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Really long day. Resorting to the miaoling Archives to find encouragement #Rainbow #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Sprocket #TriPawd
A black and white kitty wearing a rainbow bow tie. He is gazing upward a little contemplatively. The background is blurred gold, and he is on a rich purple cover. The bow tie is huge but he has a huge ruff so it is proportionate.

What lies at the end of a #rainbow?
Rainbow and a tree.

This image brings lots of memories! While taking images at Liberty State Park, I was caught in a quick moving summer storm. In my hurry to pack up, I didn't shut my camera bag well. Running for cover, my camera bag came open spilling my camera and lens on the pavement. Lens was messed up. Camera was ok. I was still upset but later caught this image! After the storm comes the rainbow!

#AYearForArt #NYC #rainbow
#SpringForArt #LibertyStatePark

Prints available
A rainbow seems to lead right into the heart of New York City.  This image was captured from Liberty State Park.  The Hudson River is in the foreground.  Ellis Island can also be seen.  Stormy clouds show in the sky show the storm that had just moved out of the area.

....aaaand i just realized i never posted about the finished rainbow socks, whooops!

Here they are!

#knitting #rainbow #socks
Mid-calf rainbow socks as worn by me!

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