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Hey #Fediverse!
I've got a #problem: I cannot #follow any users on, although other users can! If I click on "Follow", it tells me "friend request sent", but nothing ever arrives at the #Friendica user's account. I can follow any other fediverse user without any problems... Does anyone have an idea, why this could be the case? (And no, I didn't get blocked, neither by the user, nor by the #instance...)

#Thanks so much in advance!!! 😊

#LookingFor a #FOSS #sales #system for #organic and #agroecological products from brazilian small farmers.

I would like something that helps me
- create an online ordering system
- send an order register to customers
- facilitate financial and accountability
- if it makes a delivery route it would be beautiful

#thanks! #BoostApreciated

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