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One of the nice things about hunting for cat photos is that there's seemingly no end to them. I just found this stunning shot last night - first time I've ever seen it! 1948. #CatsOfYore #Cat #Cats #History #catsodon #catsofmastodon #catcontent #ilovecats #vintage #Pariséunion-de-chats-X5ScexC9_9ro0X-pcv1xiA2
Black and white photo of a shorthaired tabby cat with its forepaws draped over the edge on a rough iron window balcony fence. In the near distance two shorthaired cats are sitting on a roof, facing the window cat. They bring to mind the familiar sight of people chatting through windows in the street, but it's a group of rooftop cats instead. More rooftops stretch into the hazy distance.

On fait une soirée porte ouvertes ce mercredi 20 septembre, de 18h à 21h à la Maison du Zéro déchet.

On y présentera le lieu et les assos qui y travaillent (Zero Waste France, SurfRider Foundation...), ce que font leurs bénévoles (et comment les rejoindre).

Si ça vous dit, il y aura des animations, du manger, et une Fresque des low tech. #paris #paris12 #zeroDéchet #zeroWaste #lowtech



Just saw a bunch of skaters rolling along #Seine river.

Jittering is due to me sitting on windowsill, not 'cause of alcohol.

#skate #skating #Paris

Abnormal Communication: Episode 5
#Paris #ToujoursParis

Avec la petite Rockette, la régie de quartier du 12e et la Maison du Zéro Déchet, on propose un projet au budget participatif pour le 12e.

Y'a un peu de tout dedans : végétaliser des toits d'écoles, créer des parcours autour urbains du zéro déchet, lancer une ressourcerie numérique et même un escape game autour du développement durable.

Si ça vous parle, que vous trouvez ça cool, hésitez pas à voter 😀

#paris12 #paris #budgetParticipatif #zeroDechet


Captured this photo in Paris this week. Just realized how it echoes Van Gogh's famous Café Terrace at Night.

#Paris #VanGogh #photography

🎭 Artist: #JR in City: #Paris Palais Garnier, Pl. de l'Opéra, France 🇨🇵 2023 - Title: Project "RETURN TO THE CAVERN - Act I" (The entrance to the cavern /"Der Eingang zur Höhle") - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Opera #APhotoLove #UrbanArt #OperaDeParis #Installation
➡️ until 25 Sept. 2023
Streetartwall. As part of the restoration work on the Palais Garnier, the huge scaffolding in front of the monument was covered with art by photographer and street artist "JR". It shows the old ornate walls of the Palais in black and white. These walls are interrupted in the middle by the view into a light-flooded craggy cave. End of Description.
Info: Artist JR about his Installation: 
While alienating the motif of scaffolding, the installation introduces a romantically inspired return to nature, referencing Plato's philosophical allegory of the cave, a place whose exit provides access to knowledge and understanding of the world.
Act II - In the Cave will follow in November, transforming the facade into an embroidered stage curtain. For this second installation, the gallery of the 19M invites the public to be introduced to embroidery and contribute to this collective creation from mid-September to the end of October.

Nueve años después, el tren nocturno entre #Berlín y #París vuelve a circular.

Y aquí, #Renfe tiene el material, pero ni lo usa ni quiere, se ve, ponerlo en alquiler para que otros lo usen. Y, sin eso, quien quiera entrar tiene que poner el material (que en España implica prácticamente encargarlo de cero)

#trenes #España #noticias

"A man in Paris carries his cat to a local park, where he'll play cards with friends." 1968. #CatsOfYore #Cat #Cats #History #catsodon #catsofmastodon #catcontent #ilovecats #vintage #Paris
Color photo of an elderly white man wearing a dark flat cap. He has a wiry mustache that descends into sort of wings like the lower half of sideburns. His face it lit up with a genuine smile as he holds a shorthaired grey cat up to his chest and rubs his face on the back of its head. The cat looks like it is focused on something in the distance like it spotted a bird or some such.

🐯 Artist: #LOUYZ in City: #Paris 20e, Le Barbouquin,.1 rue Denoyez, France 🇫🇷 - Title: "You're living in a parallel world." ("Du lebst in einer Parallelwelt.") - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #ParallelWorld #Tiger #GoodMorning! ☕🥐🥐
Streetartwall. On a concrete pillar in front of a cafe is painted a colorful tiger with a message sprayed. The background is dark blue jagged frame with light blue butterflies on the right side. In the center sits a tiger with a purple snake snaking up it. The tiger holds a shield between his paws with the Text: "You're living in a parallel world."

Au 62 rue du Chemin vert y'a un magasin de cinnamon rolls, et en face un autre de pâtisseries mexicaines. Cette ville est vraiment bien faite. #paris #Paris11e

🕶️ Artist: #DFace in City:
#Paris 13e. 24b Bd du Général d'Armée Jean Simon, France 🇨🇵 - Title: "Target Fixation" ( Ziel-Fixierung) - (📷 by 33Philip) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Exhibition #GalerieItinerrance 👋
Streetartwall. A mural in pop art style is sprayed/painted on a gray house wall. A blonde young woman with light blue skin wears a green helmet with white wings, pink scarf and yellow sunglasses, which she holds with both hands and looks into the distance. Title: "Target Fixation
Info: The mueal was sprayed on the wall of the gallery for the solo exhibition of the same name by the artist D-Face.

23 de Agosto de 1572 ante el temor de un levantamiento de los protestantes tras el atentado perpetrado contra su líder Gaspar de Coligny, Carlos IX de Francia por consejo de su madre Catalina de Medici, ordena eliminar a los protestantes, dando paso a la Matanza de San Bartolomé en París donde sucumbieron 3000 personas ascenciendo a cerca de 20000 en el resto del reino. #efemérides #france #paris #sanbartolome #history #historia #war #religion

Pony Rides to be Banned in Paris Following Animal Rights Campaign #AnimalRights #horses #pony #Paris #France

🧶Artist: #ENDER / #EnderArtist in City: #Paris 11, Impasse Delaunay, France 🇨🇵 2022 - Title: "A boire !" (Les p'tits Zoms) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #StencilArt #Cheers #Prost #GoodMorning ! 🥐
Streetartwall. On a narrow piece of beige, old house wall is a small black and white stencil pasted, which shows a young man hanging upside down on a rope. He is wearing black clothes and the rope is hanging from one leg. Below him is a real dented can of beer (Carlsberg) with a straw stuck in it. The little acrobatic man drinks from the straw. Next to the pasteup, passersby are walking across a crosswalk.
Enders "Les p'tits Zoms" are the heirs of the Lilliputians and Minipouss. They live among us, but few of us can see them.

Last one!

I guess 35€ next to Barcelona-Sants only buys you the shittiest hostel... you don't even need pictures: bunk beds, shared showers, men doing men snot noises. I even had to make my own bed 🥱

It's not that bad but I will never stay just for one night in a hostel alone with this amount of luggage again!

But I took a shower, brushed my teeth 🪥 and I'm ready to go to sleep to wake up early and get on my #Barcelona-#Paris #TGV!


🎨 Exposition « Ron Mueck » à la Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, à Paris.
Jusqu’au 05 novembre 2023.

Une expérience toujours aussi intense et troublante… 🧵 ⤵️

#RonMueck #sculpture #art #expo #exposition #FondationCartier #ArtContemporain #réalisme #hyperréalisme #figuration #naissance #existence #mort #crâne #animal #chien #dog #Paris

À droite : atelier de Ron Mueck, Ventnor, Île de Wight, Royaume-Uni, 2023. Photo © Gautier Deblonde.

Couverture de la présentation papier de l'exposition Ron Mueck à la Findation Cartier pour l'art contemporain. 
Dans la pénombre, deux crânes, l'un couché au premier plan, l'autre debout à l'arrière-plan.
Photographie de Ron Mueck dans son atelier. 
A genou, portant un masque de protection, l'artiste travaille sur une immense sculpture de chien.

🐭Artist: #OttoSchade 💕 / #OSCH in City: #Paris 13th, Rue Croulebarbe France 🇨🇵 - Title: "Youhou!" (Mickey Mouse) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐🥐
Streetartwall. On a beige street wall is sprayed a freehand mural (Size: 3.00 x 2.00 m.) with Mickey Mouse. The colors are of course black, red, yellow and white. The Mickey Mouse seems to be wrapped in layers like a mummy. This is the trademark of the Chilean artist Otto Schade (aka Alexis López), who combines his incomparable surreal style with pop art elements.

L'exposition « Martin Parr » (Quai de la photo) ouvrira demain ! #exposition #musée #paris #photo #gratuit

🕯️Artist: #JoDiBona in City: #Paris France 🇨🇵 2018 - Title: untitled - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #JaneBirkin #RIP #SergeGainsbourg
In memory of Jane Birkin. RIP. 🤍
Streetartwall. On a street wall is sprayed/painted a colorful mural of the faces of French stars Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. The two are designed in a wild pop art style, a mixture of collage and graffiti elements mainly in the colors purple, pink orange, white.
In memory of Jane Birkin. RIP.

La meva #CançóDelDia per al dimarts 18 de juliol és aquesta de la #NoëmiWaysfeld #Paris #Cello #Veu #Actriu #Chanson #Fado #Flamenc #Klezmer 🐍 !

#Spécisme Les 13 000 #poissons de l'Aquarium de #Paris privés de nourriture près de deux jours à cause de l'installation des feux d'artifice du #14Juillet. La #justice a ordonné que des humains puissent aller les nourrir.


🟢 Artist: #EmyartsEmyarts - in City: #Paris Le Bimbo, 8, rue des Frères, France 🇫🇷 - Title: Queen Bimbo" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐🥐
Streetartwall. On an exterior wall of a restaurant in Paris is sprayed / painted an expressive portrait of a woman. The background is designed in emerald green with shades. On it, the outline of a female face is designed with black lines, yellow, white and green highlights and some yellow and orange spray mists. She has one green and one yellow eye, thick eyebrows, a symmetrical nose and full reddish lips. Ivy vines hang down from the top of the painting. The mural was designed as an advertisement for a restaurant.

❤️ Artist: #RNST / #RNSTart - in City: #Paris France 🇫🇷 2023 - Title: "Warming" ("Erwärmung") - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Warming
Streetartwall. On the corner of a street wall, is sprayed/painted a mural of a hooded girl. In shades of gray, red and black, it was done in a comic book style. She has dark, flowing, long hair and a red, transparent scarf over her face and neck. She wears a gray and black jacket dotted in pop art style. Her face is finely drawn and her hair hugs it. She looks thoughtfully to the left.

‼️Encore un #pigeon pris au piège des filets de la #ratp. #paris

🔴⁦@ClientsRATP⁩ ⁦@Ligne6_RATP⁩ intervenez pour libérer ce pigeon qui est à la station Bir-Hakeim, sinon il mourra d’épuisement comme tant d’autres ! 😨

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Surprise gig in Paris on 23 July! We're playing l'International. See you there 🦇

#deathrock #paris #concert #gig #goth #dark #postpunk

Simple flyer with the date, band photo and venue: Paris, 23.07.2023, L'International
Another flyer with more info: playing with N.A.N at Goth Party, starting at 16:00 until 2:00.

🧶Artist: #ENDER / #EnderArtist in City: #Paris 20 Rue Villiers de l'Isle Adam France 🇨🇵 2023 - Title: "Le Fil rouge" (Les p'tits Zoms) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #StencilArt #Riss #Crack #Stitching #GoodMorning ! 🥐☕
Streetart. On a beige, old house wall is a small stencil sprayed on, which shows a woman sewing with needle and thread a crack in the concrete. In the wall is actually a long thin crack, which is "repaired" by the woman in the black, long dress militant with coarse, red sewing stitches and huge needle.
Ender: "Some wounds are hard to stitch... But in time, they can make pretty scars."
Enders "Les p'tits Zoms" are the heirs of the Lilliputians and Minipouss. They live among us, but few of us can see them.

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