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Cuban government imposes internet blackouts and jams communications. Also, the rise of socially conscious sports stars.

@jimgeraghty: "Black Lives Matter has finally found a group of cops they’re unwilling to criticize."

#BLM #Cuba #SOSCuba #Libertad #protests

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@thejcoop: "New York Times in 2020: There's no link between BLM and communists!

BLM in 2021: We love those communists! [screenshot]"

#BLM #Cuba #SOSCuba #Libertad #protests #FakeNews #EnemyOfThePeople

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@RudyGiuliani: "If you give the Cuban people one opening towards Liberty, that island will turn around in ten years and be another representation of the wonders that can be accomplished with FREEDOM, democracy, the rule of law, decency, and capitalism!"

#Cuba #SOSCuba #Libertad #protests

@ChristianCamara: "Note: internet is owned and "powered" by the Castro regime, but Cubans still have to pay for it, mainly by having their relatives overseas 'recharge' their phone and internet accounts.

#Cuba #internet #SOSCuba #Libertad #protests

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@Heshmat-Alavi: "‘People want freedom’ in #Cuba

As an Iranian who has suffered from oppression, I condemn the Cuban regime's brutality against the Cuban nation and stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in Cuba in their ongoing struggle for 'Libertad!' "

#SOSCuba #Libertad #protests

The government says they are spread by counter-revolutionaries, while critics say it is the authorities themselves.

In his first remarks on the protests, the king calls them 'satanic' and says they have taken the country backwards.

At least 100 people have been arrested and one person killed during rare demonstrations in the island nation.

@ChristianCamara: "🇹🇼 Taiwan has an embargo imposed by its closest neighbor China.
🇨🇺 Cuba has an embargo imposed by its closest neighbor USA.

🇹🇼 Taiwan has a free-market #capitalist economy.
🇨🇺 Cuba has a centralized #socialist economy.

🇹🇼 Taiwan's poverty rate: 1%
🇨🇺 Cuba's poverty rate: 90%. [images]"

#Cuba #SOSCuba #Libertad #protests #Taiwan

Tr. of:

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@aibarra: "🚨 #SOSCuba The dictatorship’s Vice Min of Interior [state security], Brig Gen Jesús Burón Tabit, has RESIGNED!

'There is trouble within army & military & differences between the old guard & young generals,' say #Cuba sources. [image]"

#Cuba #Libertad #protests

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@marcorubio: "There are real fractures within the regime in #Cuba between older hardliners & some younger officials

The deputy Minister of the Interior resigned after disagreeing with the violence against the Cuban people

And he is not the only one…

#SOSCuba "

#Cuba #Libertad #protests

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Looting and violence engulfing South Africa for days ebb ahead of an expected surge in soldiers on the streets.

@disclosetv: "JUST IN - Social media restricted in #Cuba amid widening protests against the communist regime. Twitter still accessible (so far). VPN services remain effective. [screenshot]"

#Cuba #SOSCuba #Libertad #protests #internet

@realDailyWire: "Twitter Banned Donald Trump For ‘Incitement Of Violence,’ But Cuba’s Dictator Still Has A Twitter Account Despite Reports Of Killed Protesters "

#Cuba #SOSCuba #Libertad #protests #DiazCanelSingao #TwitterIsAGodforsakenHellsite

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More than 70 people killed, 1,000 arrested over five days as authorities fail to stop spiralling violence and looting.

Rare demonstrations spurred by a deepening economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic have rocked Cuba in recent days.

Protesters across Cuba shouted 'freedom' and 'we are not afraid' at rare protests on Sunday. Here's why.

@KurtSchlichter: "The Democrats will betray Cuba, again, in 3—2—1..."

#Cuba #SOSCuba #protests

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@QriistReborn: "There's a major revolution happening in Cuba as we speak and Twitter's decided to worry about COVID instead of the safety of the citizens.

Thankfully, my friend @RebeccaRoseGold wrote an indepth article on the matter for
@townhallcom. Take a look!

Townhall: Twitter Wants You to Think the Major Protests in the Streets of Cuba Right Now Are Over 'Impact of COVID-19' "

#Cuba #protests

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@GovRonDeSantis: "Florida supports the people of Cuba as they take to the streets against the tyrannical regime in Havana. The Cuban dictatorship has repressed the people of Cuba for decades & is now trying to silence those who have the courage to speak out against its disastrous policies #SOSCuba [video]"

#Cuba #protests

Fears of violent protests across southern cities rise as cuts deprive Iraqis of power to run hospitals and homes.

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights urges Colombia to make structural changes to its militarised police force.

Hundreds of protesters demanded the government provide better security to citizens amid several high-profile killings.

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