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Image of a chromebook running the latest version of ubuntu

i have updated my #gemini resource on #degrowth, #communities & scale, forgiveness & growth, and imagining a kinder future on and offline!

accessible here: gemini://
or here:

as always, if you have any links burning a hole in your pocket that could do with being added, please send them over! i think it might be time to start more thoroughly organising it, soon.

#permacomputing #smallweb #indieweb #smolweb #sustainability #communication #networking

Our monthly #permacomputing meetup starts at 1 p.m. EST! Here's the link to participate remotely:
A flyer with a black & white drawing of a flower at the center, with a microchip instead of a flower head. The text reads "Iffy Books Permacomputing Meetup"

Well the #zinecamp2022 presentation turned out great. We ended up making a selection of the prompts, and used that to play bingo with the audience for the second half of the #permacomputing presentation. As we were going through the game, people from the audience could share how such or such prompt was relatable or an ongoing source of suffering. The winner got freshly baked cookies as reward. We will do that again for sure.

As for the rest of the prompts, there are so many and they are all so good, so I will just make a quick command line bingo board generator and put some of its output on the wiki 😀
(with everyone properly credited ofc)

So if you have more ideas, check the top post of this thread for existing entries and feel free to add missing ones!

Photo credit: @automatist !
me mumbling something about the permacomputing wiki, in front of a projection of the permacomputing wiki Ola Bonati who co-presented with me in the first half an now picking/reading random prompt while listening to the audience reactions. You can spot on the table the cookies that she baked and eventually went to the winner.
Closeup of anonymised audience (using state of the art AI LURK tech). This particular bunch reacted a bit too enthusiastically when the "What's the pad URL" prompt came up. Just saying... closeup of the every day crappy tech bingo board, kindly printed by the zinecamp team.

So there's enough stuff for 5 thematically sorted bingo boards! 😀
Will first work on one related to the topic of productivity, for the #permacomputing Sunday pres at zinecamp, and will go through the others slowly but surely afterwards. Will also update if anyone adds to the thread!
Zoomed out overview of an early sorting/copyediting of all the entries received for the Everyday Crappy Computer Tech Bingo.

This has turned into an epic thread!

had to 🥲 quite a few times

Thanks so much everyone! Also got a few extras via other channels.

Basically there is now enough for two bingo cards: one for people having to rely on crappy everyday computer tech but not necessarily aware of specific software/hardware jargon and practices, and one for those who are more familiar with their inner workings.

We can use the first bingo, as planned, as a device to start discussions around non obvious concepts/patterns, and we can use the second one for group therapies :thinknyan:

We will put the two on the #permacomputing wiki and in this thread.

If you have more, do not hesitate to keep adding, we will make more grids or make room for more entries if needed!

Help us and contribute to a CRAPPY EVERYDAY COMPUTER TECH BINGO!

For a short #permacomputing talk at zinecamp this sunday in Rotterdam/NL, we will be doing a small bingo about all the everyday situations created by inaccessible, incompatible, inefficient, rigid, failing, extractivist, environmentally disastrous crappy computer tech.

We do that to address several topics to a broader audience who may not be familiar with notions of vendor lock-in, proprietary standards, software bloat, cornucopianism, siliconization, planned obsolescence, software rot, maximalism, etc, and *yet* are suffering, like everyone else, from all this stuff on a daily basis.

Do you have ideas for silly situations and painful feels? We will make a final version this coming Saturday as well as credit contributors, and point to the post's URL. Of course we will also post the final bingo board here as well 😀

(and on the permacomputing wiki of course


:boost_requested: boosts are very very very much appreciated!

#ecology #repair #tech #sendhelp
Bingo template, partly filled with some silly examples to give an idea: "6 instant message app installed", "website triggers laptop fan 200%", "e-documents", "take photos, never watch them", "headphone jack gone", "computer is slow", "cheaper to buy than repair", "works on my machine", "where are my files", "<strike>graphic</strike>prompt designer", "email password request".

Here is an update on my microwebserver project: I made a prototype of the casing. It's 3D printed for now, but I'm thinking to go for a milled wood casing in the future. I've also managed to simplify the power system. Every mAh is desperately needed. I'm also thinking that it might develop into a good example for #permacomputing as it will tick some boxes about longevity and minimalism. I'm asking myself: What does it need to work and be useful for the next 50 to 100 years?

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