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Do these little things, and make life better for all of us! 😋

#bicycle #vegan #other #recycling

Four-panel cartoon drawing shows a middle-aged white woman doing these four things...
1. Bike to work.
2. Try meatless Mondays.
3. Guillotine the corrupt corporate class that is poisoning the planet for profit.
4. Recycle.

I’m recycling an old bike of mine using the wheels to make a trommel for sifting compost. The old brake and gear cables are now holding the wire mesh in place covered with tape.

It’s pretty basic but it sifted a wheelbarrow load of leaf mould in no time. I’ll add some to the potting mix and some will go on the beds in the garden or the allotment.

#Allotment #Compost #GrowYourOwn #Gardening #Allotments #Recycling
A wheelbarrow of sifted leaf mould ready for adding to the potting compost and garden beds and my boxer dog looking on.
Sifting leaf mould with a trommel made from bicycle wheels and wire mesh sits on a wood frame  on top a wheelbarrow

@soldan nos explica cómo hacer para sacar google de un celu moto G4 para que se pueda seguir usando, esto es muy groso! #celulares #android #androiddev #opensource #recycling

Why don’t more of us #recycle our smartphones since there are so many valuable #minerals inside? 🤔 Well, they're designed for use, but not for #reuse & #recycling. Take a look at the hidden impact of the #smartphone industry.

Full video 👉 :


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