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Angel, one of the puppers I found a home for. She passed away from cancer, but she smiled every minute with her new home.

Originally some piece of shit family had abandoned her in a home by herself.. She was crying and thirsty and hungry. I took her in and rescued her but couldn't keep an animal due to my travels. So I had her until I found a family who could take care of a terminal dog. Thankfully I found one and she was treated like a queen until the day she passed.. It was sad to loose her, and I visited her often to take her on walks and catch up, but it was the happiest ending she could have hoped for.

I miss this happy little angel.

#Dog #doggo #Pupper #puppy @dogs

Nuevo foro de puppy linux de habla hispana

Como todo es ya de conocimiento. El foro murga murio por que no se sabe el acceso al server.

J, Murga era el administrador pero fallecio hace poco. Si entras en el foro de la comunidad puppylinux se vera caido en mantenimiento.

Por eso crearon este foro.

#puppy #linux #new #foro

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