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Personal Autonomy

Personal autonomy is the work of our imagination, not the way we live. Yet we have been thrown into a time in which everything is provisional. New technologies alter our lives daily. The traditions of the past cannot be retrieved. At the same time we have little idea of what the future will bring. We are forced to live as if we were free.

Straw Dogs, John Grey, 2004.

Compassionate Listening

Compassionate Listening Relieves Suffering

If you can sit down quietly and listen compassionately to a person for one hour, you can relieve a lot of his suffering.

Listen with only one purpose: to allow the other person to express himself and find relief from his suffering.

Anger, Thich Nhat Hanh, 2001.

Asking Diaspora… While everybody speaks about the #pandemic, there seems to be another major social issue in the way… collective financial hardship!
  • In Peru, where I live, the USD - PEN exchange rate is devaluing the sol (Peru national currency) a little. This means imported products, and everything derived from them, will increase their price sooner rather than later.
  • In the United States, two professionals claim they expect a raise of up to 20 million tax debt cases this year. One of them is the owner of PitBullTax, a company that maintains a software for tax debt professionals.
How is your country doing lately? Do you also see winds of economic hardship where you live?

#society #finance #money

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