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X2GO Server setup

Hi guys,

Is any of you aware about a step-by-step guide to setup a #X2GO server?

I sicerely hoped that was something easy like Teamviewer but it isn't. Searching on the web I always find the same (cloned) instructions, but it looks like many things are kind of given...

Maybe I have to open some port on the router, maybe I have to setup also SSH, I am not sure...

However I would just need about SSH.

Thanks in advance,


#linux #Admin #sysadmin #ssh #opensouce #freesoftware #rdp #remotedesktop #debian

#HomeOffice, wenn der lokale Internetanbieter auf dem Land mal wieder verkackt hat und selbst #SSH per WLAN-Tethering schwächelt:
Smartphone vor geöffnetem Fenster

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