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"Stories and songs enable us to locate ourselves in other people's experience and they increase our compassion. But these things in a vacuum are useless. A story doesn't cultivate empathy just by virtue of having been thought up; it must be engaged with to become powerful; the story must be read, the song must be listened to, in order to acquire its full power."
~ Kae Tempest
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From my recent #poetry #reading #books

Everything except language
knows the meaning of existence.
Trees, planets, rivers, time
know nothing else. They express it
moment by moment as the universe.

First verse of "The Meaning of Existence" by Les Murray, 2002.

I take the high road
cause I can't take the drama
playing out below..

Not only is the view of higher quality
so is the adult company

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The Gotcha crowd
rampaging loud
over various typos
and verbal fails...

Social media's version
of the thought Gestapo
cleansing all posting impurities
with ruthless ferocity..

Content control
will be the next logical progression
to satiate their oversight obsession

#poetry #poems #micropoetry #amwriting

Lo sé...

camino vacíos
con espinas debajo de mis pies.

Lo sé...

deambulan por mis venas
guerreros de cal, y fuego, y lodo.

Lo sé...

en mi frente
surcan todos los abismos
de ser gota de mil pieles
tras utopías carmesí y canela.

Lo sé...

soy boca que devora
ese silencio.

#Poetry #Poesía #literaverso



Crystal breaks
as the teardrops fall,
all-seeing eye
gets blinded by love.
In the hour,
when the demons crawl
innocence is taken
to the fields of lust.

. . .

~ Iva

#photography #monochrome #poetry

Jasmin blossom in black and white.

Content warning: Nazis, Book Burnings

My heartbeat
Creates waves outward in
Great circles.
Around and around,
Voluminous, growing,
Emanating from the space that is me.
The trees, the cars passing by,
All awash in my wake.
My heartbeat.
#poetryday #poem #poetry

I never use to care
about the production
of disjointed thought
that flowed so easily
from my previously
clogged brain pores

The unsuspecting page
was simply there
to be filled
at this author's discretion
with zero regard
for form or substance

Though secretly envious was I
of talented writers displayed
on social media walls
who crafted language
with such soaring grace

Eventually I clumsily
stumbled in and found my place
like a cave man amongst
cloud dwelling artists

Using blunt force technique
I found my voice
in a format formally
foreign to me

Picking it up as I went

Perhaps I learned too well

Cause today I suffer
from the dreaded
analysis paralysis

Parsing words
in a sticky web
of literary self critical

Unable to finish lines

Incomplete thoughts
litter my keyboard

The creative flow now dammed
by boulders of process
and these damn standards
I formerly never had.

#poetry #poems #micropoetry #amwriting


ciudad calles
y laberintos,
mis venas
e insomnios.

y todas
mis sombras
al filo del delirio.

tus nubes
en mi madrugada y
al despertar.


#Poetry #Poesía #literaverso

Ciudad en blanco y negro con horizonte de montañas y nubes, con edificios.

Dare I declare
that nobody cares
about your current hair
posted on various sites?

I know it's crucial to you
but trust me
the world does not revolve
around your new doo..

No follicle validation forthcoming

#poetry #poems #micropoetry #amwriting

Prejudice and Ignorance...

Keep these yapping mutts on a tight leash
lest they break loose from your grip
and bite you in your crass opinions..

No shame in being uninformed
since reality is such a downer
but there is no need to broadcast
the full extent of your mental darkness

#poetry #micropoetry #poem #amwriting

These chains of obligation
we carry like beasts..

Grinding away..

Day after day..

Dragging our dutiful asses
up mountain steep
to do what must be done
for glory never seen.

There will be no medals
awarded to we pack mules
on the hollow pedestal
of this uphill life

#poetry #micropoetry #poem #amwriting

. . .

Can love exist in death,
and is it wrong to say,
that beauty is meant to fade,
with the remembrance
of a glory, that it once held?

Echoes of the past,
heavy as lead,
pressing on a heart,
that once bled — 
for the love and beauty,
in thine eyes,
for the life that died.

~ Iva


An extract form the poem "Untitled #3" in the collection
"Life is a remembrance".

#poetry #collection #photography
A photo of a clematis seeds at dusk.

Spackle my holes..

Patch me up..

Take your putty knife to me..

This cracked wall you see
can be sanded smooth
to make a view
good as new..

Just realize my flaws
your work did hide
still reside
just beneath
my cosmetic surface..

This new
slapped on facade
can never change
who I truly am

#poetry #micropoetry #poem #amwriting

Any excuse to wear shades indoors 😎 Seems a long time since the sun was shining around here but now it’s streaming into our kitchen, so, shades on and selfie time 🤣 #saturday #blackstarbar #bar

If any of the hashtags appeal, maybe give us a follow? #bowie #punk #industrialmusic 
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Welcome to the Blackstar Bar. You don’t have to be an old school Bowie boy or punk but it helps, maybe, just a bit, not really 🤣 what’s your tipple?. Mines currently a budvar dark lager & Tennessee Fire. Cheers Prost❗️#saturday #beer #alcohol #starter #bar #blackstar

If any of the hashtags appeal, maybe give us a follow? #bowie #punk #industrialmusic 
#funkandsoul #poetry #musicbooks #ToriesOut #counterculture #fungi #brutalism #occulture #magick #art #attitude #collage

Sunday Morning (me and Jesus)

you were waiting
on the bus,
it was Sunday morning
and I was waiting
on Jesus come.

I was dreaming
of cornbread,
you were dreaming
of New York City.

Sunday morning
and you were waiting
on the bus

Boy selling newspapers
Jesus selling cornbread
On the street corner
at least so the headline said

It was Sunday morning,
you eating cornbread,
we’re on the bus,
me and Jesus

#Poemfortoday #poetry #Poem

A woodpecker quite persistent
drumming on a defenseless tree
outside my window at six o'clock
in the damn A.M.

I know it's seeking bug nourishment
using it's head that has evolved
so it does not get brain damage
as it wrecks serenity
outside my window
at six o'clock in the damn A.M.

I do so wish this wonder of natural creativity
had ordered breakfast take out
at six o'clock in the damn A.M.

#poetry #micropoetry #poem #amwriting

The magician keeps pushing his illusions..

Though few are fooled anymore..

Seems the crowd is wise to his act..

For they've seen these tricks before...

Sawing a girl in half just does not cut it
when compared to today’s. wondrous CGI special effects

Innocence and wonder so hard to find
when the world knows in advance what to expect

#poetry #micropoetry #poem #amwriting

When people ask me
to sum myself up
I take out my 80's calculator
(the one I paid a hundred bucks for)
for a quick low tech solution
only to discover
my batteries have gone dead..

And there you have
my current self assessment

#poetry #micropoetry #poem #amwriting

I made a conscious effort
to open my eyes
and feign interest
in yet another tedious conversation
with people trapped in a similar situation..

We prisoners of social obligation
chit chat as best we can
though we collectively
don't give a damn
about about the static we are hearing

#poetry #micropoetry #poem #amwriting

Stop searching incessantly
for the standard version
fairy tale edition of happy...

Call off the unicorn quest
destined for frustration..

Love internally
and with greater regularity

#poetry #micropoetry #poem #amwriting


In 7 days my first poetry book will be published as an ebook and a paperback.

It's a #collection of 81 poems with a leading thought/theme
- Life as a remembrance of Longing and Despair/ Hope and Faith/Love, Lose, and Pain/ in a place where Demons are putting Angels to rest.

As any art, these poems will resonate with a reader or they won't.
The lines here shared are what they are, and it's for the readers to see how they feel.

If you ever loved, lost, and gained love again, not only for another but for yourself, then my poetry is something you can relate to.

It's already out for pre-order on some online bookstore's - Apple, Kobo, Tolino, Vivlio, Smashwords, Borrowbox.

#book #poetry #publishing
A book cover of my book showing seeds of a wild carrot in black and white.


Here is a link to my virtual Art/Poetry exhibit.

The poems are from a book of #poetry by John Guzlowski and the #Drawings are by me

Small Talk is published by Snake Nation Press. Touch the woman and the baby to see the book.


What’s left behind
will always be
a part of who you were,
not who you are.

We define and redefine
who we are with every
thought, action, or word.

You are a masterpiece in making
so embrace the change,
and stop reminiscing
while regretting
for the things that were.

. . .

Many faces,
unexpected places,
on the crossroad of one’s life,
a shimmer of light in the dark —
faith, and all its friends.

~ Iva

#photography #poetry
Remains of the flowers at sunset in black and white.

¿Disfrutan el día de San Valentín?
¿Lo detestan?
Sea como sea, acompáñennos hoy a un programa de miel y bonitos colores. @raxxie y yo leeremos poemas de amor a las 9:30 pm, hora de la ciudad de México, acá:
#SanValentín2023 #DíaDelAmorYLaAmistad #poesía #libros #lectura #LecturasEnVivo #poetry #LovePoetry #PoesíaAmorosa #camp #cursi #14DeFebrero #valentines #valentinesday #February14th

It's time to celebrate crones. Life is awesome at 70. I don't know who this woman is, but she's beautiful.

Dark eyes enfolded
Deep wrinkles carved by time
Joy in every one


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