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NEW: Food prices in Europe have been soaring. Earlier this year, the Austrian government said it would build a price database to let people compare costs at different supermarkets. It said this would take months to make and only include a small number of product categories.

Within 2 hours, @badlogic had built a first prototype, pulling the data from supermarket's websites, and open sourced the project. Now Heisse Preise lists 177,000 products from 10 chains.

The transparency has allowed prices to be compared: and the results appear to show supermarkets are watching each other and adjusting their prices based on others. The competition authority is investigating and already said new laws should make supermarkets publish proper APIs with full item data

#opensource #data #tech #news

@fanta Estaba buscando una lista de software #localfirst y #opensource, y a lo mejor tienes alguna. ¿Puede ser?

I want to ask something to #Flathub, @FlatpakApps and the entire #Linux and #FLOSS ecosystem.

Please, stop to translate "proprietary" as "propietario" in Spanish. This was something used by #Microsoft to attack #FreeSoftware in the past.

If you translate "proprietary" as "propietario", you are implying that libre and #OpenSource software doesn't have any owner, and that isn't correct.

The correct translation of "proprietary" is "privativo."

#Linux #Flatpak #FOSS #SoftwareLibre #LibreSoftware

#LinuxMint 21.2 “EDGE” ISO Released with #Linux Kernel 6.2 and Secure Boot Support, Based on #Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS


Screenshot of Linux Mint 21.2 “EDGE” release showing the system information dialog in System Settings.

👋 My Random Walk map generator plugin is live on Github.

#godot #godotengine #godotplugin #opensource

Here is this week’s #Linux and #OpenSource news video!

In this one, we have a web version of Photoshop available to everyone (well, everyone who pays for it), we have Linux #Mint Debian Edition 6, plus more details about the Cosmic desktop, more work on the open source NVK driver for Nvidia, and more!

Peppermint Mini: The Newest Member of the Peppermint OS Family

Still in beta, Peppermint Mini promises enhanced flexibility and options. Get a sneak peek at what it has to offer here.

#linux #opensource

Understanding GNU: The Backbone of Free Software Philosophy

What is GNU? Get a comprehensive overview of the GNU project and its pivotal role in championing the cause of free and open-source software.

#linux #opensource #foss #rms #fsf

Hey #linux and #opensource journalists, press, podcasters, etc. I just recently sent out a press release for @elementary and want to make sure you got a copy! If you did not please DM me your contact email and I’ll make sure you’re on our press release list 😀

Otherwise, if you as an individual want insider updates and early access you can sign up at for special treatment 🩷😉

Unless you're a paying customer, bug trackers aren't a support forum.

How to motivate volunteer developers:

Do ✅

• contribute
• donate
• research before submitting requests or bug reports
• share your positive feedback

Don't ❌

• be entitled
• mansplaining

#FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS

LibrePCB (🔥 Score: 150+ in 2 hours)
#pcbdesign #pcb #opensource

Cómo grabar audio y reducir el ruido con Audacity
Record Audio in Linux With Audacity (and Reduce Noise)
#OpenSource #FOSS #Audacity

Cult of the Dead Cow has released #Veilid: A secure peer-to-peer #network for apps that flips off the #surveillance economy

The idea being here that apps – #mobile, #desktop, #web, and headless – can find and talk to each other across the #internet privately and securely without having to go through centralized and often corporate-owned systems. Veilid provides code for app developers to drop into their #software so that their clients can join and communicate in a peer-to-peer #community.


#p2p #security #privacy #framework #communication #freedom #opensource #decentralization #hacker

🚨 Se viene el segundo encuentro de Ansible Buenos Aires! 🤖

Vamos a estar charlando de Event-Driven Ansible, el foro de la comunidad y el (re) lanzamiento de

Registrate acá:


#ansible #ansiblecommunity #buenosaires #argentina #opensource #meetup #devops #sysadmin

On this day, 40 years ago, the GNU Project started to pave the way to Free Software, a way that many projects over the years have decided to travel, following the idea of a computer world with the User served and not exploited.

Lichess is mainly licensed under GNU AGPL, being proudly free as in free speech, in addiction of being free as in free beer.

Happy birthday GNU! 🥳

#GNU #GNU40 #FreeSoftware #libre #opensource #foss #floss #onthisday

Holy shit #kdenlive has gotten good!

I got to use it today on a work project, making a video for all the vertical video platforms. The multiple sequences is an absolute game changer.

That plus all the other tools like color clips, gradients, transforms & crops, keyframing, corner tool and so on meant I didn't need to turn to Resolve, let alone (horror) Adobe for a relatively complex project.

This is getting closer and closer to replacing proprietary for everything I need.

#FOSS #OpenSource

The GNU Project turns 40 today! Happy birthday 🐧 🎂

#gnu #opensource

Thanks! I'll definitely check out AntennaPod! I think now is a great moment to switch to something #opensource!

I hope Google will add a way to export to OMPL!

If you're talking about data sovereignty and using proprietary software with proprietary data formats, you're not doing the thing you say you're doing.

#opensource #openstandards #datasovereignty #foss4g

#TodayInHistory 1983 – American software developer Richard Stallman announced plans for the #unix like operating system GNU, the first free software developed by the GNU Project. #opensource
GNU logo

😱 Transhumans son ilustraciones #OpenSource tipo punk en formatos PNG, SVG y PSD.

Puedes configurarlas como quieras: colorearlas, transformarlas y utilizarlas en tu página web, presentación o donde quieras. ✨

No necesitas atribuir nada. Son tuyos. 💯

Here is today's reminder that #Discord is NOT a forum! I'm looking at you. (Nice to see you here though!)

Discord is directly hostile to #opensource users.

It is not #accessible
It is not archived.
It does not allow anonymous viewing.
It is not searchable, and neither is it indexed by external search engines.
Data is walled in and unexportable.

Bonus round: Chat is also NOT a forum!

Chat is a chronological firehose, good for temporally transient information, largely ungrouped. Forums are a topical tree, good for longer-lasting information grouped by subject.

If you would write it down in real life (including email) then use a forum.

If you would only say it out loud (in the hallway or on a call) then chat is perfectly fine.

And if you say it out loud while someone else writes it down, tell your assistant to use a forum.

A tiny key can control entrance into a well-guarded castle, when backed with mathematical and logical wizardry. #Linux #OpenSource #cybersecurity
Firefox 118 comes with built-in website translation, no addon/plugin/extension or 3rd party service needed.
This uses Mozilla's own in house translating engine, the translation happens locally, client side, never leaving your computer, so you can be sure your data stays private.

#Firefox #Browser #Mozilla #FOSS #OpenSource

Recién salida del horno! 5 engines libres para hacer tus juegos sin miedo a que te cambien las condiciones

#opensource #gamedev

#Fedora ponders dropping X11, #Ubuntu 23.10 beta, the Nouveau driver primary maintainer quits, and LTS kernels will only get 2 years of support: this week’s #Linux and #OpenSource news video is packed!

#Linux Weekly Roundup for September 24th, 2023: #GNOME 45, #Fedora Linux 39 beta, #Ubuntu 23.10 beta, new HPLIP release, KaOS Linux to adopt Plasma 6, #TUXEDO Nano Pro Gen12 mini PC, and more

#OpenSource #FOSS

9to5Linux Weekly Roundup for September 24th, 2023

"🐧💻 Unter Linux kannst du mit dem Befehl 'watch' kontinuierlich das Ergebnis eines anderen Befehls überwachen. Beispiel: 'watch -n 1 df -h' zeigt alle 1 Sekunde die aktuellen Festplattenbelegungen an. Einfach, aber praktisch! #Linux #OpenSource #TippDesTages"

We are happy to announce the release of #LibrePCB 1.0! New features include:

- 3D viewer & STEP export
- MPN management & assembly variants
- Unified production data files generator
- Thermal relief pads
- Keepout zones
- Custom pad shapes
...and much more!

Check out the release notes:

#EDA #CAD #PCB #Electronics #FOSS #OpenSource #3D #KiCAD #Eagle

Spent a good while thinking about this. I’m going to be even more tough on contributions to my #opensource projects.

Over twenty years ago when I first started out, I was happy when I got contributions and interacted with people using my code. Looking back however, it’s clear that the vast majority were code dumps other people wanted me to maintain for free for them. I’ve even been scolded publicly on the rare occasions when I denied or removed code and broke their use case.

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