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TWO WHOLE HOURS putting the new #RaspberryPi 5 through its paces? Count us IN.

If you missed @kevsmac's special #Pi5 live stream yesterday, catch up below.


Birds eye view of Kevin holding a Pi 5 on his desk

@themagpi and @HackSpacemag both have brand-new special Raspberry Pi 5 issues out right now.

Subscribers to either magazine get Priority Boarding to have their Raspberry #Pi5 orders shipped right at the front of the queue. New subscribers are eligible for Priority Boarding too, so if you’ve been on the fence about taking out a subscription, now might be the time.

#RaspberryPi #RaspberryPi5

Special front covers of the magpi and hackspace magazine celebrating raspberry pi 5 launch.

Linux Weekly Roundup: Raspberry Pi 5, LMDE, Porteus-v5.01, and Zephix v7
#Linux #LinuxNews #News #Tech #RaspberryPi #Pi #IOT #Security #Infosec

Content warning: capitalism/imperialism, raspberry pi and unity

Introducing: Raspberry Pi 5! - Raspberry Pi

Por fin, cacharrito nuevo. Se lanza a final de octubre, a unos 60€ la versión de 4GB y 80€ la de de 8GB. Nuevas CPU y GPU, pero como era previsible, se han enfocado en mejorar la conectividad y ahora la E/S se gestiona desde otro chip. Por cierto, la GPU tiene controlador totalmente libre y mencionan específicamente a @igalia (cuya sede está en Galicia 😀

#RaspberryPi #Makers


-¡#RASPBERRYPI 5! Hoy se ha presentado el nuevo modelo y hablaremos de ello.

-¡Radio! participaremos en directo en el programa La Caravana para hablar de LA EDAD DE ORO DEL SOFTWARE ESPAÑOL.

-Responderé a vuestras preguntas de #GodotEngine!

#gamedev #godot #madewithgodot #hechocongodot

I tested a TON of stuff on these boards, most especially the new PCI Express connector on the #RaspberryPi 5—check out my #Pi5 blog post for more on that!

For anyone interesed in the details on the new Raspberry Pi 5 then @geerlingguy has an episode that covers most of the changes and updates 🙂

I'm sure that PCIe interface was added just to support his shananagins 😁

#rpi5 #raspberrypi

Raspberry Pi 5, disponible a partir de octubre, será entre 2 y 3 veces más rápida que la anterior generación. #raspberrypi #raspberrypi5

:raspberrypi: Raspberry Pi 5 is coming :raspberrypi:

With more than twice the speed of Raspberry Pi 4, and featuring our brand new RP1 chip, we’ve refined the Raspberry Pi experience.

It’s the everything computer. Optimised.

Priced at $60 for the 4GB variant, and $80 for its 8GB sibling, units are already available to pre-order from many of our Approved Resellers, and will ship at the end of October.


For starters, check out my video on the #RaspberryPi 5, it goes through _everything_ in more detail: #Pi5

The Raspberry Pi 5 is 2.5x faster than the Pi 4 (sometimes more!), and I have the FULL rundown — let me walk you through it in this thread. #RaspberryPi #Pi5

Here is today's reminder that #Discord is NOT a forum! I'm looking at you. (Nice to see you here though!)

Discord is directly hostile to #opensource users.

It is not #accessible
It is not archived.
It does not allow anonymous viewing.
It is not searchable, and neither is it indexed by external search engines.
Data is walled in and unexportable.

Bonus round: Chat is also NOT a forum!

Chat is a chronological firehose, good for temporally transient information, largely ungrouped. Forums are a topical tree, good for longer-lasting information grouped by subject.

If you would write it down in real life (including email) then use a forum.

If you would only say it out loud (in the hallway or on a call) then chat is perfectly fine.

And if you say it out loud while someone else writes it down, tell your assistant to use a forum.

Que uso le puedo dar a una raspberry 3 que no sea centro multimédia, ni laptop? Como laptop se me queda muy clavada y como centro multimédia ya lo he tenido mucho tiempo, osmc, y últimamente se me cuelga el reproductor. 🤔

#raspberrypi #raspberry

Wanna watch The Simpsons all day long? In MINIATURE?

#RaspberryPi #TV

Hemos dejado de emplear cámaras tipo gopro par anuestra fotografías aéreas con cometa. Desde hace un año utlizamos nuestra cámara #PicaPiKAP construída sbre #RaspberryPi

Per si és d'interès,
Fa (literalment) 4 dies la instància #Mastodon des d'on us llegeixo va fer un pic i va morir. Com sabreu, la mantinc des de casa, en una #RaspberryPi. El host contestava el ping però no em deixava entrar per SSH 🔥

Això em va agafar de camí de tornada a casa, així que m'ho he pres amb filosofia, amb desconnexió total inclosa.

Fa una estona hem arribat a casa, i reiniciar la màquina a mà ha estat suficient. En marxa un altre cop 🚀

NASA's Astronomy Picture Of the Day.
A different astronomy and space science related image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation.
#rpi #raspbian #bot #raspberrypi

Pi Pico Becomes SRAM for 1981 Educational Computer #RaspberryPiPico #Retrocomputing #levelshifter #sramemulator #RaspberryPi #busch2090 #sram

Pi Pico Becomes SRAM for 1981 Educational Computer #RaspberryPiPico #Retrocomputing #levelshifter #sramemulator #RaspberryPi #busch2090 #sram

A detailed tutorial that combines a Raspberry Pi with an SDR (Software Defined Radio) and a custom-built antenna to receive data from weather satellites. Open source software raspberry-noaa-v2 decodes this data and constructs images of current weather conditions:

#foss #space #raspberrypi #sdr #satellites

¿Sabéis ese tipo de cosas que haces una vez a las mil y cada vez hay buscar cómo se hace de nuevo? Pues ésta es una de esas, así que he escrito una entrada en el blog para no perderlo.

#raspberrypi #linux

Maker @LMcUnderwood wanted to motivate her family to up that step count, so she created a #RaspberryPi Pico W-powered motivational tool to let them see their progress and drag them through those last tough thousand or so miles.

They’re aiming to run the distance to the ISS between them so she built a ladder with an ISS model up top which lights up to show them how far they’ve come.

Mi #RaspberryPi corriendo un PiHole con un uptime de 32 días


Captura de pantalla de mi Raspberry Pi conectado mediante ssh desde una terminal. Mostrando la salida del comando Neofetch: Sistema Raspbian. Uptime !32 días!

McNuggets are 40 years old and, to celebrate, @kevsmac hacked this limited edition Tetris-playing nugget toy so he could play Doom on it.


I've migrated my account to my own #Misskey instance hosted on a #RaspberryPi. 🎉
I still like Fosstodon, of course 😄️
photo of a raspberry pi in a box, ethernet, usbc and a external ssd are connected

This muse is in fact a Most Unusual Sentence Extractor.

It's just about the prettiest thing featured in the latest issue of @HackSpacemag and its creator, Brendan Charles tells us here why he built this Raspberry Pi-powered typewriter:


Retro #gaming is a massively popular Raspberry Pi application, and while loading your favourite old #videogames onto an SD card is pretty straightforward, building the physical shell of a gaming system can be daunting for those of us without 3D printers or design skills of any kind.

PiBoy Mini bridges that gap by providing partially-assembled devices to their customers. The rest is BYORP: bring your own #RaspberryPi.

Looks a lot like a game boy but it isn't one. Honest.

I miss my Mega Drive. I wish I could play my Mega Drive while holding it in my hands.

Waaaaaait a minute...

#RaspberryPi #MagPiMonday

#retrogaming #opensource #linux #raspberrypi #apple2 #videogame #emulation

Received my #clockworkpi #uConsole recently. Now I can play #ultima using a full keyboard on a handheld device.

Small handheld computer with a color display and keyboard running an old video game.

¡Hola a todos!

Sólo quería pedir si usted podría tomar unos segundos para difundir que con la transición UT de Xenial a Focal, el sistema ahora se ha convertido en utilizable en RPi4 y pedir a todos los propietarios de un RPi (3 o 4) para que nos ayuden en el test/bugreport/bugfix del sistema y las aplicaciones a fin de ayudar a mejorar la experiencia del usuario en esta...

Sigue en

#Raspberrypi #Focal #Ubuntu2004 #UBports #UbuntuTouch #Lomiri #SoftwareLibre #GNULinux

#raspberrypi #zero #gemini #agate

La Raspberry Zero que va alojar mi cápsula gemini. Sólo me falta encontrar la manera de hacerla funcionar con luz solar.

So that's Deneb & Vega clearly visible.

30 second exposure, #raspberryPi Camera 3 wide

Second image is from Stelarium showing the same view

Deneb at the center, Vega to the lower right
Same view as seen in Stellarium.

Deneb is the one circled

@seeedstudio's reTerminal is powered by #RaspberryPi Compute Module. They paired it with one of our cameras and trained it to detect when people fall over.

Super useful for people in scary, remote jobs, or for older people living alone.

#Firefox 116 Is Now Available for Download with Better #Wayland Support, HW Accelerated Video Playback on #RaspberryPi 4 Devices, Improved Picture-in-Picture Mode, and More

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Linux

Screenshot of the Firefox 116 web browser showing the website and the About Firefox dialog.

Giant Raspberry Pi.
Look at the giant #RaspberryPi.
Read about how the giant Pi was made:

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