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Spitting Image is back,
.. and YT blurs the titties ..


Here's a summary of the logic of the anti-maskers / anti-vaxers in the US:


"There is no virus, there is no pandemic, it's a government conspiracy."

"And the pandemic will miraculously disappear in a few weeks."

"Also, the vaccine doesn't work against the virus."

"And masks won't stop the pandemic either."

"Besides, the pandemic has only killed less than 1% of the population -- only about 600,000 people."

"Also, it's the illegal aliens who are spreading in the virus (because the virus is sentient and knows who is legal and who isn't)."

"And Biden isn't vaccinating the illegals."

"And hey, why are we spending tax dollars to vaccinate the illegals?"

"Plus, I have a constitutional right to carry a biological weapon."

"And I have a right to control my own body (as long as I'm not trying to prevent myself from breeding)."

"Also, wearing a mask makes me uncomfortable, and so does watching all those people dying in the hospital from COVID-19."

#COVID-19 #social #distancing #masks #vaccine #USA

Trump Legacy is Still Alive

#Politics #Satire

Trump Legacy is Still Alive

#Politics #Satire

Trump Legacy is Still Alive

#Politics #Satire

****** BREAKING NEWS ******
--- video below ---
CDC Director confirms that the COVID-19 virus is sentient...

#short #satire #unfair #edit #masks #vaccine

In a recent interview, the CDC director confirmed that the COVID-19 virus is sentient. Maybe this is how it can tell which people are illegal aliens and which are US citizens.

(play video for details)

#CDC #COVID19 #satire #sardonic #unfair #edit #masks #vaccine

Play the video:
pic of CDC director on talking TV

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