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I don't know what's going on on #Twitter right now. Nevertheless, I am very happy that two Twitter clients for iOS ( #Tweetbot and #Spring) will be available as Mastodon clients ( @ivory and @MonaApp). Both are currently in beta and I'm really excited to test both apps. Although they are currently in beta, both apps are really good and feel almost complete.

Apple bloom in # around here. Magical through 550nm #. Last image natural colours for comparison. # #
an alley of golden leafed trees against a brilliant blue sky Bell tower of a church in somber violet ans green. Surrounded by joyful pink apple blossoms.
a landscape of blood red with tiny white-speckled trees and a church seen from far away. A church's belltower with many white apple blossoms around.

New leafs partially encased in melting ice. Both so fragile and pretty. #photography #spring. Additional shots can be found on my patreon page:
Close-up Close-up

Last week was amazing. Blue sky and glittering snow melt. Found this poor shrub in the shadow of a barn totally encased in ice which was slowly dripping away. A dozen or so crisp images more to come once all the stacks are processed. # # # #
A branch of greenery totally incased in ice. Blue/orange sky reflecting/refracting through it. + Several photos showing details. Detail: icicle with tiny air bubbles inside, reflecting blue/orange sky
Detail: icicle with tiny air bubbles inside, reflecting blue/orange sky Detail: icicle with tiny air bubbles inside, reflecting blue/orange sky

I went to my local (and favourite) # centre today and this is what I found ❤️ Hope you enjoy the colours as much as I do.
# # #
One red flower with a yellow pistil surrounded by pinkish flowers and a lot of green. White flowers with yellow pistils. Pinkish flowers. Pink and white flowers and a lot of green.
Purple flowers with long petals that look like stars. Beautiful red flowers. Purple flowers bathing in the sunlight.

Found these violet flowers on my evening walk at a prairie today. I also see lots of lilies popping out of the mud now. Can't wait for the bloom.

# # # #

Wenn das mal kein Vorbote auf den lang ersehnten Frühling ist …
If this is not a clear indication of the long-awaited spring ...
# # # # #

There is a huge snow storm at our place so not going out to take pictures of snow yet but until then enjoy these cherry blossoms I took in the spring last year 🌸🌸

#spring #cherryblossom #cherryblossoms #flowers #nature #urbannature

A cosy yet lazy Spring morning..
Son's place, watching the falling leaves from this old peepal tree.. With my book...
Welcoming new life.. Yes, Spring has come on time this year.. Feel blessed..
#Spring #cosy #SandyAo #myPhoto #Blessed #leavesHasLife

Happy March 1. As the snow is receding, I went out to look for the snowdrops (not up yet) but found the sedum next to the building are starting to break through.

Spring is coming!!


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