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It's the new #tilvids stealth marketing campaign, coming to you one arcade basketball machine at a time... 🏀
TILvids name displayed on an arcade basketball machine high score screen.

You probably know that you can see all the latest #tilvids videos by visiting the site at But did you know you can also get an RSS feed of all the new videos as well? Using a client like @thunderbird you can add the feed from and get a nice list of every new video shared with the community!
Picture of Thunderbird client in RSS feed mode showing new videos from, on Ubuntu Linux desktop.

Ever Wanted To Try The "Invisible Internet Project" (I2P)?

Now Is Your Chance.

Easy Walkthrough Video:

First Place Showing This New I2P+ Video (Introducing New Channel On #TILvids)

#I2P #privacy #Peertube #anonymity #I2Pplus #Anonymous #HumanRights #tutorial #proxy #tech #FOSS #internet

Looking for a good option to watch #tilvids on the go? Check out NewPipe! Here's a video to show you how to get started!


# video of the day - The BEST email clients for # 📧

(video courtesy of @thelinuxEXP Follow @thelinuxexperiment for more great FOSS content!)

# #

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