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True social networking and communicating platforms and other tools

I think that that might be on the menu! They are preparing some tests that will probably include something related. 😁 @briar Am I right? But I' don't know when that will happen. 😁 In the meantime I'm using Element for that. I am still waiting for an opportunity to test #Tox...

I like Briar a lot, it's security and ethics. Open Source, peer-to-peer can use tor and Bluetooth mesh. I'm looking for something to tempt my family away from WhatsApp but I'm tied between as it is also peer-to-peer but has video chat and data sharing. Do you know if Briar is planning this in the future? #tox #briar

#tox and #mumble are the only tools I am aware that are free and easy to use in Tails, that allow you to do audio calls (+ video in Tox).
I'm open for recommendations.
(that's not an argument against conversations, just something to mitigate its current limitations)


meu Tox ID

#tox #p2p #qtox #foss #floss #e2ee #privacy #open-source

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