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Happy 75th birthday to Steven Victor Tallarico, aka Steven Tyler, Born today 26th March 1948 .

“Some days you’re the bug, some days you’re the windshield.”

#photooftheday #photography #aerosmith #steventy #rocknroll #rock

📸 Danny Clinch

Kingfisher and Great Egret

📷 @Elizabeth_Ruler Green Planet
In sharp focus: a blue kingfisher on bare branches. In fuzzy background perfectly centered: a white egret. Both are looking off to the right. Pretty blue-grey and green background

Wer auf eine kleine Reise nach #München mitkommen möchte ⬇️

#Fotografie #Photography

Paradoxically, in a dying world, we are caught in a balancing act between reality and escapism. Like an after-image -- a fast fading visual impression -- we’ve lost touch with our own ability to make sense of our survival. Our forward looking optimism dissolved at the end of the twentieth century, leaving us bewitched by a sense of the limited time we have left to exist on Earth.

#largeformatphotography #photography #filmphotography #art #filmnoir #8x10
A duotone (blue and amber) photograph of a woman and her reflection in a mirror in the style of early mid 20th century middle class socio-economic culture. The narrative however is of the subject caught in her own reflection, so then we can see two images of her, a duality but from different angles. She does not engage with herself or the viewer and is instead looking away in a moment of solemnity. We see her in what appears to be an ‘in between’ moment as she moves from one state to another. 

⚪ Ein dunkel buntes ...
🟤 A dark colorful ...
Favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: #KenKelleher
in Loc.: USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "Knit Vader" - #Streetart #Urbanart #Art #Mastoart #StarWars #DarthVader #MyDaddy #Photography #Fotografie #DigitalArt #Knitting
➡️ #APhotoLove
Urbanart. In a white museum room stands a sculpture of Darth Vader. It is completely knitted from many colors. On the wall hangs a painting of Darth Vader at sunset.
Ken Kelleher, is a sculptor who creates sculptures on large and small scales. He works with architects, planners, galleries, museums, designers and developers to create unique sculptural forms and experiences in public, private and corporate spaces. His ability to create digital works, both the places and the works within, becomes disorientingly real art. As here, the artworks are also made on demand and in small quantities and are available for purchase or in some cases serve as templates for projects.
Edition of 15 pieces in 180cm and 120cm. Available to order by the Artist.

#QueridoDiario aprovechando que hoy habría la mitad de automovilistas decidí que era un buen día para bajar al Valle.

Pero terminé subiendo al bosque. Casi el mismo tiempo que llegar al Valle, doble kilometraje pero mejor vista.

Acá les dejo una postal

Fotografía que muestra una presa rodeada de tres montañas con pinos.

Who needs a light meter or a histogram? Behold the Posographe, an insanely beautiful 1922 mechanical computer for calculating exposure time based on aperture, time of day, sky conditions, and other variables.


I drove all day from Death Valley to Monument Valley chasing storms in fall of 2021. Got completely skunked, lightning-wise, but at the very last minute the sun broke through the clouds for about 5 minutes before setting and threw the towers into this stunning alpenglow, with a little rainbow on the far left.

#StormChasing #MonumentValley #LandscapePhotography #Photography
A dramatic scene looking out over a broad desert plain with three massive, bright orange stone towers. The sky is dark and stormy and the foreground is in shadow. There is a small glimpse of rainbow to the left of one of the towers. The towers themselves are bathed in deep red-orange sunset glow.

Parafraseando a un tootero «esta es la única jacaranda que veo desde la ventana» :ablobcatcoffee:

Ramas de jacaranda en flor

Remembering Aretha Louise Franklin, who was born today 25th March 1942, Today would have been her 81st birthday

"We all require and want respect, man or woman, black or white. It's our basic human right"

#ArethaFranklin #photooftheday #music #photography #blackandwhitephotography

📸 Stephanie Pfriender Stylander

⚪ Ein abgetauchtes ...
🟤 A submerged ... Favorite
📷 and Sculpture by Artist: #JasonDeCairesTaylor
in Loc.: #Lanzarote Museo Atantico, Spain 🇪🇸 2017 - Title: "Crossing the Rubicon" 🤿 - #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #Sealife #Sculpture #Underwater #UnderwaterArt #Photography #Fotografie ➡️ #APhotoLove
Photography. Underwater shot of a group of sculptures underwater in the sea off Lanzerote. The gray figures made by the photographer and artist stand in the blue-green water on the seabed. In front is a young woman in a dress looking at a smartphone. Behind her is a row of walking men and women. About 12 everyday figures can be seen, looking a bit like a modern version of a terracotta army underwater. There is a bit of an eerie feel to these life-size people at the bottom of the sea.
The sculptures are part of an underwater museum created for divers, which develops its special charm through the constant changes of the figures. The cement sculptures are now overgrown and become new structures. The artist also takes other figures back to land to exhibit or work on them.

Drizzle enveloping the neon city. location Osaka Japan. #streetphotography #写真 #photography
Drizzle enveloping the neon city. location Osaka Japan.

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