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"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

John Dewey died #OTD in 1952.

Dewey was one of the primary figures associated with the philosophy of pragmatism and is considered one of the fathers of functional psychology. He was also a major educational reformer for the 20th century, he founded the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.

Books by John Dewey at PG:

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John Dewey, bust portrait. via @wikipedia
The School and Society - Cover

The School and Society by John Dewey is available at PG:

Évariste Galois died #OTD in 1832.

While still in his teens, he was able to determine a necessary and sufficient condition for a polynomial to be solvable by radicals, thereby solving a problem that had been open for 350 years. His work laid the foundations for Galois theory and group theory, two major branches of abstract algebra. via @Wikipedia

Oeuvres mathématiques d'Évariste Galois at PG:

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Portrait of Évariste Galois, young man in front of bust coating a redingote. via @wikipedia
Front cover of "Oeuvres mathématiques" which is available at PG.

#PublicDomain / #PD picks of the day:

➡️ @gutenberg_org - Project distributing public domain ebooks

➡️ @publicdomainrev - Journal exploring interesting items of PD

➡️ @art - Bot posting historical art

➡️ @wikidata - Collaboratively-edited PD knowledge base

➡️ @CuisineLibre - French-language PD & CC recipes

➡️ @internetarchive - Archive of PD, CC & other licensed content

➡️ @rstv - Livestreaming PD films 24/7

➡️ @AmigaBoing - Amiga PD & shareware

➡️ @opensciencevids - PD & CC science videos

Project Gutenberg have joined the Fediverse via a Mastodon account here:


If you aren't familiar, they're the group that OCRs and verifies out-of-copyright print works, then makes them available in electronic form to everyone ^_^

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Third place in #Wikimedia #Commons Picture of the Year 😛oty: (you've probably seen this one before)

Young stars form in 'The Pillars of Creation' as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope’s near-infrared camera.

Attribution: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI; image processing by Joseph DePasquale (STScI), Anton M. Koekemoer (STScI), Alyssa Pagan (STScI) / public domain

Full results:😛icture_of_the_Year/2022/Results

#POTY #FreeCulture #CreativeCommons #PublicDomain

Young stars form in 'The Pillars of Creation' as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope’s near-infrared camera.

Need to entertain a child (or yourself)?

All 22 of Beatrix Potter's animal tales are public domain and available in beautifully formatted ebooks on Standard Ebooks:


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HOLY CRAP do you know what this means?? A ton of REALLY HIGH QUALITY pixel art character animations just got added to the public domain. Somebody is going to make a really cool roguelike out of this mark my words.
Source (article)
Source (code)


#gamedev #duelyst #publicdomain
clip from the article showing that the all assets are free to use for everyone

Everything made in 1927 is now #PublicDomain.

Using Moises and #Ardour to remaster old songs from 1927.

Here's a stereo mix of "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover" by "Ben Bernie and His Orchestra"

I think I did a decent job.


Welcome to the #PublicDomain:
🎞️ The Cat and the Canary, a silent comedy horror film directed by Paul Leni

@internetarchive you are great, please do post stuff here first (or at least at the same time 😅)

Today is the day that the movie "Metropolis", among other things, enters the public domain in the US. See what else has here:

#PublicDomainDay #PublicDomain #Copyright

Happy Public Domain Day 2023 🎉

“Public Domain Day (PDD) is an observance of when copyrights expire and works enter into the public domain. This legal transition of copyright works into the public domain usually happens every year on January 1 based on the individual copyright laws of each country.” 📚

There are tons of literary classics that you can finally read freely in your country 👇

#PublicDomain #NewYear #NewYear2023 #PDD #Copyright
An English logo of the 2022/23 Public Domain Day

I highly recommend supporting the Standard Ebooks project. 📚

«Standard Ebooks is a volunteer-driven project that produces new editions of public domain ebooks that are lovingly formatted, open source, free of copyright restrictions, and free of cost.»


#standardebook #ebook #publicdomain #book #reading

The VidCommons #PeerTube instance is in need of adoption by an organization capable of supporting it, both financially as well as people-wise.

VidCommons is an instance dedicated to #CreativeCommons and #PublicDomain content that I've been funding and maintaining for years. It's intended to provide new instances with something to watch from a singular source, with licenses that encourage resharing and remixing.

If you're interested in talking about it, please read this thread and reach out.

40 years ago, giant entertainment companies embarked on a slow-moving act of arson. The fuel for this arson was #copyright #TermExtension (making copyrights last longer), including *retrospective* copyright term extensions that took works out of the #PublicDomain and put them back into copyright for decades. Vast swathes of culture became off-limits, pseudo-property with absentee landlords, with much of it crumbling into dust.

A montage of works that enter the public domain on Jan 1, 2023.

Entering the US public domain in 2023: Fritz Lang's silent film science-fiction classic *Metropolis*.

More info behind window 6 of our advent-style countdown calendar for works entering the #publicdomain on Jan 1st: #PDin2023 #film #metropolis
Film poster for Metropolis, the name written in large letters at the top, below a cityscape and in the foreground a robot figure staring directly out. Colours: yellow and black.

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