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My 3D projection library for Uxn is complete!

Features points, lines, variable FOV, adjustable view frustum, screen space clipping, and 16 bits of precision, everything in around 4 kilobytes of bytecode.

#uxn #theWorkshop

Circuit boards for the [Open Book]( have arrived! I'm making two, but I have three spares if anyone else would like to build one! #oshw #ebook #theWorkshop
Green circuit boards for an ebook project - five small e-ink driver boards with components already placed in front, with a larger pcb covered in white text behind.

Here's Bitters: a text editor heavily inspired by the Canon Cat. Been heaving loads of fun building it. #theWorkshop

Work in progress of a thing I'm working on. #theWorkshop
An old sailing ketch stranded on a cliff. Instead of its mast, it has a intricately intertwined tree growing through it's center. There is a treeehouse built into the tree.

Starting a weekly series of fantasy weapons for role-playing games, illustrated by me and complete with stats and backstory provided by my friend Steven.
#theWorkshop #theLudarium

I decided to team up with a friend who loves coming up with RPG worlds, items and characters to make and illustrate a series of weapons that can be used in different RPG games, super excited to get started 😁

What are your favourite RPG /DnD rare weapons and magical items?

The layers are glued together and painted. #theWorkshop
Two parts of a freshly painted wooden box on old newspapers.

We are thrilled about the possibilities of this; giving non-technical friends the ability to edit their own sites without depending on something heavy like Wordpress. Just make a custom stylesheet for them (so it looks like *their* site instead of a template) and give them a business-card-sized Gemtext cheatsheet. With zero additional effort their site is available on Gemini now too.

# #

. @tickfoot and I built a new website for a local low-impact farming co-op. The entire site is built with Gemtext. I wrote a little 100-line PHP script that translates Gemtext to HTML. Slap a stylesheet on there and the result can be pretty nice.

# #

I meant to tidy up the apartment today. Got grumpy about not having enough coat hangers and kids jackets everywhere. Made some coat hangers instead. The apartment is now tidier by two jackets. #
Two wooden coat hangers on a sanding paper block.
Two coat hangers mounted on a shelf.

Today we announced the game that we've been working on for the past three years. It's called Gibbon: Beyond the Trees and it tells the story of a small family of Gibbons searching for home amid rising
devastation. #

sneak peek at what I'm doing for my #minicube64 jam submissions


Seems like I'm making a custom pixel font for this game. The good thing is #TokiPona uses only 14 letters and capitalizes only names, so it's way faster and easier compared to regular fonts.

I'm trying to give it some kind of natural, script vibe. A bit cryptic, maybe somewhat Elvish. I could have used sitelen pona glyphs, but it would be way too much work for now. I want to have fun making this.

A screenshot of a Toki Pona themed pixel font, with small decorations giving it a script vibe. Maybe slightly Elvish. All official words of the language are written in a single paragraph, plus a few non-official words.

The second paragraph show tests with capitalized words.

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