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Should a #Linux #programming college course taught in #C be a mandatory part of a #computerscience degree? Or would it be sufficient to teach the theory of Linux programming while using a higher level language like #rustlang with more usable abstractions?

I feel like #C could be relegated to an #operatingsystems course to really delve into the intricacies of system calls and such.

#Rust #operating_systems #college #University

🦀📕 Book book book book book book book book book book

A stack of printed copies of of my book. The spines of 10 copies are visible, which all read: Rust Atomics and Locks, Mara Bos, O'Reilly An unorganised pile of copies of Rust Atomics and Locks, with one book in the middle opened at the "Overview of the Chapters" page in the Preface.
A chaotic pile of copies of Rust Atomics and Locks. The book in the foreground is partially opened, showing the dedication page. It reads:

To all the Rust contributors who were waiting for me to review their code while I was busy writing this book.

And to my loved ones, too, of course. ♥

I got the #rust program lsd ( ) packaged into #debian ( ). It's my favorite ls replacement.

#rustlang #linux

Hands-on Rust by Herbert Wolverson @herberticus

What better way to learn than by making games? With Rust, you have a shiny new playground where your game ideas can flourish.


I stumble on this #kotlin video they are comparing different approaches on code with using different data structures any chance #rust #rustlang version of this kind of videos ? or blogs , I like reading too @Mara

We're looking for a #c / #cpp or #rust #freelance developer! It's mostly about Linux namespaces, PAM modules, and patches in 3rd-party software. Low volume. Take a look, mail us, or spread the word!

Boosts very welcome! #rustlang #jobad #job

🦀📺 #rustlang has finally become mainstream: hackers in TV shows are now compiling Rust to look cool. 😁

(From Pantheon S1E5.)
A still from an animated series, Pantheon. A character with glasses is looking at a green screen with three terminal windows. The two in front show the logs of a web server (but all slashes in the paths except for the leading one are backslashes for some reason). The third terminal in the background shows the output of Cargo: all lines show the word "Compiling" followed by a real crate name and a fake version.

We run a well oiled machine.

Step 1, @eliza complains:

Step 2, we fix it:

Step 3, it lands on nightly:

From now on, obligations introduced by trait bounds will check whether the type is longer than 50 chars, and if it is, dump it into a file so that the CLI output doesn't become an unreadable mess.

#rust #rustlang

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"Don’t write a #RustLang Linked List library: they are hard to do well, and usually useless. Use VecDeque"

Want to get multiple mutable slices from a vector?

#Rustlang will complain about:

let range_a = &mut vec[0..10];
let range_b = &mut vec[10..];

Because the first mutable borrow is for the entire `Vec`. Rust doesn't understand that the ranges are non-overlapping. The solution is to use `.split_at_mut()`:

let (range_a, range_b) = vec.split_at_mut(10);

If you want to completely split a Vec into sub-ranges, see `vec.chunks_mut()`.

Try it:

Der minimale #Rustlang support im #Linux #kernel 6.1 ist übrigens zu nicht viel mehr als einem "Hello World" verwendbar. Nur zur Info, weil es oft untergeht.

Aber der Anfang ist so halt gemacht.

```[…] there isn't yet enough Rust in the #kernel to do much of anything interesting.```

If that's news to you, you might want to read this freely available article that takes a closer look at the #Rustlang support merged for #Linux 6.1:…


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#RustLang 1.65 is out! 🎉

- Generic associated types (GATs)!!!
- let-else statements
- break from labeled blocks
- std::backtrace
- split debug information on Linux
- MIR inlining during optimized compilations
- complete RLS deprecation

#opensource #programming

Can I use an AGPL licensed crate in my closed source backend?


#programming #rustlang

Wenn mich jemand zum Wetten zwingen würde, würde ich sagen, dass der #Rustlang support *nicht* schon in die übernächste #Linux-#Kernel-Version einzieht (die nach 5.19, also 5.20 oder 6.0), wie vielfach berichtet.

Aber bei Linus weiß man nie, daher wollte ich nicht wetten.

Wanna known more about Linus #Torvalds stance on #Rustlang for the #Linux #kernel is? And other opinions he recently shared in a fireside chat at OSSNA 2022?

Then check out this great @lwnet article now freely available:…


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