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β€œKeep the change, you filthy animal” #ThrowBackThursday
Old newspaper ad with image of hand holding gun like device with coin shooting out and image of toll booth, with headline Shoot quarters into toll basket

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It's Thursday, and for those who haven't seen them, here's a throwback to some of my polymer #paintings ✨

#ThrowbackThursday #MastoArt #PolymerClay #CreativeToots
My clay interpretation of Edvard Munch's The Scream situated in a shabby style frame My version of American Gothic situated in a shabby style frame
My interpretation of The Son of Man situated in a shabby style frame My polymer clay interpretation of Saturn Devouring His Son situated in a shabby style frame

Un dΓ­a como hoy en 1886 naciΓ³ Diego Rivera, un pintor mexicano que yo desconocΓ­a hasta que fuΓ­ de manera fortuita a una exposiciΓ³n temporal de sus obras en uno de mis museos favoritos.

Debo decir que cuando vi este cuadro en vivo y en directo me impacto, es extremadamente bello.

#ThrowbackThursday to this visit to Baeza, #Ecuador and hearing this unusual birdsong. The Quijos area is known for incredible species biodiversity.

Read Jungle-tastic Tales for a legend based in the Baeza area. Link in bio ;)

QOTD: Do you see a lot of #birds near where you live?
AOTD: At our new house, we've managed to encourage lots of birds to our garden- magpies, robins, blackbirds, thrushes and of course pigeons! We're also seeing what we think is an egret at a nearby river.

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