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This is my sweetie, Amy. As someone once said “she looks like she belongs on a bag of cat food!". She is a gorgeous kitty. She's even lovelier in person. Very friendly, affectionate, and surprisingly thoughtful.

#photograhy #cats

A close up portrait of a pretty ticked tabby cat.

I've been tentatively tooting for a few days now, so I guess it's about time I did my #introduction !

Hi everyone. I'm a #library #SysAdmin for a UK university by day.

Outside of work I spend far too much time tinkering with #Linux and a collection of #SBCs (mainly #RaspberryPi ), but like to get out to do some #photograhy (mainly landscape & nature).

What seems like a lifetime ago I studied #physics at uni (I have since forgotten most of it!) with a real interest in #cosmology. I do get outside some nights for #astronomy 🔭 but I'm mainly a fair weather astronomer these days.

Also into #SciFi :blobcatspace:​ , #classicalmusic :blobcatmusic:​ and #tea :blobcattea:

Oh, and I'm not actually a sentient teapot!

Look forward to tooting with you! :blobcathug:

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