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#Reddit causing yet another surge of immigrants to the #Fediverse is an interesting state of things. But the sad part is that Reddit itself used to be the open-source alternative to #Digg (even partly built by THE Aaron Swartz of #RSS fame). Then in 2017 they closed the source code and now here we are, on the third step of #EmbraceExtendExtinguish.

@victorhck -i esker #meteoclimatic ezagutu dut.


Bertan estazio meteorologiko libreen datuak azaltzen dira, seguraski zure herritik gertu bat egongo da.

Datuak #rss bidez garraitzeko aukera badu eta mugikorrrean ere app erabil dezakegu.

Gure estazioa ere bertan elkarbana dezakegu, hona hemen pausuak:


Aipatu beharrekoa ere, CreativeCommons lizentzia erabiltzen dutela 😉

#Fedibertsoa -n norbaitek badu holako gailurik?

There are lots of ways you can use #RSS on the Fediverse:

-Follow any Mastodon account's public posts through RSS by putting .rss at the end of their profile URL. Use this address in your feed reader software.

-Follow any PeerTube account or channel by clicking the options menu next to the Subscribe button and selecting RSS.

-If you are on a Friendica server, you can use it as a feed reader. Paste an RSS feed address in the search box, that feed's posts will appear in your home timeline.


Programmes de Radio Libertaire du 29 mai au 4 juin 2023

Demandez le programme de #RadioLibertaire 89.4 MHz Paris - #podcasts #RSS #Stream --->

RSS-Bridge: una herramienta para generar feeds RSS de cualquier sitio web #rss #telegram

Informant – A Command Line Arch Linux News Reader #terminal #rss #lector_feeds #software #programas

BTW one thing I realized is missing here (because as I was writing this thread I was also discussing this elsewhere, and my mind tried to avoid duplication): #RSS isn't the only thing Meta aka #Facebook and #Google siphoned the energy off: there was another important protocol that they #EEE-ed into oblivion: #XMPP, which was a federated (reminds you of anything), open, extensible protocol for chat/instant messaging.


The news comes just in time to remind us about the role #Facebook played in killing off #RSS via #EEE (#EmbraceExtendExtinguish). Luckily, the memory is still fresh enough for some of us, see e.g. @brennen post <> in support of @noracodes reminder of the threat to the Fediverse that Facebook represents <>.


I barely just finished posting about #Google's responsibility in killing off #RSS (and in what sense exactly) <> that Meta aka #Facebook confirms its upcoming #Instagram #Twitter competitor codenamed #Barcelona will “interoperate with #Mastodon” (i.e. will support #ActivityPub)


An interesting write-up from @Matthew Graybosch who recently made the jump from #Mastodon to #Friendica, highlighting the features that won him over.

Once again, #RSS for the win!

¿Sabías que tienes un canal #RSS de tu cuenta de Mastodon? Está aquí:


Por ejemplo:

Captura del feed RSS de mi cuenta de Mastodon desde Reeder, un lector de RSS para Mac.

Vi en mi #RSS un fragmento de este titular de Xataka con esta imagen de fondo y mi mente continuó leyendo: "Una agonía de más de 12.000 años: la historia de Jason Momoa.

A raíz del surgimiento de Calckey, escribí una nota sobre el Fediverso, con partes aburridas para quienes ya conocen y partes ceño fruncido para quienes nunca escucharon hablar del tema.

#mastodon #calckey #fediverso #fediverse #rss

Voy a crear un perfil nuevo en Firefox y agregar todos los complementos que aparecen al buscar RSS, a ver qué pasa.


captura de pantalla del sitio de complementos de firefox: 454 resultados para «RSS»

I found an extension that puts an #RSS button in my address bar when it finds a feed.
This might help me find more feeds.


¡Otra herramienta liberada! ahora desde #Cyberdelia publicamos un #bot que toma feeds #RSS y los publica en diferentes salas #XMPP. Se integra especialmente con los comentarios en los articulos publicados usando #TinyTinyRSS pero sirve para cualquier feed RSS ... Morbo para el pueblo! 🤣

Seguir una cuenta en el Fediverso no implica siempre estar al tanto de lo que publica.
Depende de la actividad, cuántas publicaciones haga y de nuestra frecuencia en ingresar.

Por eso en algunos casos puede ser útil seguir cuentas del Fediverso vía lector RSS.

De esa manera, además, nos queda ordenado, sirve de archivo y lugar de consulta más accesible.

Hace un tiempo había recopilado cómo funcionaban los canales RSS según cada red social.
Hay que reemplazar instancia y usuarix por el que corresponda.
Seguramente pueda ampliarse la lista a otras redes del fediverso



Wordpress sitio_o_blog/feed

#Fediverso #RSS
:rss: :rssblobcatpc:

Captura de pantalla con la info de los canales RSS según cada red y logos

And if you have #Telegram, you can use my services to receive #RSS feeds as instant messages:

You can also connect me to your Mastodon account to be able to reply/favourite/boost posts directly from Telegram.

I am using the #spaRSS for many years now. It is a #RSS feed aggregation App for Android. Unfortunately it's development has been discontinued. Still wanted to say many thanks to @Etuldan for their contributions 🙏 Merci!

I especially like the possibility to set retention durations for each feed individually. Do you know a similarly capable feed reader for #Android?

For websites/sources without #rss feed this could help:

"The RSS feed for websites missing it" -

Also I am experimenting with "An RSS to email, à la rss2email, written in Go." -


"Today, millions of people still use #RSS readers, but many times more use social-media sites and don’t even know that RSS exists.
When the primary way we read online is filtered through the algorithms of capricious corporations that can change what we see on a whim, both writers and readers suffer.

RSS is a reminder that it doesn’t have to be this way."

The Atlantic - 'It's time to take back control of what we read on the internet' (without paywall):

Ten years on, the work of Aaron Swartz continues to shape the internet. From #rss to #markdown, his mark is seen everywhere.

He modificat el codi de @rodalies per a que ens doni l'estat del servei (incidències, alteracions, normalitat...) en les línies de Rodalies de Catalunya: R1, R2, R3, R4, R7, R8, R11, R12, R13, R14, R15 i R16.

Només cal demanar-li, per exemple:

@rodalies r4

L'informació l'agafa via #RSS de

It turns out that #PyPI #RSS release feeds are unreliable, as new versions sometimes end up at the very end of the feed rather than the beginning, and #Liferea just strips them, so I never learn that I'm supposed to have bumped something.


A #tutorial on #Newsboat queries and #FreshRSS web scraping to enhance my #RSS experience, due to @thelinuxcast getting me into a rabbithole of new and old channels to check out. Day 30 of #100DaysToOffload

So, I quite like following #RSS feeds (Using #FreshRSS and #AntennaPod for podcasts), and I changed the way I consumed them a bit lately, so I wrote about it now. Day 27 of #100DaysToOffload

Into RSS feeds? A sizeable update to Liferea is now available #gtk #rss #foss
screenshot of Liferea app showing a load of RSS feed titles, an article preview, and an about dialog displaying the 1.14.0 version number
#rss #foss #gtk

Hello #Fediverse ! Enjoy #RSS, and don't forget how Aaron Swartz fought for a better Internet, before committing suicide on this day.


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