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!Friendica Support Is it a known issue that contacts coming from #pixelfed or #tumblr can't be added to groups? I am pretty sure it worked before at least for pixelfed which essentially also ist "just activitypub"?馃樁

If you have thoughts on the direction of the Discourse ActivityPub plugin, they are working on phase 2 of the specification now and are requesting feedback:

[metadata for community reach #Dicsourse #Fediverse #FediDev #MastoDev #Lemmy #Pixelfed #Peertube #Pleroma @fediverse@fediversereport]

馃捑 Export your Instagram

鉁 Import into Pixelfed

We're updating our Import feature to better support the latest IG export format, and will be rolling out later tonight!

Make sure you select the JSON information format. #pixelfed #instagramImport

Instagram, Get a Copy of your information
Instagram, download requested

There is the hashtag #100DaysToOffload which is used by people who try to write on their blog as much as possible. I think we need a similar initiative to encourage people to post something on the #fediverse #mastodon #pixelfed on a daily basis.

Muy chulo lo del #portfolio que ofrece ahora @pixelfed. Puedes seleccionar hasta 100 fotos de tu perfil de #pixelfed y que se muestren en un portfolio.

Por ejemplo, el de @casatiajulia con unas poquitas fotos queda as铆 (tengo que ir publicando m谩s cosas, para refinarlo)

We just successfully tested Post Edits between Pixelfed and Mastodon!! 馃帀 馃コ

Shipping very soon! #pixelfed

Pixelfed post on Mastodon
Pixelfed post (that was edited) on Mastodon

Pixelfed Live, a simple live streaming feature. Shipping soon! #pixelfed #liveStreaming
Screenshot of Pixelfed Live

鉁 Donate, Buy Prints and Shop buttons are coming soon!

We won't take any commissions, these buttons will open a browser with the donation or store url that you set.

Don't worry, we're not adding a Shopping tab or otherwise entering the e-commerce space, all transactions will happen in the browser.

We 鉂わ笍 our community, and hope this helps make your account and content more sustainable financially! #pixelfed #creatorButtons

Pixelfed app with Donate button Pixelfed app with Shop button
Pixelfed app with Buy Prints button

Preparing to ship the Autospam Advanced Detection feature in @pixelfed!

This will help instances better detect and mitigate spam, and in an easy way!

No docs or configuration required, you'll be able to enable and manage this from the admin dashboard.

Thanks again to @NGIZero for funding this additional anti-spam measure that doesn't depend on a 3rd party service 馃槑 #pixelfed #autospam #nlp

The @pixelfed Autospam detection is about to get a whole lot smarter 馃槈

Shipping Soon! #pixeldev #pixelfed #autospam #spam

Edit: This is being funded by @NGIZero, we are very appreciative of their support!

Pixelfed autospam training Pixelfed autospam testing
Pixelfed autospam training

Trying to make the Autospam system as easy as possible.

Not everyone understands how AI or Natural Language Processing works, so I'm doing my best to make this as simple as possible! #pixelfed #autospam

Pixelfed autospam dashboard #pixelfed
The old Pixelfed banner

The Pixelfed AutoSpam service will send a notification to the affected user after a positive detection.

This should make it clearer to the user when their public post(s) are made unlisted pending human review.

Shipping Soon!
#pixelfed #spam

Pixelfed notifications UI
Pixelfed autospam info

Pues de momento eso ha sido todo, amigos. Al menos en lo referente a #streaming en plataformas convencionales.
Seguimos hablando y apoyando a quienes nos siguen por #Discord, #Mastodon, #Pixelfed, #Reddit, #Matrix y m谩s sitios que se ven desde el enlace.馃挍

Anyone remember Vine?

Our next experiment is called Loops and we can't wait to release the beta.

#pixelfed #pixelfedLabs

Just shipped the /api/v2/instance api endpoint to @pixelfed

This should improve compatibility with Mastodon apps! #pixelfed

I wear a lot of hats, and have to balance:

- pixelfed support (matrix/discord)
- pixelfed backend/web dev
- pixelfed mobile app dev
- pixelfed.(art|social) admin
- pixelfed marketing
- dev
- dev

and several related projects, initiatives and outreach to other projects.

Don't get me wrong, I love this, but this is why it can seem like @pixelfed dev is slow.

I'm trying my hardest to prepare the apps for public release this month 馃 #pixelfed

<img class=" title=":pixelfeed:"/> Admins: Did you know you can import and export instance blocklists?

Admin Dashboard -> Instances

One more thing, when importing, you can curate which instances you want to block/unlist/apply cw or import them all!

We applaud @Mastodon for following our lead, safety isn't a feature, it's an expectation. #pixelfed #safety

Pixelfed instances dashboard Pixelfed instances dashboard
Pixelfed instances dashboard

Lo de #Meta bloqueando en #Instagram los hashtags #joinpixelfed y #joinpixelfedorg es de risa. Censur谩ndoselo a sus usuarios s贸lo les dar谩n m谩s motivos para registrarse y quedarse en #Pixelfed, que no atraer铆a a quienes buscan quedarse en lo popular y establecido de todos modos.

Admins: Do you run an instance with S3 enabled?

Remote media is no longer cached on S3 (when S3 is enabled). You can restore this by setting `MEDIA_REMOTE_STORE_CLOUD=true` in .env

We're also working on a few tools to better manage local and S3 media! #pixelfed #pixeldev

鉁 Improved Search + Stories

Cleaner search results with more details, and better postgres support

The Stories carousel will now show your own active story even if none of your followings have an active story

Now available!

Full-text search + mobile app stories shipping soon 馃槈 #pixelfed #stories

Pixelfed WebUI screenshot showing new search results and story carousel

Good morning, thank you, the photos are snitched at #Pixelfed 馃槉

Recuerda, puedes dejar Instagram y pasarte a @PixelFed 馃槉. Llevo activo en Pixelfed desde abril de 2022 y estoy encantado, adem谩s que puedo compartir las publicaciones aqu铆.

La web funciona muy bien y por ejemplo aplicaciones para Android como @PixelDroid ayudan a煤n m谩s en la experiencia.

Mi cuenta de Pixelfed es @Perugorria 馃檪

#Pixelfed #ActivityPub

P谩gina principal de Pixelfed.

Jetzt sind ja so unfassbar viele #neuhier ins #Fediverse gekommen, da lohnt es sich doch mal wieder eine kleine Grafik hervor zu kramen, mit der die Gr枚脽e und Vielfalt des Fediverse angedeutet werden kann. Das Netzwerk in dem Ihr Euch jetzt bewegt, besteht bei weitem nicht nur aus #Mastondon sondern aus ganz vielen verschieden Projekten, die meist 眉ber das #ActivityPub Protokoll mehr oder weniger gut miteinander kommunizieren. Alleine meine kleine #Friendica Instanz kennt schon 30 verschiedene Projekte und das ist noch lange nicht alles.

Eine 脺bersichtsgrafik des Fediverse

Und auf diesen Seiten findet Ihr noch mehr Infos und Links zu anderen Plattformen:

#Diaspora #Pleroma #Hubzilla #Pixelfed #Lemmy #Misskey #WriteFreely #Funkwhale

鉁 Redesigned Moderation

We redesigned the mod dashboard to make moderation better, faster and more efficient!

Now available! #pixelfed #moderation
Pixelfed admin dashboard mod report
Pixelfed admin dashboard autospam report

Everyone makes mistakes, and acknowledging them and fixing them is how you grow.

As embarrassing they can be sometimes, what matters is how you handle them.

Even though it took almost 3 hours to export a production copy of and import it locally to test the fix, I'm glad I was able to ship the fix despite my other plans.


#pixeldev #pixelfed

@dansup On Pixelfed, blocking Mastodon accounts doesn't make them unfollow yours, L S timeline, receiving your new posts, boosting them and liking them. It just prevents your account and notifications from counting and displaying boosts, likes and comments they make to your posts.

#TheVerge is on a roll, social media platform wise. They published an interesting article on #ActivityPub, the underlying protocol of #Mastodon, #Pixelfed and many other #Fediverse thingies.

It goes into detail on the companies that recently joined the club in supporting it, the previous struggles on getting social media more open, and the current trends.

Still missing is the official presence of The Verge here on Mastodon though 馃槈

#锔忊儯 #Twitter #TwitterMigration

鉁 Unlike Reddit, we're committed to open APIs and 3rd party clients!

You can find a curated list of supported 3rd party clients on the link below.

We're also committed to supporting the Mastodon apis that enable support for many well known Mastodon apps. #pixelfed #pixelfedApps #openAPIs #fediverse

M'encanta la #app #Vernissage per a #iOS, app client de #Pixelfed.
Nom茅s veus les fotografies 馃榾
aspecte de la app Vernissage per a iOS.

Guten Morgen Fediverse 馃殌

Dieses tolle Fundst眉ck von #Pixelfed m枚chte ich euch nicht vorenthalten.

Habt einen sch枚nen Tag!


*Source Photo:*



La red social descentralizada para compartir im谩genes y videos.

Podr谩s compartir fotos, publicar historias y aplicar filtros.

Pixelfed respeta la privacidad y permite la interacci贸n con otras redes del #fediverso como #mastodon #peertube


Improved Instance Management + Mass Moderation Support

鉁 Autocomplete search
鉁 Browse instances faster
鉁 Download mod backups
鉁 Filters & Sorting
鉁 Instance notes
鉁 Import mod backups

Easily share and import community blocklists from the admin dashboard.

Now available 馃帀 #pixelfed #moderation

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