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"Teran had at least 57 gunshot wounds in their body, according to the autopsy, including in the hands, torso, legs and head.
According to the autopsy sent to ABC News, Teran did not have gunpowder residue on their hands. Officials claimed Teran fired the first shot at a state trooper. Officers then responded with gunfire."

#CopCity #defendtheatlantaforest #DefendWeelaunee #antireport #sabotage #directaction #Policeviolence #Atlanta

No #CopCity Anywhere: Governor Unveils Cop City NJ Plans

"U.S. white power establishment wants to build cop city everywhere.
You are encouraged to heed the call and example from the Welaunee Forest: give them hell, everywhere.
Your courage, creativity, and connections will determine just how badly the U.S. empire will regret their choice to double down on policing the planet after 2020."

#StopCopCity #defendtheatlantaforest #DefendWeelaunee #antireport #sabotage #directaction

A Few Words Against Rats
"today, as fires spread and rocks flew, some rats scurried among the brave…"

“journalists”, or whatever those professional snitches call themselves, recorded photos and videos of forest defenders from positions within and around the crowd. with their fancy lenses and closeup angles, this footage reveals a much higher level of detail than APD’s own camera towers, and will inevitably become a tool of the coming police investigations.

we smash security cameras without a second thought. the ones that happen to have two legs should be treated no differently."

#defendtheatlantaforest #DefendWeelaunee #StopCopCity #policeviolence #videosurveillance #Surveillance #directaction #sabotage

Logging Trucks Destroyed in Ozarks

"Happy New Year to the crew of the 4 tree-killing machines in Ozark. For days the noise was the only goddamn thing you could hear in the forest. We emerged from our nests and holes and severed the infernal racket with tooth and claw. We found all machines unlocked with keys still in their ignitions!

We chewed through wires and cables, filled fuel tanks with sand and soil, drained the machines dry, and restored the forest to perfect winter silence. It was a beautiful night, just right for stargazing (and sabotage 😀)

In solidarity with the Atlanta Forest (STOP COP CITY!!!) and forests under siege everywhere. You woke us up and there’s more to come!

– Pissed-off locals"

#defendtheatlantaforest #StopCopCity #sabotage #directaction

Gegen den Ausbau des Südschnellwegs in der hannoverschen #Leinemasch

"Der #Tunnelbau in Tümpeltown hat begonnen!
Eine Gruppe hiesiger autonomer Wühlmäuse hat begonnen den Südschnellweg zu untertunneln. In ihrer Pressemitteilung kündigen die Nagetiere an, dass sie die Leinemasch unräumbar machen und so ihren Lebensraum verteidigen werden.
Solidarität mit unseren animalischen Freund*innen!"

#WaldstattAsphalt #Hannover #Tunnel #Fortschritt #Klima #Klimakrise #antireport #sabotage #directaction
zu sehen ist ein Baumhaus

#Besançon (Doubs) #France : News from #Anarchist comrade Boris

A Good Wheelchair for Boris!
"Unfortunately, while waiting for the date of the appeal, the comrade was seriously injured in August in a fire in the cell where he was, and the investigation on the origin and readiness of the screws to let him suffocate is still ongoing. It is thus with the medical power that Boris has been confronted for more than a year and a half."

#SolidarityMeansAttack #technology #abolishprisons #sabotage #directaction #antireport

A team of Israeli contractors who claim to have manipulated more than 30 #elections around the world using #hacking, #sabotage and automated #disinformation on social media has been exposed in a new investigation.

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