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Docker. Flatnotes tomando notas en markdown #markdown #notes

Hey writers,

Anyone using Obsidian for notes?

It's looking very lightweight and neat!

#amWriting #Notes

(the video that made me ask the question, if anyone's curious what the hell it is about )

A little known feature of #Mastodon is the ability to create your own personal notes about an account.
This is a great way to potentially remind yourself why you follow particular accounts (or just about any other reason you can think of).

Also, these notes are private. The account does not know what you have written down, nor the fact that you have even made these notes.

Please #boost to help spread the knowledge around your networks. ☺️
#MastodonTips #Feditips #Notes

Weird cow tip of the day:

Typing data:text/html, <html contenteditable> into omnibox (Chrome's address bar) and Mozilla's address bar allows the tab to function like notepad (ctrl +s to save the page)?
Screenshot displaying data:text/html, <html contenteditable> typed in a browser address bar with random sentences and an ASCII image of a cow.

Open Source Qt ‘Notes’ App Adds Folders, Tags + More #news #note_taking_apps #notes #qt_apps

Paper is a Stylish Note Taking App for Linux # # # # # # #&_productivity_apps

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