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Had a long day in the #Rust mines today (and I think I made solid progress on making things ergonomic for the Bluetooth library constellation). But I'm still spinning on it a bit.

So let's a #rustlang survey!
When making a new public struct / enum in a rust crate, what traits do you #[derive] by default (multiple choice)

Feel free to discuss in replies.

  • Debug (95%, 22 votes)
  • Clone (39%, 9 votes)
  • PartialEq (30%, 7 votes)
  • Eq (26%, 6 votes)
  • Hash (21%, 5 votes)
23 voters. Poll end: 2 weeks ago

A while back I mentioned I was working on #rustlang support for @thunderbird - well, that work is now coming to a head.

Patches in flight for mozilla-central and comm-central that, if merged, will allow us to build Rust-based components in Thunderbird!

acabo de notar que un cosito que hice y que recién desplegué anda cómodo con 7 Mb de ram. Está hecho en #flask.

También tengo uno en #nodejs corriendo tranqui con 30 Mb y el buen @climaenelcerro (hecho en #rustlang) está comodísimo también con una decena de megas.

En estos días fríos y un poco depresivos me ha dado por aprender #rust #rustlang y me está encantando, no solo por el lenguaje en sí, sino por los maravillosos recursos oficiales de aprendizaje que tienen. Los tres que tienen en su web son muy, muy buenos.

Listo el nuevo diseño de #Ferris :rust:

Ya quiero hacerlo parche :11111: 🪡

Recuerden que si quieren algún bordado pueden mandar mensaje o DM a

Ready the new design of #Ferris :rust: ✨.

I already want to make it patch.

Remember if you want some embroidery you can message or DM me at

#MastoArt #art #SupportSmallBuisness #ArtShare #Mexico #Rust #rustlang #crab #design

Diseño de Ferris 🦀.

Ansible author has Rewritten it in Rust?

#Rustlang #ansible

I created smallest Static Site Generator in Rust optimized for article writing😀


#programming #rustlang

If you want your #Rustlang code to be fast and compact, avoid code that could panic.

Returning from a function instead of panicking is always going to optimize better.

This is because the optimizer fully understands function returns, and is able to reorder or coalesce them together. Panics have unique locations and major side effects that can't be touched by the optimizer, so in addition to adding extra unwinding code, panics prevent optimization of code around them.

Prefer ? over .unwrap(). Prefer iterators or a.get(…)? over a[…].

daktilo — Turn your keyboard into a typewriter!


#linux #programming #rustlang #unix

Are you a #rustlang #fuzzing nerd? Would you be able to help with fuzzing librsvg? has a bunch of tasks that I'd love for someone to explore.

Check out Tiny Glade's - a small relaxing castle doodling game - latest trailer!

> The Future Games Show's Tiny Glade trailer is now live, so you can check out our 🥔 Global Illumination in action! Also featuring: an astronomical model for the movement of the sun & the moon 🤓 and some custom shadow TAA:

The game's targeting a release in 2024 so please don't forget to support this great #RustLang #gameDev team by wish-listing Tiny Glade:

Rust Language Cheat Sheet -

#rust #rustlang #programming

#RustLang vs Julia in Scientific Computing

Chess implemented entirely in the Rust (and Typescript) type systems.


#programming #rustlang #typescript #webdev

Open source Elasticsearch alternative in Rust for logs. 140x lower storage cost


#programming #rustlang

#RustLang functions on Amazon RDS for #PostgreSQL

Over the Easter holidays I experimented a bit with building Rust code with meson instead of cargo.

Specifically I tried building a GStreamer plugin with a few dozen Rust dependencies, but the same applies in a similar way to GTK/GNOME applications or literally anything else.

A write-up of the results with a lot of details can be found here:

#RustLang #GStreamer #GNOME #GTK #meson #cargo #BuildSystems

I got the #rust program lsd ( ) packaged into #debian ( ). It's my favorite ls replacement.

#rustlang #linux

I stumble on this #kotlin video they are comparing different approaches on code with using different data structures any chance #rust #rustlang version of this kind of videos ? or blogs , I like reading too @Mara

We're looking for a #c / #cpp or #rust #freelance developer! It's mostly about Linux namespaces, PAM modules, and patches in 3rd-party software. Low volume. Take a look, mail us, or spread the word!

Boosts very welcome! #rustlang #jobad #job

🦀📺 #rustlang has finally become mainstream: hackers in TV shows are now compiling Rust to look cool. 😁

(From Pantheon S1E5.)
A still from an animated series, Pantheon. A character with glasses is looking at a green screen with three terminal windows. The two in front show the logs of a web server (but all slashes in the paths except for the leading one are backslashes for some reason). The third terminal in the background shows the output of Cargo: all lines show the word "Compiling" followed by a real crate name and a fake version.

We run a well oiled machine.

Step 1, @eliza complains:

Step 2, we fix it:

Step 3, it lands on nightly:

From now on, obligations introduced by trait bounds will check whether the type is longer than 50 chars, and if it is, dump it into a file so that the CLI output doesn't become an unreadable mess.

#rust #rustlang

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Want to get multiple mutable slices from a vector?

#Rustlang will complain about:

let range_a = &mut vec[0..10];
let range_b = &mut vec[10..];

Because the first mutable borrow is for the entire `Vec`. Rust doesn't understand that the ranges are non-overlapping. The solution is to use `.split_at_mut()`:

let (range_a, range_b) = vec.split_at_mut(10);

If you want to completely split a Vec into sub-ranges, see `vec.chunks_mut()`.

Try it:

Der minimale #Rustlang support im #Linux #kernel 6.1 ist übrigens zu nicht viel mehr als einem "Hello World" verwendbar. Nur zur Info, weil es oft untergeht.

Aber der Anfang ist so halt gemacht.

```[…] there isn't yet enough Rust in the #kernel to do much of anything interesting.```

If that's news to you, you might want to read this freely available article that takes a closer look at the #Rustlang support merged for #Linux 6.1:…


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#RustLang 1.65 is out! 🎉

- Generic associated types (GATs)!!!
- let-else statements
- break from labeled blocks
- std::backtrace
- split debug information on Linux
- MIR inlining during optimized compilations
- complete RLS deprecation

#opensource #programming

Can I use an AGPL licensed crate in my closed source backend?


#programming #rustlang

Wenn mich jemand zum Wetten zwingen würde, würde ich sagen, dass der #Rustlang support *nicht* schon in die übernächste #Linux-#Kernel-Version einzieht (die nach 5.19, also 5.20 oder 6.0), wie vielfach berichtet.

Aber bei Linus weiß man nie, daher wollte ich nicht wetten.

Wanna known more about Linus #Torvalds stance on #Rustlang for the #Linux #kernel is? And other opinions he recently shared in a fireside chat at OSSNA 2022?

Then check out this great @lwnet article now freely available:…


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