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Cómo establecer o cambiar el nombre de host en CentOS/RHEL 7/8 - Somos apañados #sysadmin #hostname #centos

How To Check Last 10 Reboot In Linux Ubuntu #sysadmin #terminal #shutdown #reboot

I've run our #DNS servers at #DEFCON for about 25 years, and before upgrading one of them I recorded some statistics some might find interesting.

Of all the DNS traffic for a given period:

74% by connection is IPv4
26% by connection is IPv6

2% is using TCP 853 encrypted DoT

31% uses TCP
69% uses UDP


Exprimiendo InspIRCd con Anope #sysadmin #anope #inspircd #irc #ubuntu

Cómo abrir puertos en Linux #linux #sysadmin #puertos #iptables

Os compis de iCarto están buscando alguén para un posto de sistemas. Se controlas de sistemas GNU/Linux e che apetece traballar nunha empresa con filosofía e entorno inmellorable, anímate, e preséntate para este posto!
#linux #traballo #sysadmin #devop #sysop

Proper mail server with great trust & no fancy crap, just in/out, spf, dmarc, dkim (records & policies), PTR, and 10/10 score - no round cube or virtual mailboxes or web based tools - consider this elegant and yet powerful recipe I made (thanks to Linux Babe - lots of great tips). This recipe is ideal for small businesses, educators, and/or small to medium (50-200) communities. #sysadmin #freesoftware #gnulinux

🎵 Since you launched, I’ve been lost in your stack trace
I dream of literal strings that want to escape
I search the code for every hidden mistake
I feel a bit like I need a coffee break
I keep asking, server, server please!

#Linux #SuSE #Parody #MUSIC #Programming #DevOps #SysAdmin

Content warning: fediblock and raspberry pi (we knew thee well)

Selfie of me outside with a black jacket, pretty heavy makeup, tho nude shades and red lipstick

Ver Usuarios Grupo Linux #sysadmin #linux #usuarios

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Originally posted by The Hacker News /

Researchers discover multiple high-severity flaws in the widely used #OpenLiteSpeed Web Server and its enterprise variant that could be exploited for RCE attacks.

#cybersecurity #hacking #infosec #sysadmin

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Can I beat Mario with Vim controls?

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No video game is more iconic than Super Mario Bros.
No text editor is more iconic than Vim.

In today's platform-packed episode of Veronica Explains, I try my hand¹ at playing Super Mario Bros, but using Vim controls instead of a controller. I'll also talk briefly about the history of Vim and Vi, and show you how to configure FCEUX to use whatever keys you fancy.

Oh, and before I forget! "Mario" and "Super Mario Bros" are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America.

¹ pun intended

0:00 Dreaming and scheming about getting better at Vim
0:24 What is Vim, and why are the arrows like that?
2:15 Why would I want to get better at Vim navigation?
3:21 Setting up Mario on Vim mode
5:55 Actually playing Mario with Vim navigation
19:19 What do I think of Mario with Vim controls?
20:36 Ask Veronica- what's the difference between virtualization and emulation?

I've been tentatively tooting for a few days now, so I guess it's about time I did my #introduction !

Hi everyone. I'm a #library #SysAdmin for a UK university by day.

Outside of work I spend far too much time tinkering with #Linux and a collection of #SBCs (mainly #RaspberryPi ), but like to get out to do some #photograhy (mainly landscape & nature).

What seems like a lifetime ago I studied #physics at uni (I have since forgotten most of it!) with a real interest in #cosmology. I do get outside some nights for #astronomy 🔭 but I'm mainly a fair weather astronomer these days.

Also into #SciFi :blobcatspace:​ , #classicalmusic :blobcatmusic:​ and #tea :blobcattea:

Oh, and I'm not actually a sentient teapot!

Look forward to tooting with you! :blobcathug:

I suppose it's my turn for an intro! I'm a #retrocomputing #linux enthusiast in Western Australia.

Currently doing #sysadmin work, and in my spare time tinker with old computers, linux and electronics.

I've also /just finished/ writing a blog post about an old computer, the HX-20:

Good morning und guten Morgen!

OK, hi Fediverse, my name is Silke, I post much less than I did years ago, I don't even know which language I'd use here, I read in German, English, French, Polish. (And I'm trying to learn some Georgian right now.) I'm a #feminist, I like #photography and baking.

I work as a #linux #sysadmin, I love automation because my natural state is lazyness. 😉

#introduction #neuhier

Monitoreo fácil con Monitorix #sysadmin #deb #debian #monitoreo #monitorix #red_hat #rhel #rpm #ubuntu

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