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If you’re an artist in Brooklyn, and you need some cadmium red paint, let me know. #art #painting #brooklyn

Piet Mondrian (1872 - 1944 NL)
Houses on the Gein, 1900 [+]

#PietMondrian #painting #art

"Pine Island" This morning's #painting is another Connemara one. I find the iconic scene of Lough Derryclare irresistible so have painted it a few times and suspect I'll paint it again. #Art
#MastoDaoine #MastoArt #Ireland
Landscape format. Lake with islet of orange and grey and olive ground, from which grow a couple of dozen Scots Pines with tall trunks and no branches or foliage until high up where there are lateral dark green blotches. Behind is a strip of land, of orange and pink bog with grey rocks, that slopes down to the lake and behind that are several rocky jagged blue mountains - the the reflections of which, along with the trees, can be seen in the rippling water of blues and blacks. The sky is pale blue with a feint white cloud, also reflected in the water. Signed bottom right: Liam Daly

#watercolor #painting #art [+]

🔵Einfach mal so...
🔴Just like that...
Artist: #GiselleDekel Israel 🇮🇱
Title: "I'll do it tomorrow" (Ich mach das morgen) 👍
#Streetart #Mastoart #Art #Postponing #Drawing #Painting #FunArt
Drawing in comic style. A woman in a blue t-shirt, brown hair and glasses stands there 8 times with the same speech bubble "I'll do it tomorrow" until she looks old and gray in the ninth photo. The last speech bubble is "Shit".

🌈 Artist: #TheRealMelpoz / #MelaniePosner in City: #StPetersburg 24th Street x Central Ave, FL USA 🇺🇸
- Title: - untitled - (📷 by Roby Stowe) - #Streetart #Art #Colors #Mastoart #Mural #Painting
Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a construction site is sprayed / painted a colorful portrait of a young woman. She has put her colorful hands to her head. The face little fingers are across the cheeks along the nose and meet above. So her dark eyes and full lips are framed by colorful painted hands. She looks at us.

Aquarelle de la Ville de Lyon, Quais de Saone
By Vanessa Renoux

#Lyon #painting #mastoart

The Rain in the City
By Serghei Ghetiu

#painting #mastoart

❤️ Noch etwas Erotik für die
🔥Some more erotic for the
Artist: #JavierJaen in City: #Barcelona Spain 🇪🇸 - Title "Goya" #Streetart #Art #FunArt #Mastoart #Painting 🍌

The first dozen tiny paintings from my Snapshots Series is available now in my Etsy shop!

I started this series as a way to break a creative block, and to experiment with different color and texture combinations. Formatted to resemble old-school instant photos, these tiny paintings aren’t meant to be perfect compositions, but represent “in-the-moment” ideas that are formed as I work: Snapshots!

#MastoArt #Art #Painting
Photo of a group of four original landscape oil paintings by Tisha Mark hanging with mini clothespins from a piece of twine against a light gray wall. The paintings are formatted to resemble old-school instant photos, and feature orange sky sunrises or sunsets over a marshy landscape. Photo of an original seascape painting by Tisha Mark. The painting is formatted to resemble an old-school instant photo, and is framed in a simple acrylic frame. The painting sits on a narrow gray shelf. A group of seashells sits on the shelf to the left of the painting.
Photo of a hand holding a tiny original landscape oil painting by Tisha Mark. The painting is formatted to resemble an old-school instant photo, and features an orange and grayish-blue sky sunset or sunrise over a marshy landscape. The painting is being held over a painting palette with paints that were used to create the painting. On the windowsill at the top of the photo is a jar of linseed oil. At the upper right corner of the photo, 2 paint brushes are partially in view. Photo of an original landscape painting by Tisha Mark. The painting is formatted to resemble an old-school instant photo, and features an orange and bluish-gray sky sunrise or sunset over a marshy landscape. It is framed in an antique-style bronze toned frame. The painting sits on a narrow gray shelf.

#art to start 🎨
...what's this tail doing here?

'Black Cat' by Mariusz Szmerdt
#painting #watercolor #BlackCat #Caturday
With a few strokes of a brush this is an elegant and amusing picture of a black cat with it's back to us, head turned to the side looking at its tail as if not quite sure what it is.


also i made a speedpaint of this if you wanna see the process

#MastoArt #art #painting #DigitalArt
side view of a hunched forward woman with a pure red background. she has pale skin and long dark hair that is swishing around. she has big red ram horns on her head and there are three metal rings on the horn. her face is squished into an angry snarl and her eye is glowing red. tension is visible in her strained neck and jaw. her mouth is wide open and her sharp canines are visible. her mouth is drenched in.... red liquid and it drips down from her chin, catching the light. she is wearing a dark grey shirt with a red collar and torn off sleeves and there is a metal bangle around her bicep.

Painted on a thin plate of ivory just 2.6 x 3.1 inches, this "self-portrait" of the painter Sarah Goodridge's breasts was given (as a kind of "proto-sext"?) to the recently widowed US senator Daniel Webster in 1828. More on the story here: #painting #art #valentinesday #sext #history #histodon
Painting of a woman's exposed breasts, surrounded by a swathe of fabric. All set with in a red frame.

A Hat Full of Sky 🌔

Best viewed in realtime 3D:

#3dart #3D #illustration #design #zbrush #sculpture #MastoArt #DigitalArt #painting #TerryPrachet #TiffanyAching

Sunny Day, Street in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
By Suren Nersisyan

#art #painting #mexico #mastoart

Paris in Love
By Aliaksandra Tsesarskaya

#art #painting #mastoart #love #paris

⭐️New Listing⭐️
I think I have spring on my mind this week, looking forward to seeing the bluebells in the woodlands of Scotland.
This original artwork is available in my Etsy shop now.
Original oil pastel painting - Bluebell Season via @Etsy
#FediGiftShop #Scotland #CreativeToots #MastoArt #woodland #landscape #painting #bluebells
Original oil pastel painting - Bluebell Season
A painting of a woodland area filled with blue flowers, light is streaming between the tree trunks. 
Materials: oil pastel, Canson black pastel paper
Width: 21 centimetres
Height: 29.5 centimetres

Florence at Night
By John Clark

#art #painting #mastoart

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