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#TBT to 2018 when I was just figuring things out (love the extra details under the transparency lol)
laptop screen of an old-ish Thinkpad for the time, showing the terminal version of the emacs tutorial on basic cursor control. Behind the transparent terminal you can see icons for undertale, deltarune, doki doki literature club, Supercollider, and Pd. The wallpaper itself is a pic I took of some plants I was growing

Buenos días, mastodónticos.

Un #TBT de mi estimado Londres. Feb, 2023.
Donde puedes tomar el Uber Boat en el Thames hacia diferentes destinos en la ciudad. 📸


Buenos días, mastodons.

#TBT San Diego Bay, feb 2022.


#TBT El 20 de julio de 2008 el Santo Padre Benedicto XVI ofició una misa multitudinaria en la JMJ de Sidney, Australia. La casulla que usó ese día le gustó tanto al Papa que decidió que sería la que usaría para su entierro y fue así, el 31 de Diciembre de 2022, cuando falleció fue amortajado con ella.
Benedicto XVI PP

Today's #gramoftheday theme is "Something I Love The Most" at #gotd_3683
#dogladysden #lifeisgood
I took this photo at Christmas time, 1998, when our beloved Dalmatian was still alive and the dog boarding business in full swing.
Years later, I used it in a blog post about this very topic. Read it here:
Clickable link in bio.
#love #hubby #hounds #home #ILoveHubby #ILoveDogs #throwbackthursday #TBT #1998… #DogladysDen

Throwback ... Tuesday, I guess?

Here is a vintage 1995 #Hubble image of a jet from a young star, known as HH-34. The thin red jet emerges from a nebula and collides with the surrounding gas, creating the green shock seen in the lower left.

The stair-step shape of the image is typical of WFPC2 (Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2) images.

#tbt #space

A small red line merges from a whispy yellow cloud in the upper right. This line, a jet, points to the lower left. Diagonally down from the jet, in the lower right corner of the image is a green arc, pointing up and to the left, back toward the jet. The overall image is grainy. The bottom right corner has a stair-step black area.

As seen here, Tristan always has time for baby Rhiannon. Even now, when she's all grown up.
#CatCare #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #CatLovers #ManyFacesOfPickle #TBThursday #TBT
A brown tabby cat watches a dilute tortoiseshell kitten reach for him with many paws as they lounge on a bed.

Esta semana pero de:

🕹️1981 -Donkey Kong y ahí debutó Mario Bros.

🎮 1990 -Final Fantasy en Nintendo.

☣️ 2001 -Virus Code Red cimbraba el internet (los servidores con Windows).



A Frente Parlamentar Feminista e Antirracista lançou a Campanha Nacional Contra Violência Política de Gênero e Raça, importante iniciativa em defesa do mandato das 6 deputadas de esquerda perseguidas pelo bolsonarismo na Câmara. Lutar não é crime, então #elasficam! ✊ #tbt

A #tbt and #NationalBirdDay combo.
Got to see this beautiful wild Scarlet Macaw in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica - December 2019
A Scarlet Macaw perched on a branch with green foliage in the background
A Scarlet Macaw peeking over a wide tree branch with green foliage in the background.

Lou Costello enjoys the holiday rug in 2020, by making a cave from it so I can take a picture.

They still do it now. Perhaps because of their feral background, Bud and Lou are devoted terraformers.
#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Catstodon #CatLife #CatArt #LouTheCreamFilledCat #TBT #ThrowbackThursday

A gray tabby cat with white muzzle and the tips of their front paws which is all which can be seen since this cat is peeking out of the foldover cave he's made from a read throw rug with a snowflake pattern.

A few snapshots I took at the #FrenchQuarter Easter Parade on March 27, 2005.

#NewOrleans #pride is the best. Always inclusive, and fun for the entire family.

To all my #LGBTQIA friends, have a safe and wonderful #PrideMonth!

😛ride_flag2: :heart_pride:

#ThrowBackThursday #TBT

Wide angle shot of the parade coming down a crowded french quarter street. A rainbow of balloons arches over the street. A person driving a motorcycle with a light blue sun hat with pink fuzz and stuff animals on top. The bike has a couple stuffed rabbits stuck to the windshield. The person is smiling with a beard and sunglasses.
snapshot of one of the floats in the parade. Its a truck with five colorfully dressed people; four with fancy hats. All wearing colorful bead necklaces.

Our Pandemic kitten, Rhiannon, was waiting at the end of an epic quest. But she probably thinks of us the same way.

We both went through a lot to get here.

Our Pandemic kitten is from a not-so-local shelter. - the Way of Cats
#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Catstodon #CatLife #CatLovers #CatArt #TheDivineQueen #CatAppreciator #TBT #ThrowbackThursday

A dilute tortoiseshell kitten with one paw forward in a cat loaf position with her half scarf and one toe a cream white and a very skeptical expression illustrating Welcome, Rhiannon! Our Pandemic Kitten.

Les comparto ésta fotito que subimos hace tiempo en otra red #tbt y hoy la recordamos 🙃🖤💭

De cuando éramos "darkS" y nos alcanzaba para viajar 🤭✨


I was going through my old website called Binary Expressions and came across a post with bLaugh comic (defunct) that seems to be still applicable today. 😄

Vista is Torture, circa 2007
by @ChrisPirillo & Brad Fitzpatrick

License: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

#ThrowbackThursday #tbt #funny #humour #humor #tech

Cartoon style of an old man locked up hanging by his wrists with another man asking "You wanna' run Windows Vista... or receive a shovel to the face?" while holding a shovel in one hand and a laptop in another.

Throwback to March 2021 when Milli met her first cuckoo clock, and very carefully risked the wrath of Oma.

#ThrowbackThursday #TBT #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Cuckoo
A young fluffy white cat hesitantly raises a paw near the counterweights of a cuckoo clock on the wall above her. To the left is a jade plant and the window behind her has a lace curtain.

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¡Hola mastodinianos!
Acá va un #TBT especial para los ciegos hispanos del fediverso:
He rescatado la ISO de Tiflohada. A ver si alguien de por acá lo puede arreglar para que funcione con máquinas actuales, UEFI, etc.

Throw Back Thursday #TBT to our 2019 Capture The Flag #CTF 2nd place trophy!
May 5-7, 2023 Don't miss your chance to win this year's playing the EverSecCTF!
Trophy is an old Sun Microsystems mouse, where the Sun has been crossed out and CTF has been written in. The mouse is mounted on a black board with Cackalacky Con 2019 and 2nd place printed on it. There's also a spot on the board listing the team that came in 2nd place, League of Shadows.
#ctf #tbt

#tbt #unix #bbs #oldschool #1990s

SDF 1993 in Lewisville, Texas with 4 dialup lines and a 19.2kbps dedicated internet connection.

The system ran Kodak Interactive SVR3 UNIX 386 which supported the AST async 4 port serial board. Three disks sized: 40MB, 140MB and 338MB made up the storage for roughly 1200 users.

#ThrowbackThursday to this visit to Baeza, #Ecuador and hearing this unusual birdsong. The Quijos area is known for incredible species biodiversity.

Read Jungle-tastic Tales for a legend based in the Baeza area. Link in bio ;)

QOTD: Do you see a lot of #birds near where you live?
AOTD: At our new house, we've managed to encourage lots of birds to our garden- magpies, robins, blackbirds, thrushes and of course pigeons! We're also seeing what we think is an egret at a nearby river.

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