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PSA: To avoid dooring or killing cyclists when you exit a vehicle, please consider adopting "the Dutch Reach," which is using your hand farthest from the door to open it. This forces you into a position that allows a better view of bicycles approaching from behind. And, of course, first look, *then* open door. Teach your kids, too. #cycling #safety #driving #cars #psa
Smiling man exiting a vehicle.

I'm a sucker for counter-intuitive solutions. How do you make MMA safer for people's brains? Take away their gloves.

#Sports #Fight #MMA #Boxing #Safety #Logic #Optics #Medicine #Science

#PSA-pay attention to this excerpt , and not just #Kolektiva (or former Kolektiva) users:
“…Because of the nature of the fediverse, this also implicates user messages and posts from other instances.
To make matters worse, it appears that the admin targeted in the raid was in the middle of maintenance work which left would-be-encrypted material on the server available in unencrypted form at the time of seizure.

Most users are unaware that, in general, once the government lawfully collects information, under various legal doctrines they can and do use it for investigating and prosecuting crimes that have nothing to do with the original purpose of the seizure. The truth is, once the government has the information, they often use it and the law supports this all too often. Defendants in those prosecutions could challenge the use of this data outside the scope of the original warrant, but that’s often cold comfort.“


✨ Did you know you can disable comments when composing a new post?

Simply tap on the comments button, it will turn red and you'll see a "Comments Disabled" indicator.

We're working on more advanced comment settings to give our community even more control over their comment sections.

#pixelfed #safety #disabledComments

As I was traveling the past days I revisited the both endearing, informative and poignant #podcast that is #Plastisphere by @plastisphere

It's a highly personal yet fact filled journalistic exploration of the world humanity is haphazardly creating with our love of #plastic.

If you haven't listened to it I invite you to just sample the first episode and then decide. All episodes are freely available on

#safety #warning: episode 5 will make you tear up.

A high visibility plastic industrial safety helmet

<img class=" title=":pixelfeed:"/> Admins: Did you know you can import and export instance blocklists?

Admin Dashboard -> Instances

One more thing, when importing, you can curate which instances you want to block/unlist/apply cw or import them all!

We applaud @Mastodon for following our lead, safety isn't a feature, it's an expectation. #pixelfed #safety

Pixelfed instances dashboard Pixelfed instances dashboard
Pixelfed instances dashboard

#OpenAI announced its latest language model, #GPT4, but many in the #AI community were disappointed by the lack of public information. Their complaints track increasing tensions in the AI world over #safety. #ArtificialIntelligence #Chatbots #GenetativeAI

You might notice Pixelfed now displays labels on posts related to COVID-19.

We're doing this to combat misinformation by providing a warning label and link to a reputable health organization.

#pixelfed #safety

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