: New Star Wars Vintage Collection and Black Series figures revealed

The price on the Wookiee may have gone down, but it's still too high.

#StarWars #News #Toys #blackseries #hasbro #vintagecollection

Got my latest collecting #blog up over at MyFigureCollection!

Went over a few of the cool vintage pieces in this collection from the 80's today!

Got a lot of great #vintage #actionfigures in the collection! #blogging #Transformers #StarWars #toys #collecting #collection #GiJoe
The Gi Joe Defiant Launch Complex is my collection's Holy Grail and one of my favorite 80's pieces in the collection! The Vintage Kenner Rebel Transport from 1980 is one of the 3 oldest pieces in the collection [the other 2 being the Snowspeeder and Cloud Car from the ESB Kenner line!]
Another one of my favorite Vintage pieces in the collection is the Gi Joe Killer Whale Hovercraft! Here's a shelf with some more Vintage pieces from the 80's:
G1 Dinobots
Matchbox Robotech Hovertank and Cyclone 
G1 Jetfire
G1 Optimus 
G1 Omega Supreme 
G1 Shockwave
G1 Targetmaster Hot Rod

Picked up a second #Marvel Legends Retro Card #Symbiote #Spider-Man this weekend at Steel City Con so I can keep one mint on-card. Forgot how much I love posing and photographing this thing.

#spiderman #marvellegends #steelcitycon #toys #collectables #actionfigures #comicbooks #toyphotography #superheroes #nostalgia #spidermantoys #comics

#Starwars Figure of the Day: Day 3,015: Tech M'or (Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes, The Vintage Collection)

#actionfigures #hasbro #toys

Also while I have two New Eternia Beast Man figures I thought I may as well take a pic of them side by side in the two different outfits. The shaman and the traditional. Still like that the bear skin and armour of the shaman is directly based on the 'Ursis Prime' bear from the old MotU concept art for the character that evolved into Beast Man. That's cool. 🙂

#MastersOfTheUniverse #MastersOfTheUniverseRevelation #motu #masterverse #actionfigures #toys #neweternia #beastman

I already have New Eternia Beast Man but I bought this custom-painted one off ebay anyway as I really like how the seller painted it with a nice consistent wash (an issue with earlier releases of the figure), metallic paint on the 'metals' and paint added to all the stitching and rivet bits of the arm/leg armour. He also did what I did with mine on the furry armour, tucking in the sides of it because Mattel added way too much. 😀

#masterverse #motu #toys #actionfigures #MastersOfTheUniverse updated! Star Wars Review: Stormtrooper Commander (Gaming Greats, The Vintage Collection.) Marvel Retro Kenner Legends and 2 Star Wars films are reportedly dead. There's a new NES programming language. New Transformers War for Cybertron toys. More new Glyos galore.

Never let it be said that the world doesn't cater to the Xennial nerd contingent.

#toys #actionfigures #starwars #retrogaming #glyos #toys


It's aesthetically not the best match with the show, but hell, when else am I going to get seinfeld merch that blends even slightly into my plush/figure collection?

#seinfeld #toys

I have Mafex Unit 00 showing delivered at home, so here are some pics of Mafex Unit 01.

#Evangelion #Anime #Toys #ToyPhotography
Mafex Evangelion Unit 01 breaking through the 3rd Angel's AT Field.
Mafex Evangelion Unit 01 reaching for its knife.

Skeletor — not once, not twice, but thrice!

These are all retro toys — i.e., newer toys that are trying to mimic old toys.

From left to right: Super7 Filmation style Skeletor, MotU Origins Skeletor, and MotU Origins Battle Armor Skeletor

❪ #icosanaut


#actionFigures #battleArmorSkeletor #mastersOfTheUniverse #mastersOfTheUniverseOrigins #motu #motuOrigins #retroToys #skeletor #super7motu #toyPhotography #toys

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