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For #StandingStoneSunday a #Neolithic female stela with a diadem and a veil, made of marble. Found in Arco, Trentino-South Tyrol (#Italy). Dating 3000-2500 BC.

In the late neolithic period several cultures living between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caucasus erected human-shaped stone sculptures showing clothing, weapons and jewellery. The stelae were symbols of power and status and were used for ancestor worship and rituals.


Lovely Yellowmead stone circle on Dartmoor for #StandingStoneSunday

A very unusual site of concentric stone rings, it may have been a complex cairn originally. It has a visual interrelationship with Sheepstor.

Visited August 2010 in very changeable weather.

#Dartmoor #BronzeAge #StoneCircle

A perfect circle of small granite uprights in the foreground, with three further concentric rings around it. The circle stands on a fairly level grassy area. In the the background,  rocky Sheepstor rises steeply. The sky is overcast and rain threatens.

Netter Versuch, Mina, netter Versuch - nope.

Aber du kanns dir das schon mal für Sonntag auf Eis legen:


Im Übrigen: guten Morgen!


Mais il manque les français!--Tout les photographies dans le hashtag #StandingStoneSunday ne sont que des Îles britanniques!

Ou sont les fameux menhirs de la Gaule?
Ou sont les descendants des Celtes qui ont inventés ces constructions mégalithes de l'âge du fer?


Covering a few bases of my interests here with #TravelPhotography, #Brutalism, and #ModernArt, along with it being #StandingStoneSunday and it sort of counting too. This is the Intihuatana #sculpture in #Lima, #Peru. Intihuatana are symbolic standing stones used by the #Inca for astronomical observations, with notable examples in Machu Pichu. Photo taken in 2019.

#Travel #Inka #Brutalist #Miraflores #Photography
Concrete sculpture a few metres tall and wide standing in a shallow, circular pool of water in a bit of parkland with flowers and palm trees on the cliff top overlooking the sea on a bright, sunny day. The sculpture consists of one main mostly rectangular block with a slightly smaller T-shaped block offset from it. Both blocks have geometric shapes cut out of their concrete forms: rectangles, circles, lozenges.

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