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Items tagged with: silentsunday

guard, castillo de ampudia, españa. the castillo was closed but we were at least well received by the guard dog.

#photography #BlackAndWhite #dogsOfMastodon #silentSunday

black and white photograph in portrait format, taken from below towards the castle wall of the castillos de ampudia. a guard dog looks through a loophole, paws comfortably held out of the opening, head raised. flat battlements at the upper edge of the castle wall mark the top of the tower, where the dog sits on the battlements.

Gray Reindeer lichen (Cladonia rangiferina) among Haircap moss.

#lichen #LichenSubscribe #mosstodon #moss #SilentSunday
A light Gray Reindeer Lichen with many small branchlets.
The branchlets are white, tinged purple at the end, with brown tips.
The lichen grows in the center of a field of dark green Haircap moss.
There are some rain drops in the moss.

Just me and this gator enjoying the misty morning on Lake Apopka #SilentSunday
Morning fog rising from glassy water with an alligator swimming out, clear sky and dark treeline reflected

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